Top 10 Street Food In Seville You Must Devour On Your Holiday


The largest city of the Andalusia region in Spain, Seville is known for its beauty and culture. Food is a big part of life here, which is obvious by the passion shared for food by locals as well as tourists visiting the place. Among other things, it is also known for flamenco artists and a great line of Moorish rulers. The street food in Seville primarily caters to non-vegetarians with pork, beef and seafood dominating the platter. You will find vegetarian dishes too, but very few and in between. The culture of tapas as well as eating while standing is quite prominent here, which is something that has put Seville on the bucket list of every street food lover.

10 Best Seville Street Food

Read on to know more about different delicacies that you can try while exploring street food in Seville and pick the ones that entice you the most from the lot:

1. Flamenquines


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The perfect meaty snacks, this is surely one of the best street food in Seville. Although the dish did not exactly originate in Seville, you will find it in all the tapas bars all over. Resembling the croquettes, it is basically cured ham and cheese rolls, dipped in egg and covered in breadcrumbs. The deep-fried dish is the last thing from healthy, but it will surely keep you satisfied for a long time. A major hit amongst all the nonvegetarians and cheese lovers visiting the city, Flamenquines are said to be named after one of Charles the Fifth’s assistants.

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2. Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

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The region is known for its ham, especially the Iberian acorn-fed ham from Huelva. Interestingly, Huelva is a short drive from Seville, which makes this kind of ham a favorite of the locals as well as tourists. The delicious, nutty meat simply melts in your mouth, making it one of the best kinds of ham to try in the whole world. The meat can be tried with toast or as a side or on its own – as per your preference. Believe us, no trip to Seville is complete without feasting on this Iberian ham.

Where to try: Head to a local tapas bar like Bar La Fresqui. A breakfast with tostada (a local staple) and jamón is a crowd favorite here.

3. Salmorejo


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Can you really visit Spain without tasting the luscious tomatoes of the region? We think not! One of the most popular food in Seville Spain is this cold soup made of tomato. The soup comes from the neighboring town of Cordoba. A common feature on the menus across the city, this tasty soup is garnished pretty well. You will find everything from boiled eggs to Iberian ham slices added on top to make it even more delicious, which means both vegetarians and non-vegetarians find it difficult to resist. Definitely one of the must-try street foods in Seville, especially on days when it is hot!

Where to try: Taberna Aguilas is a local favorite for a delicious bowl of Salmorejo.

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4. Espinacas con Garbanzos

Espinacas con Garbanzos

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In English, it’s essentially spinach mixed with chickpeas! One of the top street food in Seville, this stew-like tapa is an ode to the beautiful history of Spain. The dish is prepared by cooking spinach, which is then mixed with chickpeas and cumin, and devoured by the locals. This beautiful medley is a reminder of the Moors who originally brought cumin and chickpeas to the country. The two ingredients have been now accepted by the locals, which speaks volumes of the past that the country has.

5. Pringa


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One of the most popular food in Seville Spain, Pringa is basically a type of sandwich spread. The spread used is made by mixing pork stew and chickpeas. A major part of the tapas culture of the city, Pringa is served in between slices of bread and definitely makes for one of the most delicious sandwiches you will ever taste. It is interesting how everyone has a different recipe of making Pringa, some like it with more pork bits and others not so much, but whatever version you try, it definitely remains a star amongst all the tapas served in the region.

Where to try: Bodegas Santa Cruz is definitely one place you need to get your Pringa at.

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6. Fried Fish


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The proximity to the sea means Sevillanos or people of Seville adore fish and seafood as much as the next person. This is the reason you will find fried fish as one of the most common tapas in different bars and corners of the city. In fact, the city has the concept of freiduria, a bar which serves fried fish typically. The fish is usually marinated or seasoned with different spices, salt and garlic and then deep fried, which makes for a crunchy, flavoury snack. You will find different kinds of fish – cod, calamari, shrimp, squid. The place even has a vegetarian version of the dish called Calamares des Campo which are basically fried onions and peppers.

7. Carrillada de Cerdo


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What can be more exotic and exquisite than cheeks? Yes, you can find pork or beef cheeks featured on top as tapas in different parts of Seville. A stew kind of dish, it uses a wine sauce to make the meat delicious. Add to that a glass of red wine, and you have the best combination on your hands. It is amusing how carrillada is supposed to have tender, soft meat so much so that it is supposed to fall apart at the touch of your fork, so watch out!

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8. Torrijas


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No list of street food in Spain can be considered complete without mentioning any kind of desserts. Torrijas is a sweet delicacy that is made of stale bread. After soaking the bread in eggs, it is deep fried and then covered with sugary syrup, honey or even condensed milk. A delicious dessert, Torrijas are traditionally supposed to be eaten around the Holy Week, however today, you will find them in most tapas bars and restaurants. Served with ice cream, this dish will definitely satiate your sweet tooth!

Where to try: Head over to Heladeria La Fiorentina for the best Torrijos in the city, apart from other wonderful pastries and the best ice cream.

9. Marinated Carrots

Marinated Carrots

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A dish faintly reminiscent of the Moorish culture, this is another addition to the ever-growing list of tapas that you have to try in Seville. The carrots are marinated with vinegar made of sherry, along with cumin as well as oregano – making it a must for everyone who is a vegan or vegetarian. The natives also add awful amounts of extra virgin olive oil to make the whole preparation even richer, leading to a lip-smacking experience!

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10. Solomillo al Whiskey

Solomillo al Whiskey

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This perfect dish is prepared using a sauce made with whiskey that is a regular feature of every tapas joint in Seville. Pieces of pork loin are sliced thinly, fried in a whiskey sauce mixed with olive oil and garlic and served with bread as well as fries (potato chips). A meal cannot go wrong with this traditional tapas choice. The dish has underlying sweet tones, which make the whole blend heavenly. Go around the local bars during lunch to have the best Solomillo al Whiskey, paired with a glass of sherry or whiskey.

Where To Pick Up The Best Street Food In Seville

Where To Pick Up The Best Street Food In Seville

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Street food market in Seville is known for fresh produce and tasty bars cum stalls where you would have to nudge and find your way to the counter in order to place an order. Although there are a great number of bars, especially tapas bars in Seville, markets are a good place to score great food as well. Mercado de Triana is such a street food market in Seville, which is famous for its fresh fish and other local produce. Try the different booths and bars once you are here for the best street food experience!

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Things To Know Before Trying Food In Seville

Things To Know Before Trying Food In Seville

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1. Food timings are different in the area. People eat light breakfasts and heavy lunches, while dinner mostly consists of tapas. One more thing to take care of is the clock – you will not find any restaurants open before 8 PM in Seville for dinner, which is traditionally a late night affair.

2. The traditional supper is replaced with merienda in Seville, you will find many locals having a coffee, a drink and some snacks in local cafes and shops from 5 PM to 7 PM, take a lead from the locals and head for the drinks before dinner.

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Street food in Seville is known for its variety and smaller quantities. You can also try different kinds of beer, wines, and other beverages here. You can plan your trip to Spain and book tickets with us for the best deals in the market! And when you’re back, don’t forget to share your experience with other travelers through our comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Seville Street Food

What are the most famous Seville street foods in the world?

Several items in Seville are pretty popular in the world. The street food items are quite famous. Some of them are Flamenquines, Salmorejo, Pringa, fried fish, Solomillo al Whiskey, and many more.

What are some of the famous places to visit in Seville?

Some of the best places to visit in Seville include Barrio Santa Cruz, Real Maestranza BullRing and Bullfighting Museum, Ayuntamiento, and Real Alcázar.

What are some of the vegetarian snacks that are popular in Seville?

Seville is blessed to have a healthy production of vegetables that are consumed as street food items as well. Some of them are Marinated Carrots, Jamon Iberico de Bellota, and many more.

Where can one find the famous street food in Seville?

You will find street food items in several parts of Seville. But some of the most popular places that are famous for street food dishes are Bodegas Santa Cruz, Street food market in Seville, Campo, and many more.

What are some of the street food items in Seville that are sweet?

Torrijas is the most famous dessert not only in Seville but in Spain as well. It is made with stale bread, condensed milk, syrup, and even honey. It is quite sweet yet pretty delicious.

When is the best time to visit Seville?

Seville has fantastic weather all year round. But the best time to visit the destination is from March to May. You will be able to explore the place quite comfortably.

How many days are enough for exploring Seville?

You can explore the entirety of Seville within four days. If you do not have much time, you can even cover the place within three days.

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