Battle of Karnal

Battle of Karnal

The Battle of Karnal was fought between the armies of Nader Shah and Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. Inspite of have a large army, Muhammad Shah was defeated in the battle. The incident took place on 24th February, 1739 near Karnal, Haryana, India.

Muhammad Shah had learnt of the fall of Kabul in July 1738, but even till the following January, he made no arrangements for the defense of the Punjab.

Aid was solicited from Rajputs, Afghans and Marathas, but nobody seemed to have any interest in this enterprise.

Nizam-ul-Mulk, Saadat Khan, Qamaruddin and Khan-i-Dauran accompanied by the emperor himself advance as far as Karnal where they encamped.

Despite opposition by other, Saadar Khan led a premature attack without adequate preparations. Khan Dauran rode forth in his support. Thereupon the emperor and the rest of the Indian army also got ready for an attack. But it had neither a plan of action nor an agreed leader.

An experienced and gifted general like Nadir shah, therefore, took no time in wasting it. The battle of Karnal lasted only for three hours. Saadat Khan fell a prisoner while Khan Dauran was mortally wounded and soon died.

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