The List Of Top 10 Places Travelers Are Eager To Visit in 2021 Is Out!


The famous flight search engine, Kayak has released a list of top ten places travelers are eager to visit in 2018 and clearly Europe is leading the game. British newspaper company The Independent reported regarding the process of data analysis. After releasing their travel hacker guide for 2018, Kayak scanned over top 100 destinations which were searched for, in the period between March 3 2017 and February 28 2018. Later, the cities experience a rapid growth each year in search were identified.

Not just the list of destinations came out to be a catch, but research also suggested the most economical time for visiting the said places.


So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the list:

10. Rome, Italy – February is most economical

9. Paris, France – January is most economical

8. Athens, Greece – February is most economical

7. Madrid, Spain – March is most economical

6. Las Vegas, Nevada – August is most economical

5. Lisbon, Portugal – February is most economical

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands – January is most economical

3. Bali, Indonesia – November is most economical

2. Barcelona, Spain – January is most economical

1. Maui, Hawaii – September is most economical

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