Trip To Kazakhstan 2022: Your Personal Guide To Explore The Country’s Most Exquisite Places!


Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world which is located in central Asia and is surrounded by the Altai Mountains in the East, in its west lies the Caspian Sea while Russia and China are located in the north and south of Kazakhstan respectively. Here you can enjoy the gorgeous vistas of the majestic canyons, vast desert, attractive plains, massive glaciers, and prehistoric structures.

A trip to Kazakhstan offers something or the other to everyone and it is a place where you can visit anytime in the year. One of the interesting facts about this nation is that Kazakhstan is the largest nation of the world having no access to any of the World Ocean but still is it blessed with landlocked seas. The natural beauty of Kazakhstan is Unique in every aspect.

Best Time To Visit Kazakhstan

Best Time To Visit

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To witness the splendid views of the spectacular landscapes of this country, you must visit during the months of July till August and it is also believed that the best time for hikers in this country is from April till July. This is so as the weather throughout the country is even and perfect for you to explore around the lush greenery.

Best Places To Visit In Kazakhstan

Here is a compilation of top tourist attractions that you must visit while on a trip to Kazakhstan. These are the assortment of places with cultural importance, breathtaking natural vistas, and places of historic importance and architectural splendor that will surely compel you to plan your Kazakhstan holiday right away!

1. Aktau


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Situated on the banks of Caspian Sea, Aktau is a land of natural beauty and Sufism. There are many Sufi pilgrimage sites located in Aktau, the top ones include, Beket-Ata, Shakpak-Ata, Shopan-Ata, and Masat-Ata. If you are on a mission trip to Kazakhstan, you will find a lot to do here. While traveling in this place, you can enjoy oases, hot springs, and mud baths. You can also take a dip in the gorgeous beach and make the best memories in this gorgeous place.

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2. Almaty


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Former capital of the Soviet Union and the biggest city of Kazakhstan, Almaty is a gorgeous tourist destination where you can enjoy the view of the stunning snow-capped mountains. This is one of the finest places to enjoy a road trip to Kazakhstan. The natural vistas of Almaty are accentuated with the striking landscape there are many sports and nature-related activities like hiking, snowboarding/skiing that you can try here. Be it a business trip to Kazakhstan or a family holiday, there are many peaceful and serene places to make your visit worth in Almaty.

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3. Astana


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Astana is a magnificent tourist attraction with attractive architecture hailing from the old Soviet culture. There are many futuristic buildings made by the architects of other countries. Travelers come to see the beautiful and well planned Astana city, which is also the capital of Kazakhstan since 1998. The design of Astana city was created by a Japanese architect, Kisho Kurokawa. The famous places of interest in Astana include the classic Bayterek Tower which is also known as “Chupa Chup” among locals. It got its nickname because of its appearance that has resemblance with a lollipop. Tourists also love to visit Khan Shatyr and Nur-Astana mosque.

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4. Karaganda


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Karaganda is located in the Central Highlands of Kazakhstan the place has a great history and there are many places that you can visit like the famous Gulag Museum, Central Mosque and the Monument of Mining Glory. While you’re still wondering, where to head to in this scenic country with stunning views, make sure you include this in your itinerary!

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Getting Around In Kazakhstan

So, while you’re out and about in this scenic country, make sure you know how to manage your expenses by choosing the best mode of commute. Read on to know more!

By Train


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Getting around the country by boarding the train is one of the best options you can go for. Be it to witness the mesmerizing and vast terrain or to simply interact with the locals, trains are indeed one of the best ways to traverse across the land here.

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By Taxi Or Uber

By Taxi Or Uber

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Being a good alternative to buses and trains, you can choose to commute around the country with a taxi or an Uber to reach even the most remote places. Where the taxis have meter systems, your bargaining skills can come in real handy!

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By Minibus

By Minibus

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You can choose to travel by a minibus for a smoother transport option as these may cost you less than Mashruktas in the country. However, in terms of speed, Mashruktas are way faster and can help you save a lot of time while going from one point to another but will cost more than the buses for sure.

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Kazakhstan ranks ninth when it comes to the largest countries of the world. With variations in culture, history, climate, and geographical features there is a lot that you can find here while on a holiday. Kazakhstan offers many places having great historical importance and natural beauty. The amazing cities of this nation are known for its rich culture and an array of activities that can make your holiday memorable. Add these places to your itinerary and get ready to have the best trip to Kazakhstan from India. Take some time out to be in the midst of beautiful nature and enchanting wildlife here in this country. Plan a trip to Kazakhstan with TravelTriangle for a soothing vacation to this amazing land of fauna and Flora.

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