Czech Republic Travel Tips – Read Through Before Embarking On Your Journey


The Czech Republic is situated in Central Europe and surrounded by economic giants such as Germany, Poland and Austria. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has been topping the list of the most visited countries in Central Europe for its medieval history and architecture. With its very own affluent history and culture, the Czech Republic might seem a bit intimidating to those traveling to the land of castles, especially the first-timers. So, here are some substantial Czech Republic travel tips that help one get ready to explore the essence of the middle ages.

10 Tips To Know Before Traveling To Czech Republic

Keep in mind these 10 pointers before planning and embarking on your trip to Czech Republic for a hassle-free and comfortable holiday experience in Europe.

1. Never flag unmarked taxis

Never flag unmarked taxis

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Taxi rides are the biggest scams in the country, especially in Prague. This always marks the Czech Republic safety travel tip. One can find innumerable taxis waiting around the important metro and bus stations that are unmarked by companies. Such taxis are best avoided to get into. Although the country is pretty safe for travelers, the taxis dupe travelers with needless money. Taxi services like Uber and Liftago are highly recommended.

In case one has to hire a taxi in the middle of a busy street, make sure to receive a printed bill at the end of the ride. A valid taxi driver should have his registration number, company name and the rate charges displayed in the vehicle for customers. Another safer option is to ask the hotel employees to call a taxi from a local toll-free number or instead rely on public transport such as trams, metros and subways. They are way cheaper, faster and a safer option.

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2. Carry appropriate currency

Carry appropriate currency

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It is the most common mistake made by travelers. Since it resides in the European Continent, people assume the money exchange to be in euros. In fact, the currency of the Czech Republic is Czech Koruna (1 CZK=3 INR). It is always advisable to carry coins and notes in equal numbers and try to avoid currency exchange scams in the country. Beware of brokers offering good exchange rates but end up handing out old notes and coins that are no longer in use. The EuroNet ATMs are a safer option but they charge a fee.

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3. Know your alcohol

Know your alcohol

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The party circuit in the Czech Republic is incredible. The nightlife in Prague especially starts very late in the night, unlike other European countries. Although the country is famous for its beer, one must be aware of the kind of cocktail or brew one consumes. A very popular drink in the Czech Republic is the Slivovice. It is a Moravian drink that has the maximum amount of alcohol content compared to any drink in the world. It is better to know your drink before ending up too drunk and getting into trouble in an unknown country.

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4. Navigating Prague could be demanding

Navigating Prague could be demanding

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The neighborhoods in Prague is marked by numbers unlike area wise in India. This might be a bit daunting for those finding a place on foot. A few neighborhoods even share the same number. Some of the popular buildings are represented by the old numbering system that might confuse visitors. However, all the iconic sightseeing places and the best restaurants are found in the same area – Prague 1. This travel tip in Prague, Czech Republic brings a sense of relief to the travelers.

5. Always carry along your passport

Always carry along your passport

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Needless to say, passports should be carried along wherever one decides to visit in the Czech Republic. One might need them for identification during purchases or regular security checks in the country. Other recommended documents in the Czech Republic safety travel tips are the travel and health insurance. One can visit the country through the Schengen Visa valid for 90 days.

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6. Abide by the local laws

Abide by the local laws

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This should be the most seriously followed Czech Republic travel tip. One should avoid jaywalking in the streets unlike in India. A slight dent in following the rules might get tourist into serious trouble with the Czech law. Tram tracks cannot be crossed anywhere other than in the designated points. Though it is situated in one of the most developed continents in the world, Czechs do not approve of public displays of affection. The most important point to remember is to never discuss the communist past with the locals.

7. Try the local cuisine with caution

Try the local cuisine with caution

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Planning to eat local to avoid budget constraint? Here’s something one needs to know before committing to it. Czechs are not vegetable lovers but every other permutation and a combination of meat and bread can be found. One can hardly find greens in their local dishes. Their food is generally fatty and heavy. The usual three-course meal consists of some soup, a meat dish and a rich dessert. The Czech Republic is famous for its meat dumplings which looks nothing like it sounds. It’s basically roast poultry with gravy and potatoes on the side.

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8. Say yes to tipping

Say yes to tipping

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Tipping in the country is not compulsory but is usually expected. 10% of the service charge can be given as a tip to the waiters as they are locally paid less. The restaurants in the Czech Republic expect prior reservations and are generally smoking friendly. Remember to call out for the bill as the waiters don’t tend to bring it to the table unless asked for.

9. Learn a few basic phrases in Czech

Learn a few basic phrases in Czech

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It is always a guarded option to learn a few foreign phrases when traveling abroad. Majority of the Czech population converses in Czech except in the major tourist areas. It is advisable to learn the following words and phrases before traveling to the Czech Republic:

  • Yes – ano (As bizarre as it sounds no means yes in Czech)
  • No – ne
  • Please – prosim
  • Thank you – Dekuji
  • Excuse me – s dovolenium
  • Hello – Dobry den

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10. Buy the right souvenirs

Buy the right souvenirs

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The warm-hearted country has a number of must buys that make the trip to the Czech Republic forever memorable. One should definitely bring back home the hand-crafted Marionettes (puppets). Apart from jewelry made from semi-precious stones, garnet is another must buy in the country. Bohemian crystal products though delicate are a beautiful addition to the trinkets. The Czech Republic is also famous for a variety of tea products. Herbal liqueur and cosmetics made using beer are unique to the country.

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The country of castles and medieval history has a lot to offer to visitors from all over the globe. It is always advisable to be loaded with some Czech Republic travel tips before organizing a trip to Central Europe. Plan your vacation to Czech Republic with the help of TravelTriangle and enjoy a trouble-free holiday after browsing through these handy travel tips and hacks for touring the Czech Republic.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Czech Republic Travel Tips

Which is the best time to visit the Czech Republic?

The months of March to May and September to November is the best time to visit the Czech Republic. During this time you can enjoy a pleasant climate, fewer crowd and ideal weather for all outdoor activities.

Which are the best places to visit in the Czech Republic?

A few most amazing places to visit in Czech Republic are: 1. Prague 2. Ostrava 3. Ceske Budejovice 4. Šumava National Park 5. Adršpach Rock City

What should you avoid while traveling to the Czech Republic?

A few things that you should avoid in the Czech Republic for a pleasant vacation are: 1. Avoid taking private taxis as they can scan you out of your money. 2. Local exchange bureaus can scan you easily so try avoiding them. 3. Avoid weird selling souvenirs 4. Not all nightclubs are safe so better avoid them if you are traveling alone

What should I know before traveling to the Czech Republic?

Here are a few things you should be aware of before traveling to the Czech Republic: 1. Lunch is the Czech’s main dish of the day 2. Smoking is allowed indoors and in dining areas 3. Most museums remain closed on Monday 4. Beer is cheaper than water 5. Beware of pickpockets

Should you tip in the Czech Republic?

Tipping is a regular custom in the Czech Republic and the tip is usually 10% of the total bill or the round off of the bill to the nearest 10.

Which are the places to avoid in the Czech Republic?

The region of the Czech Republic which is very close to the borders should be avoided as it may land you into trouble.

Is traveling in the Czech Republic safe for solo female travelers?

The Czech Republic is absolutely safe for solo female travelers, but it’s advisable that you avoid nightclubs or deserted places especially if you are drunk and are out at night.

Can I use a debit card in the Czech Republic?

Yes. You can use your credit and debit cards to make payments but make sure you use the local currency as if possible as it will be less expensive.