Hotels In Bugis Singapore



If travellers are looking for a mini-vacation to get away from the stressful work life, then hotels in Bugis Singapore are just the right choice for them. Singapore is a small Island country in Asia. It consists of 63 islands apart from the mainland. So visitors coming here have loads of places to visit without getting bored.The city also has numerous man-made waterfalls. One is welcomed warmly by the people here and get to witness monuments, bays, shorelines, streets, greenery, and much more. Accommodate at the most beautiful hotels and avail the best holiday experience. The hotels in Bugis Singapore offer some great amenities and experiences to ensure that one has a great vacation in Singapore.

Special Experiences

The hotels in Bugis Singapore offers numerous unique experiences. Some of the unique experiences include spa retreats. These sessions come with special Thai massage, Balinese massage, and Swedish massage. Complimentary spa with facials and other treatments that are known to make one’s skin glow. There are also indoor heated pools where guest can spend some leisure time and relax. Some hotels even offer entertainment and game centers for the guests. Next to the pool is a mini bar and eatery where guests can enjoy savory dishes. Andaz Singapore is an excellent hotel that features a variety of experiences for its guests. It is known for its beautiful pool, bar or lounge, and airport transportation as well. It also provides rooms with a great ocean view too. With these amenities, on is in for an exciting as well as relaxing stay at the hotels in Bugis Singapore.


Several tourists think that having world-class facilities requires comprising on the budget. However, the budget hotels in Bugis Singapore are known to provide world-class facilities without having to spend too much money. At these hotels, one can find various styles of accommodations. The rooms have blackout curtains, music and radio systems, flat screen television, minibar, kitchen, seating areas, and much more. The other facilities in the rooms include bathroom and cosmetic essentials along with housekeeping services twice a day. Apart from the room facilities, the entire hotel has great internet, well-maintained gym, yoga classes, storage services, calling facilities, and much more. The Intercontinental Hotel is a great hotel that provides tourists with a wide range of facilities. It also gives tourists great deals too. One can enjoy a more than comfortable stay with all these facilities as well as a soothing ambiance.


Apart from the numerous facilities that are provided by the hotels, the hotels in Bugis Singapore are also known to provide the best food services. The chefs are well-experienced and well-trained in various cuisines. They also have spectacular hotel management skills. Guests get to order several recipes and dishes. Also, the hotels do not have a fixed menu so travellers can order what they like and get them customised. One can wake up every morning to a delicious breakfast and enjoy the first meal of the day to their fullest. The Marrison Hotel is one such hotel that is known to provide excellent dining experience within a budget. Hotels also offer delightful breakfast buffets that have dishes from different cuisines around the world making one’s palate cherish its amazing taste. One can choose the dish they wish to eat and the chefs will be happy to comply and prepare that, especially for the traveller.


Q1. What are the free facilities provided at these hotels?

A. Some of the free facilities provided at these hotels include internet, storage services, and telephone, gym, yoga, and bellboy facilities.

Q2. Are the pools at the hotels in Bugis heated?

A. Yes, the pools are heated. The idea is to maintain the temperature of the pool in sync with the weather outside in order to make guests feel comfortable.

Q3. What cuisines available in Bugis Singapore hotels?

A. A wide range of cuisines is served Singapore hotels. Some of them include Singaporean, Egyptian, Cajun, Iranian, Argentine, Russian, Danish, Hawaiian, Cuban, Caribbean, and Greek.

Q4. Is it necessary to pre-book a hotel while travelling to Singapore?

A. It is suggested that one pre-books the hotel while travelling to Singapore. However, some hotels offer last minute booking as well.

Q5. Is it easy to extend the duration of the trip when staying at the hotel?

A. Yes, the vacation can be extended. If the hotels have availability they will be more than happy to let one stay on for as long as they like. All one needs to do is speak with the hotel authorities to figure out their stay according to plans.

Guests are invited to enjoy the best holiday experience at the hotels in Bugis Singapore. These hotels come with a wide range of unique experiences. These experience include spa sessions that cover the Thai massage, Balinese massage, and Swedish massage. The hotels also come with heated pools where tourists can play a variety of games. The rooms come with a wide range of facilities as well as a minibar, a kitchen, and seating areas. The hotels here are also equipped with other facilities which include good internet, gym, yoga classes, storage services, calling facilities, and much more. The hotel has a great staff that can speak a variety of languages and are extremely courteous. The best thing about these hotels is the dining experience here. The restaurants offer a variety of cuisines prepared by world-class chefs. One can accommodate at these hotels and get to enjoy the stay throughout the journey. Some of the grand hotels include the Fragrance Hotel, Park View Hotel, Hotel 81-Bugis, Mercure Singapore, and much more.