Short Paragraph on Importance of Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima is a traditional Indian festival of the Hindus and the Buddhists. It is celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of teachers. This day is dedicated by the disciples to their teachers.

This day is very important for the students and the teachers (both spiritual and academic). Hindus dedicate this day to Sage Vyasa. Buddhists dedicate this day to Lord Buddha.

A Guru (teacher) plays an important role in moulding the life of a student. The Indian tradition widely accepts the positive influence of Guru (teacher) in a student’s life. A teacher is considered to remove darkness (ignorance) from a student’s life. A blessed student is one who has received the blessing of his guru.

Celebration also includes Guru Puja in many places. The life and teachings of holy masters are recalled. Students are encouraged to follow the teachings of spiritual gurus.

Students express their gratitude by thanking their teachers. Guru Purnima is also celebrated in many schools, colleges, and universities.

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