Palm Leaf Oxalis Plants – How To Grow A Palm Leaf Oxalis

Oxalis palmifrons is a fascinating and very attractive blooming perennial. Oxalis is the genus name of a plant from southern Africa that is made up of over 200 species. Oxalis palmifrons is one such species that gets its name from its leaves – tiny, symmetrical fronds radiating from the top of each stem, making it look for all the world like a tiny cluster of miniature palm trees.

It also sometimes goes by the name palm leaf false shamrock plant or simply false shamrock. But how do you go about growing Oxalis palmifrons? Keep reading to learn more about how to grow a palm leaf oxalis and palm leaf oxalis care.

Palm Leaf Oxalis Plants

Palm leaf oxalis plants are native to the Western Karoo region of South Africa, and they need similarly warm weather to survive. They can be grown outside in USDA zones 7b through 11. In cooler climates, they work well as container plants on a bright windowsill.

They grow very low to the ground, never getting more than a few inches (7.5 cm.) tall. They also spread extremely slowly, reaching a width of two feet (61 cm.) in about ten years. This compact size makes them ideal for container growing.

How to Grow a Palm Leaf Oxalis

Palm leaf oxalis plants are winter growers, meaning they go dormant during the summer. In late autumn, the leaves will emerge as bright green, tiny palm trees. The flowers bloom light pink to white on stalks that reach just above the foliage. The leaves remain green through the winter, before the plant goes dormant again.

Palm leaf oxalis care is relatively easy – water regularly but not too much, and give it full to partial sun. Bring it inside if your winters get chilly, and don’t give up on it when it fades with the summer. It will come back!

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