Tamarin Resorts Mauritius



A break from the usual tiring and tedious routines to enjoy a holiday full of relaxation, comfort, luxury, and adventure sure sounds like a great idea. And Tamarin Resort Mauritius have exactly the same deal to offer and ensure a marvelous getaway for the travelers. The exquisite locations on the beach sides and the captivating views that they offer are a treat for anyone’s eyes.The deluxe rooms, free Wi-Fi, beach access, TVs and outdoor pools would make the stay worth living. Taking care of the traveler’s comfort and satisfaction, Tamarin Resorts Mauritius plan and ensure everything for the guests, from relaxation, refreshment, and rejuvenation to mouth-watering food, exciting activities, and entertainment.

The special services provided by each resort are exclusive and to look out for. One can savor each moment of the stay with stunning views, elegant accommodation, posh beachfront, fun water sports, exciting land activities, eminent facilities, and superb hospitality. No matter where the travelers are coming from, Tamarin Resorts Mauritius have everything from local to international cuisines at one’s service. One must not forget to relish the delicious seafood that holds the capability of making anyone crave for more. Resorts in Tamarin, Mauritius in all their glory, possess everything to make everyone’s vacation splendid.

Special Experiences

While at Tamarin Resorts in Mauritius, guests can relish the exceptional services and thrilling adventures offered here. Tamarina Golf and Spa Boutique Hotel is equipped with a golf course and organizes on-site live performances and theme parties as well. The Tamarin resorts offer on-site fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, boat rides, rowing, canoeing, and many other exciting adventures. Sands Suites Resort and Spa has the provision of an infinity pool. Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa offers a gym, 2 outdoor tennis courts, a safe deposit box at the front desk and on-site fitness classes. Most of the resorts have provisions for swimming and watching the dolphins, which everybody absolutely loves. Veranda Tamarin Hotel also has five villas of two bedrooms each and a loft apartment with rooftop and live performances to provide. These special experiences at Tamarin resorts make each moment of one’s stay memorable.


The facilities at resorts in Tamarin, Mauritius ensure a comfortable and pleasurable stay for their guests. These resorts have warm, bright and high-quality rooms that stand up to the standards. Tamarin resorts provide proper facilities like free Wi-Fi connectivity, TV, amazing restaurants, laundry etc. The resorts here have outdoor pools and provide beach access as many of them have their own private beaches. Spa facility, minibars, salons etc ensure a luxurious stay for one. The land and water activities and sports that these resorts offer are a pure delight. A couple of resorts have kids clubs for free as well. They also provide babysitting and childcare services on guests’ requests. All these facilities provided by the dedicated and well-trained staff and management of Tamarin Resorts in Mauritius leave no stone unturned to treat their guests in the best possible ways.


Though mouth watering sea-food is the main cuisine of Mauritius, it is not the only delicacy that Tamarin resorts in Mauritius have on the menu. Each resort in Tamarin has one to multiple restaurants serving delicious food. One can relish local as well as the international cuisines ranging from European, Italian, Asian, Indian, and Chinese to continental food. Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa offers six different dining options in its menu. Some of the resorts even provide a breakfast buffet. The dining location itself in some of the resorts are chosen with remarkable intelligence like Gold Beach Resort and spa has a terrace dining and Sands Suites Resort and Spa has a beach dining to offer. Well equipped bartenders are there to manage high standard bars at Tamarin resorts. The magical hands of the chefs and workers are bound to satisfy one’s appetite and that too, with pleasure.


Q1. Are babysitting services available in Tamarin resorts?

A. Yes, many of these resorts provide a chargeable babysitting service on guests’ request and a few of the hotels also have a free baby club facility in the hotel. Be sure to check this information out before booking.

Q2. Would vegetarians have a problem finding something to eat?

A. No. These resorts serve nearly all the cuisines including vegetarian food as well.

Q3. Are pets allowed inside these resorts?

A. Some of the resorts do not allow pets while others do. Guest may have to confirm that at the time of booking.

Q4. What is the minimum age requirement to check in?

A. Some of the resorts have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. However, most resorts welcome adults and children alike.

Q5. Do these resorts feature spa services?

A. Yes, most resorts feature luxurious spas and offer a variety of exotic massages to the guests.

One can make the most of their time at Tamarin by enjoying every moment of it during a stay at resorts in Tamarin, Mauritius. The brilliance of these resorts would not allow one to regret the decision of choosing them. They will keep the comfort and satisfaction over everything with facilities like Sands Suites Resort and Spa even offering a wheelchair accessible entrance. Staying at these resorts would be a perfect blending of enjoyment and rejuvenation. Tamarin Resorts in Mauritius put in their best efforts to make each moment of the stay an unforgettable memory by taking care of every little thing. It won’t be wrong to say that they do know what they do and make it a beautiful journey for the visitor. The cordial staff ensure that each and every guest is attended to and that everyone leaves the resort with happy holiday memories.