Trekking In Coorg: 15 Trails In The Ghats For Adventure Enthusiasts In 2022


With nature flourishing all around, Coorg is a year-round destination for every travel enthusiast. The picture-perfect town in Karnataka is endowed with exceptional views and make for a wonderful place to explore. If you are in the pursuit of some exciting activities, try trekking in Coorg! This is the best way you can get around exploring the vastness of the famed outdoors of the Ghats. A range of coffee and tea plantation, farms, and national parks constitute the best of nature that Coorg has to offer!

Go exploring the trails leading to Abbey waterfalls, Nagarhole National Park, and Iruppu Falls, walk up to Kumara Parvatha or take a village trail, Coorg has plenty to offer to the curious wanderers! As you walk these trails, most of which are flat and covered with lush greenery, you concur that they constitute unmatchable experience for every nature devotee.

15 Best Trails For Trekking In Coorg

Coorg is the prized possession of the Western Ghats with some of the daunting peaks and nature reserves making it more special. Club your adventures with some more endearing activities and you get the excitement you’ve been looking for all this while. Here are some of the most popular trekking places in Coorg:

  • Tadiandamol Trek – Beautiful Location
  • Iruppu Falls Trek – Close To Nature
  • Galibeedu-Subramanya Trek – Above The Clouds
  • Subramanya-Kumara Parvatha Trek – Climb The Peak
  • Pushpagiri Trek – Picturesque Views
  • Kotebetta Trek – Beautiful Grasslands
  • Brahmagiri Hills Trek – Walking Among Clouds
  • Kopatty Trek – Amazing Views
  • Madikeri Trek – Less Frequented Trek
  • Nishani Motte Hills Trek – Exciting Trek
  • Chomakund Trek – Inspiring Serenity
  • Trek To Kabbe Hills – Chelavara Waterfalls – Natural Beauty
  • Kakkabe Trek – Bird Watching
  • Karkette Trek – One Of A Kind
  • Tavoor Hills Trek – Beautiful Views

1. Tadiandamol Trek – Beautiful Location

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Make the best of the opportunity to go trekking in Coorg, Karnataka! Head to Tadiandamol – the highest peak in Kodagu. At 5735 feet, the peak offers some of the magnificent vistas in Southern India and is just perfect for a day out in the mountains of the Ghats. Kakkabe town – 32 km from the city center, acts as the base camp of the trek! So if you are planning a hike in Coorg or Madikeri this is where you must be headed.

Nalknad Palace, 4 km from the main road, acts as the starting point of the trek. This place is perfectly weaved amidst coffee farms. While walking the trail, you will come across plenty of refreshing streams, flora, and scenic vantage points. The fluffy clouds and azure sky complete the settling; good enough to raise your soul. Big Rock acts as the camping ground for the trek. It is from here that you get uninterrupted views of the Western Ghats. November to February is the best time to take this trek.

Route: Bangalore – (bus) – Mandya – (bus) – Srirangapatna – (bus/jeep/other private vehicle) – Kakkabe

Trek distance: 4.5 km

Difficulty level: Easy

Additional attractions: Homestays, camping, and grassland views

2. Iruppu Falls Trek – Close To Nature

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The trek to Iruppu Falls is quite endearing and makes for a comprehensive fun activity on a leisure day. The waterfalls make for a magnificent spectacle and are home to some of the endangered wildlife species because of the fact that this waterfall encompasses the best of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. The waterfalls to Brahmagiri Peak is 9 km and takes around 5 hours to complete. Narimale forest camp acts as the base camp of the trek and is visible after 30 minutes into the trek.

The Brahmagiri Peak is located 9 km from the waterfalls and is stationed 1600 meters above sea level. Located in the vast surroundings of Brahmagiri Hills, this place is a must visit for every trek enthusiast. If you want to experience trekking trip in Coorg at its best, head to Iruppu Falls. The tropical rainforest is full of greenery and quite a few leeches, therefore, be mindful of the surroundings. You can also try out some adventure activities at the waterfalls.

Route: Bangalore – (6 hours by bus) – Gonikoppal – (1 hour by bus) – Srimangala – (30 minutes by bus) – Iruppu Falls

Duration of trek: 4-5 hours

Difficulty level: Easy – moderate

Additional activities: Adventure activities and camping

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3. Galibeedu-Subramanya Trek – Above The Clouds

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The stunning village trek in the heart of Karnataka is such a wonderful trail for a memorable day in the hills of the Western Ghats. The trek begins at Galibeedu village in Coorg which also happens to be a lesser known but popular trek in the vast outdoors of Coorg. This one is regarded as the perfect nature trekking in Coorg which presents all the myriad of colors in the beautiful outdoors of Coorg.

During the entire stretch of the 30 km trek, you will be able to view the different forms of nature. Consider it tough because of the fact that the trails are tricky and confuse a lot. Hence, it is suggested to move under the guidance of a local or trek leader.

Route: Bangalore – (bus) – Madikeri – (bus) – Galibeedu village

Trek distance: 30 km approximately

Difficulty level: Moderate

Additional attractions: Elephants, Gaur and leopards sighting, sprawling greenery, highlands and mountain views

4. Subramanya-Kumara Parvatha Trek – Climb The Peak

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Take excitement to a whole new level as you go scaling the Kumara Parvatha Peak in Coorg. Walking the peak is considered as one of the toughest and exciting things to do in Coorg. The trek route falls in the Pushpagiri reserve forest area quite close to Kukke Subramanya. And it is easily accessible from Karnataka. You can camp near Bhattrumane region but the campfire is strictly prohibited by the forest dept. Reach the campsite, camp for overnight and then start for the Kumara Parvatha Peak early morning, that’s the best suggestion by the trek experts. The lightning strike at the Kumara Parvatha peak is frequent, especially during monsoon. So avoid visiting the region during the rainy season.

Subramanya – Kumara Parvatha Trek can be accessed by two routes – Somwarpet & Kukke Subramanya. The trek via Somwarpet is a one day hike with more waterfalls and thick forests en route. Total hike distance to the peak is around 7 Kms. While the trek via Subramanya is slightly longer. Total hiking distance to Kumara Parvatha peak is 16 Kms approximately. It is advised to reach the Subramanya Temple region early in the morning and start the trek as early as possible. The place around the temple region has the facility to freshen up and buy some breakfast.

Route: Bangalore – (bus or train) – Subramanya

Trek distance: 14 km

Difficulty level: Easy

Note: Camping is not permitted at Kumara Parvatha Peak

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5. Pushpagiri Trek – Picturesque Views

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Pushpagiri also referred as Kumara Parvatha, is located at an altitude of 5626 meters above sea level. A trek here is so fulfilling in itself, and the fact that Pushpagiri is the second highest peak of Kodagu District makes it a coveted place to explore. The peak is placed 36 km from Somwarpet and 1.5 km from Kumaralli and makes for an exciting journey for every trekker. With forest all around and enchanting views of mountains visible at a distance, you couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Pushpagiri sits towards the northern frontier of Coorg. The peak can be accessed through Beedehalli through the Heggademane Temple. For your information, there lies the check-post of Somwarpet Wildlife Range. So you can spare a moment to just explore the colors of nature. The trek is doable in 4-5 hours. Also, you can access Beedehalli by road from Coorg. Somwarpet a Madikeri at a distance of about 30 km. You could explore the wide expanse of the Pushpagiri Wildlife sanctuary upon your visit here, and can be accessed from Madikeri town. A perfect trek it is when you are in Coorg or Madikeri.

Route: Bangalore – (KSRTC bus) – Somwarpet – (Jeep to the temple) – Heggademane temple (starting point of the trek)

Trek distance: 12 km

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Additional attractions: Mallalli waterfalls (a short detour from Somwarpet)

Note: Entry fee is INR 75 and an additional fee for camping. Also, carry enough water that would sustain you through the trek & walk in the company of a guide. It would be easy negotiating the trails that way. Carry your own tent & sleeping bag or if you are looking for private accommodation you may find it in Girigadde. It’s known as Bhattara Mane.

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6. Kotebetta Trek – Beautiful Grasslands

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Kotebetta Peak is popularly recognized as the Fort Hill in the Coorg region. It happens to be the third highest peak in the Coorg making for a perfect trekking spot for the nature lovers. Madhapur marks as the starting point of the trek which happens to be a small municipality located some 15 km from Madikeri. The trek begins at the village and takes through the plantation trails, forest, and further open grasslands.

October to March is the perfect time to go on the Kotebetta Trek. Take a guide along, it is highly recommended. It is highly recommended that you carry your own tent & sleeping bag for the trek routes that include 2 days of walking. Also, before you start for the trek from the base camp do carry packed lunch and enough water. There aren’t too many hotels or homestays in the course of the treks. You may also have to seek permission from the Forest Department before starting most of these treks.

Trek distance: 20 km

Difficulty level: Moderate

Additional attractions: Spice and coffee plantation

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7. Brahmagiri Hills Trek – Walking Among Clouds

Brahmagiri Hills Trek

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Brahmagiri Hills is a mountain range from the Western Ghats in Southern India. The highest point of the range is at the elevation of 1,608 meters and is one of the highest peaks of Karnataka. This peak also shares the border with Kerala. The term ‘Brahmagiri’ means ‘Abode of Lord Brahma’. Popular among the trek lovers, the Brahmagiri Hills trek needs a lot of strength and will for climbing. But all the effort is worth it as the view of the wide colorful valley from the top is simply breathtaking.

Make sure you stay here to see the sunset also. The sight is so enchanting that you would want to come back again on this trek. The trek can become even more exciting if you include a cozy and comfortable homestay. This will also ensure that you get enough time to enjoy the sunset and do not have to return al the way back. Spend the night at the campfire at night munching some delicious food at the homestay after a tiring trek. If you want to add some more adventure to it, you can also go river rafting.

Trek distance: 6 km

Difficulty level: Medium

Additional attractions: Coorg coffee plantations, river rafting

8. Kopatty Trek – Amazing Views

Kopatty Trek

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The Kopatty Hills lie roughly 28km away from Madikeri, off the Madikeri – Bhagamandala road. Located in the southwestern part of Karnataka, Kopatty Hill Top treks one of the offbeat treks in Coorg. The mesmerizing trail passes through coffee plantations, dense forests, lush meadows, and wide valleys. When you reach the peak and look down, you will see the wonderful nature’s pallet with countless shades of green. The misty mountains in the backdrop and the wide open sky will make you fall in love with nature.

Trek distance: 12 km

Difficulty level: Moderate

Additional attractions: Harangi Backwaters and outdoor games

9. Madikeri Trek – Less Frequented Trek

Madikeri Trek

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A hill town in Karnataka surrounded by the mountain range of Western Ghats, Madikeri is another hotspot for the trekking activities. Known for the Raja’s Seat, a historical monument overlooking forests and rice paddies, the treks are also centered around these sites. The 17th-century Madikeri Fort is another beautiful structure featuring 2 stone-elephants at the entrance.

Enjoy exploring the Abbey Falls in the Northwest of the region, and the exotic spice plantations surrounding it. Your trek journey will be full of gorgeous landscapes featuring mountain peaks and lush greens. The beauty is emancipated by the small streams of the popular River Cauvery. Many of the trails in Madikeri Trek are less frequented and therefore still have the rawness and wilderness intact for you to explore.

Trek distance: 12 km

Difficulty level: Moderate

Additional attractions: Raja’s Seat, Madikeri Fort, Omkareshwar Temple, Abbey Falls

10. Nishani Motte Hills Trek – Exciting Trek

Nishani Motte Hills

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Nishani Motte Hills Trek is one of the most exciting treks in Coorg. The Nishani Motte peak is situated amid the densely forested land of Brahmagiri and Bhagamandala. The trail passes through the Tala Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. You also pass through the coffee plantations which you will be able to recognize from a distance itself, due to the exotic aroma of coffee. The picturesque Shola forests and lush meadows will up the dose of natural beauty on the way.

Trek distance: 16 km

Difficulty level: Moderate

Additional attractions: Coffee plantations, Bhagamandala Village, Bhagamandala Temple

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11. Chomakund Trek – Inspiring Serenity


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This is one of the best treks in Coorg which is perfect for all ages. This trail is around 5-6 kilometres and quite easy for the beginners to complete. Situated at the Tadiandamol peak, this place is located in the vicinity of the state border of Karnataka and Kerala. The starting point of the trail is Chelavara waterfalls which pass through the mystic lanes of the dense jungles. The misty hills are surrounded by a pleasant climate and the aroma of coffee and cardamom is quite soothing. You can enjoy trekking at Coorg.

Duration of trek: 2 Hours

Trek distance: 5-6 Kms

Difficulty level: Easy

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12. Trek To Kabbe Hills – Chelavara Waterfalls – Natural Beauty

Chelavara Waterfalls

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To experience a real adventure trekking in Coorg, Kabbe Hills trek is the ideal treks in Coorg. Located at a distance of 30 kilometres from Madikeri, the Kabbe Hills can be reached by taking a romantic jeep drive. While driving there will be a picturesque view of the country roads and also the scenic villages which overlook the Western Ghats. En-route the Kabbe Hills one can also enjoy the stunning view of the Chelavara Waterfalls. Around this place activities like Waterfall, rappelling can also be experienced.

Duration of trek: 5 Hours

Trek distance: 15 Kms

Difficulty level: Medium

13. Kakkabe Trek – Bird Watching


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This is one of the famous trekking places in Coorg which is situated amidst the surreal Western Ghats. Located close to the Tadiandamol peak, the trail offers a wide array of greenery, dense jungles and also stunning waterfalls. The Kakkabe village is known for being the production centre of honey and manufacturing it throughout South East Asia. The trail also gives a vast set of opportunities to witness the wildlife, go bird watching and also enjoy nature walks. This is one of the best treks in Coorg.

Duration of trek: 6-8 hours

Trek distance: 4 Kms

Difficulty level: Moderate

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14. Karkette Trek – One Of A Kind


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Settled at the Nishani Betta hills of the Western Ghats, the Karkette peak is one of the offbeat trekking places in Coorg which attracts seasonal trekkers. While moving ahead from the summit point, one can witness the surreal landscapes and also the lush greenery which surrounds the place. Going at the top, one can enjoy the beautiful view of the misty clouds and the entire valley. And on a cloudless day, the Talakaveri range can also be seen standing at the Karkette peak.

Duration of trek: 4 Hours

Trek distance: 10 Kms

Difficulty level: Moderate

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15. Tavoor Hills Trek – Beautiful Views


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The Tavoor hills trek is a lesser-known trail unlike the trekking places in Coorg. Located at Bhagamandala, this place is an ideal weekend getaway from Bangalore which offers surreal beauty and adventure. The Tavoor hill is also called the Dumchi Gudde by the locals. Boasting all the best things which a trekker aspires for, this place is true heaven. According to the folklores, the three major deities Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva took a tour of this place to decide the origin of the river Kaveri.

Trek distance: 22 Kms

Difficulty level: Easy

Things To Pack For The Trek

Pack For A Trip To Prague

The average trip cost will be between INR 3500 to 5000 per person. And your average duration will be 2-3 days, so pack accordingly. Here are the things that you must pack before heading out for trekking at Coorg:

Clothes Shoes And Socks

  • Proper trekking shoes
  • Sports socks – 2-4 pairs (depending upon the length of the trek)
  • Thermal innerwear
  • Comfortable tee-shirts, tracks or trousers
  • Windproof jacket
  • Woolen head-scarf/muffler & Mittens
  • Light towel
  • Raincoat or Poncho


Disprin, Crepe bandage, Band-aid, Digene, Gauze cloth, Leukoplast, Cotton, ORS, Betadine or any antiseptic cream, Volini spray

Other Accessories

  • Water bottle
  • Hot water bottle/bag
  • Trekking pole/ walking stick
  • LED Torch/ headlamps

Tips For Trekking

  1. Always choose the right footwear for trekking
  2. Carry emergency supplies
  3. Know the weather beforehand
  4. Carry equipment needed for the trek

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If trekking in Coorg is on your mind, think no more! Plan a trip to Coorg in Karnataka and unleash the adventure junkie in you. Enjoy exploring any of these best trekking places in Coorg and be prepared for a lush green treat because the grass is green this side, always!!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking In Coorg

What are some popular places for trekking in Coorg?

Some of the famous trek in Coorg are Tadiandamol Trek, Iruppu Falls Trek, Galibeedu-Subramanya Trek, Subramanya–Kumara Parvatha Trek, Pushpagiri Trek, Kotebetta Trek, Kopatty Trek, Madikeri Trek and many more.

Which is the easiest trek in Coorg?

There are few easy treks in Coorg but the easiest is the trek to Iruppu falls. The total duration of this trek is only 4 to 5 hours.

What is the best nature trekking in Coorg?

Galibeedu or Subramanya trek is perfect nature trekking in Coorg. It is the amazing trek in the centre of Karnataka.

Which is the most exciting trail in Coorg?

Nishani Motte trail is the most exciting trek in Coorg. This peak is located in the dense forest of Brahmagiri and Bhagamandala. This trail also passes some coffee plantations. The total distance of the trek is 16 km.

What are the things required to carry when trekking?

There are few things one needs to carry when you are planning to trek in Coorg like a water bottle, a backpack, some refreshments to eat during trekking, LED torch and a walking stick is a must to carry.

When is the best time for trekking in Coorg?

The best time for trekking in Coorg is October to March. But Coorg is a throughout year destination. As the temperature ranges between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius all through the year.

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