Tarutao National Park: A Small Guide For A Short & Beautiful Escape!


The entire combination of 51 islands describes the Tarutao National Park. It is situated in the Strait of Malacca. The two islands groups are making the Tarutao National Park. These islands are namely: Tarutao and the Adang-Rawi. The whole area is scattered over the 20 to 70 kilometers’ distance from the south-western point of mainland Thailand.

Plan your next trip to Thailand and visit this national park to get a soul-satisfying experience! And if you are thinking how to do that, don’t worry, we have got your back. Read this guide about what all experiences the national park offers!

About Tarutao National Park

About Tarutao

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Establishment of the Tarutao National Marine Park, as a marine national park was done in 1974. Within two groups, the park consists of 51 islands; One, Tarutao Group is in the east and the other Adang-Rawi Group is to the west. Park has three archipelagos, namely; Klang Archipelago, Tarutao Archipelago, and Adang Archipelago. Pulau Tertua (means “the island of old”) gave the name: Tarutao to the island. ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserves 1982, was the banner added to the Tarutao National Marine Park. The place was also the candidate nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the year 1990 but it was not selected. This happened due to the concerns around the protection of river and forests.

  • Tarutao Archipelago is approximately 30 km off the Thai coast.
  • The small (4 km2) island of Lipe, in the Adang Archipelago, is the most important.
  • Tents, homestay, and houseboating are the facilities available in Pantaemaraka gulf.
  • Tourists adventuring to the Crocodile Cave must opt for the long-tail boat as the crocodile ave has a whooping depth of 300 metres.

Flora and Fauna

The place has the diversity and richness of nature. Altogether combined with warm, clear sea and the white beaches. This place attracts fans to relax in peace much away from civilization. This place has a preserved and rich underwater world. There is a massive world of tropical animals and mammals. With its originality and uniqueness: the flora of the island never stops to amaze people!

The island of Lipe (Ko Lipe) is the most famous resort in the park. Under its jurisdiction, this island is a national park. This place has hotels and hostels ranging from various price lists. The comfort level also varies with the different price levels. There are restaurants, small shops, mini markets, pharmacy, and travel agencies. The island is also having gorgeous and beautiful sandy beaches. There are several options for diving and snorkeling, which are limited to only permitted areas.

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Best Time to visit Tarutao National Park

Best Time to visit

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The best time to visit the Tarutao National Park is the seasons of autumn and spring where more than 300 species of birds grace the area and are a subject of great interest for nature lovers.

Though this place can be reached out to any time in the year, the best time for a visit is from November to April.

Where to stay?

Where to stay

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You can enjoy a luxury and comfortable stay near Tarutao National Park, at the Lipe Power Beach Resort, the Mountain Resort Koh Lipe and THE BOX – Lipe Resort. Budget accommodation can be availed at nominal rates, at the Mali Resort Pattaya Beach Koh Lipe, Daya Resort and the Z-Touch Lipe Island Resort.

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Things to do at Tarutao National Park

Here is a list of things to do while you’re visiting Tarutao National Park in Thailand for a soul-satisfying experience! Take a look!

1. Tarutao National Marine Park

Tarutao National Marine Park

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The place is located in the beautiful Andaman Sea. This place is regarded as the largest marine park of the whole of Thailand. This is also known as the popular area for the outdoor naturalists: who are very much engaged and interested in outdoor visits, scuba divers and snorkelers. So if you want to do snorkeling at Tarutao National Park, it’s here that you should visit!

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2. Koh Adang

Koh Adang

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This place offers amazing food with warm and friendly staff. People can walk over to Ranger Station, here the hiking up to the viewpoints can be done. The place also has some bungalows which are magnificent.

Nice beaches accompany the stay and views here. The natural state with trees and vegetation growing in some places add up to the more natural view of the water line.

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3. Pakbara Pier


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On this special piece of land with the inimitable blend of bush, river, and beach, you will get an amazing experience of an unforgettable ride. Along the route skilled guides accompany riders twice daily. This place has shown up some really good and amazing improvements.

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4. Partying

Pooh's Bar

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Get ready to party all night while visiting Ko Tarutao National Park as this place is famous for hanging out and good food! Take your gang here and make the night lit!

How to Reach Tarutao National Park?

How to Reach Tarutao National Park

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By Air: Nok Air medium offers flight and the ferry services from Bangkok to Ko Lipe. This comfortable and easy on the pocket ride can be booked directly from the website.

By Boat: Running in either direction, Daily speed boats cover the distance from Pakbara and Ko Lipe. October 15 to May 15, is the best season to board these ferries yet the booking has to be made earlier, else the routine line waiting will have to be faced!

By Road: Pakbara Pier on the mainland is the focal jumping off spot for Ko Tarutao, Thailand (as well as Ko Lipe and Ko Bulon Lae). A public minibus from Hat Yai’s Talad Kaset Station could be boarded and a ticket to Tarutao on arrival can be purchased. In high season, these depart Both cities at 09:00 for 600 baht are departed for in the cases of high time season.

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Besides being mesmerized by the beauty of Tarutao National Park, there are many things you can do nearby the park. One can never get bored even if going alone or in the group of families or with the friend along. So, plan a trip to Thailand right away and get the best experience!

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