What Is Ultrasound And Its Applications

What Is Ultrasound

The sound waves having frequency higher than 20,000 Hz is called ultrasonic waves or ultrasound. Human beings cannot hear ultrasound. Dogs, bats and dolphins can hear ultrasound.
For example bats and dolphins can hear sound waves having frequencies of about 150,000 Hz. Bats and dolphins detect the presence of any obstacle by hearing the echo of the sound produced by them.
Ultrasound finds many technological applications.

Audible Wave: The human ear is sensitive to sound waves of frequency between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This range is known as audible range and these waves are known as audible waves.
Example: Waves produced by vibrating sitar, guitar, organ pipes, flutes, shehnai etc.

Ultrasonic waves: A longitudinal wave whose frequency is above the upper limit of audible range i.e