5 Star Hotels In Bali



Bali is a province in Indonesia that is a great tourist hub. It is smaller compared to the Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. However, it is dominated regarding arts, music, dance, painting, and leather works. Every year, an International Film Festival is held in Bali and numerous tourists. There is art in food as well. In Bali, several tourists visit the bamboo chocolate factory.It is also an ideal place because it only has two seasons namely the dry season and the wet season. Even, get to see various dolphins that do not just belong to a single type, but five different categories. So, do not only get to witness coral reefs, volcanic beaches, and lagoons but also get to spend time around marine life as well. Hurry up and book the 5 star hotels in Bali, now. So, get away this vacation at Bali and book a room at the 5 star hotels in Bali.

Special Experiences

The best 5 star hotels in Bali are known for their wide range of unique experiences. The hotels are situated alongside rainforests and beaches so here tourists can go take a stroll or spend time watching sunsets. It is also an ideal place for couples as they can pay their evening at these romantic spots. The hotels also offer a great choice of restaurants that have the authentic Indonesian cuisine. Some hotels also have a private pool that is situated in balconies so that one can spend time watching the beautiful views. The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel is one such hotel that is known for its rooftop pool and views. It also offers up to 30% discount on early bookings.


Many facilities are offered by the top 5 star hotels in Bali. Some of the lavish facilities include rooms in various styles such as standard, business, executive, superior, family, connected, honeymoon, and suites. The rooms come with mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, tea and coffee makers, minibar, shaving kits, creams, lotions, cupboards, safety boxes, and much more. People availing the business rooms get facilities which include memo pads, notepads, seating areas, and personal computers. The entire hotel is provided with 24-hour internet connectivity and help desk services. The Komaneka is one such hotel that is known for its non-smoking rooms, free parking, and internet, pool, and breakfast services.


The best 5 star hotels in Bali also offer tasty meals to customers as well. They have a fantastic kitchen staff who are known to provide the best meals that do not just look good but also taste good. The meals come in various food styles and can be personalised with toppings and dressings. The hotels also have clubs, pubs, or bar where people can chill and dance. They are provided with light meals and big drinks. For example, the Oberoi and Laguna Hotels are known for their restaurant services. The latter also has a bar with up mark drinks. The breakfast options are also a hit among the guests who stay here for short as well as long durations.


Q1. Is there internet available in hotels in Bali?

A. Yes, there is internet available in hotels in Bali in the room and in the hotel lobbies making sure the guests are socially connected, even on vacations.

Q2. What are the transportation facilities available in Bali? Do the hotels provide transport?

A. In Bali, one can avail taxis, cars, or buses. Yes, transport is provided by the hotels in Bali. Before planning the day, ensure you speak with the hotel authorities to get the cabs on time.

Q3. Do the hotels have pick up and drop facilities in Bali?

A. Yes, the hotels do have picked up and drop facilities in Bali from the hotels to the airport and back. The hotels also have these provisions for tourist places around the city.

Q4. What kind of plugs or sockets are available in Bali?

A. In Bali, you can find two-pin plugs or sockets whose current capacity is 220 V. One can always buy an international socket to make do during their time in Bali.

Q5. Is there a way to extend the duration of the stay at the hotels in Bali?

A. Yes, you can extend your duration of stay at the hotels in Bali by checking with the hotel about the availability of rooms. Usually, one can also go online and check for rooms and if available, the best way to book them is online saving time as well as money.

This vacation guests can book a holiday to Bali and get to avail the best experiences at the 5 star hotels in Bali. These hotels offer panoramic views of jungles and beaches. Hence, it is the perfect location for couples to spend time watching the sunset. The hotels also have pools that are located in balconies so tourists can enjoy at these infinity pools or jacuzzis as well. The hotels come with rooms in different styles and facilities which include mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, tea and coffee makers, minibar, shaving kits, creams, lotions, cupboards, and safety boxes. These hotels are also ideal hotels for business people as well due to their more comprehensive range of facilities. Dining at these hotels is spectacular. They have chefs who provide meals which are tasty, healthy, and worthy. There are separate bars and pubs for large drinks and light snacks as well. Guests must not miss an opportunity to stay at the top 5 star hotels in Bali.