Skandagiri Trek: A Night Trek For All Stargazers And Adventure Seekers In 2022!


When it comes round to the trekking spots in India, the options are quite extensive. With so many options to choose from, the Skandagiri trek does stand out amidst the other available options. If you are planning on spending some quality time around, you must have your things planned out beforehand. Owing to the kind of rush that the trekking activity blocks in, it is a necessity that you do have everything booked beforehand so you don’t end up rushing through the process. For those who are still confused with the entire trek and how to plan things, don’t worry, we have got that covered for you.

Best Time To Do Skandagiri Trek

ancient ruins of the hills of Skandagiri

If you have been looking for the best time to do Skandagiri trek, there is no set season in stone that you need to visit to explore. The spot is open for the tourists the entire year around. But, if you want the peak experience, visiting during the winters or the monsoon season is often considered the best.

The weather is quite pleasant and since it is a night trek, you can even sit down and stargaze during the night which further adds to the list of the experiences that you just can’t do without. A summer trek is also an option but since the weather can get hot and humid, the majority of the people do suggest avoiding this time if you don’t have the endurance to climb and get through.

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About Skandagiri Trek

About Skandagiri Trek

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Skandagiri hills are positioned in Karnataka and make up for one of the most amazing trekking experiences that you can gather around. With so many available options, you must know the nitty-gritty about this trekking journey to make the most out of it. Karnataka is filled with spots to explore around and the Skandagiri hills trek is one of them. Trekking in Skandgiri is loved for its enthralling experiences.

The Skandagiri night trek usually starts after sunset and goes on till the morning light for you to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Exploring the wilderness during the night time is what sets it apart from the rest of the available options.

The view of the rising sun from the misty clouds and the thick shade of greenery around makes it a one of a kind experience that you normally wouldn’t get with any other trekking trip around. Witnessing the sunrise in the morning after the trek is a mesmerizing experience that drives people to come around from across the world to witness and explore the options.

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Location For Trekking In Skandgiri

Location of Skandagiri Trek

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The Skandagiri hills are located in Karnataka. For those who are looking for an accurate location, it is situated in Chikkaballapura, Karnataka at an altitude of around 1450 meters which is pretty breathtaking, if you come to ask us.

The beauty of the place attracts thousands of travelers to this place so that they can witness this hidden gem themselves. The trek is easy to moderate but given that it’s a night trek, many people are often very negative about it. It is a total of 5 hours trek, so you can pretty much chill the rest of the night.

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Skandagiri Trek Itinerary

Indeed, the trek is often suggested to start during the night time but if you are into the beginner level, it is suggested that you start with the route of Skandagiri trek during the afternoon time to get to see the beauty of the place around and just explore and trek at the same time.

Trek Details

Trek Details of skandagiri trek

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The trek usually starts from the destination of the Papagni Temple which is situated near the village of Kalwara. The spot is marked around to guide you through the process so you don’t end up getting lost in the process. The trails are quite well cut out, so you wouldn’t face issues while trekking. The initial trial of the trek is covered in a semi-dry patch, so don’t get disheartened if you see nothing around. The lush greenery of the spot follows after that and the view from there on are breathtaking that you just can’t miss out on.

Places to Explore

Places to Explore at skandagiri trek

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The best thing about the length of the Skandagiri trek is the number of ruins and fortresses that you will come across along the track. There are six such options that you will witness. There is also an ancient temple which is located at the top of the hills that you will only get to see once you complete the trek. The view from atop the hills is breathtaking that will leave you with your mouth open. There are several small samadhi caves at the top of the hills that you will come across once you are done with the trek. People stop and relax there after the 5-hour trek. It is amazing to stop and just lay down there and stargaze during the night for an experience like never before.

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Refreshment Stalls


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You will also find several tea stalls and food shacks on the way through the trek. So, if you get hungry and have the time in your hands, stop there and make sure to try out the local delights that they have up for grabs.

The trek, as we mentioned before, is known for the beauty of the night trek. This is why the majority of the people who visit that spot prefer to camp at the top of the hills overnight. You can witness the beautiful orange hues of the sunrise the next morning and add to the list of the experience even further. If you aren’t in the mood for all this, you can start the trek pretty early in the morning and even be back to your hotel by afternoon. For the return journey though, you need to follow along the same trekking route that you took to go up the hill. If you have the time, pass through the Nandi hills and explore that spot around as well before you return to Bangalore.

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How To Reach Skandgiri

Awesome Road Trips From Mysore

You can reach Skandgiri via flight, train or even car, whatever you think is the best option for you.

Via Flight

If you are visiting from anywhere across in India, you can take a flight to Bangalore airport. From the airport, you can book a cab that will take you till Chikkaballapura, Karnataka to reach Skandgiri.

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Via Train

Trains are also quite accessible. The Bangalore railway station is the closest option for the Skandagiri trek and you can book a cab from the railway station to Chikkaballapura, Karnataka and then explore the area.

Via Cab Or Car

If you are driving alone or taking a cab, you can take one from anywhere you are travelling from to Chikkaballapura in Karnataka. If you want to save some money, you can also take a bus from Bangalore to Chikkaballapura, Karnataka. From there, the main trekking spot is 15 minutes away in the cab or by walking. The locals around do suggest that you avoid taking your car as there are several issues with the fraudulent parking facilities. So, either hire a cab or just walk from the common areas in Chikkaballapura, Karnataka.

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What Are The Do’s & Don’ts

Things To Do Near Lovina Bali

When it comes to the trekking experience around in Skandagiri hills, you need to be careful of certain factors without fail. Having these dos and don’ts sorted ensures that you have a smooth experience with the trekking and have an experience of a lifetime without fail.

  • Make sure to carry all the essentials for camping and trekking needs.
  • Carry loads of water as the journey can get pretty tiring.
  • Have all the safety types of equipment with you in case you need them during the trek.
  • Wear the accessory gear for the trip to ensure easy and comfortable trekking experience.
  • Carry medicines and first aid requirements to ensure that you have things handy.
  • Don’t rush through the trekking route and be careful of the road.
  • If you are visiting during the monsoon, don’t forget to carry the essential attire, in case you need it.
  • Carry all the basic toiletries in the waterproof bag and not the general ones.
  • Use sunscreen and insect repellent throughout the trek.

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Places Of Interest

Here are some of the most prominent attractions of Skandagiri Trek you must surely explore when planning an excursion to this interesting place:

Chikkaballapur Attractions


Image Credit: Dinesh Kannambadi for Wikimedia

You can plan a visit to the stunning Vivekananda Falls which is located in the serene hamlet called Kethenahalli. The site is nearly 12 kilometers from Chikkaballapur village. Once you reach here then don’t forget to visit the beautiful temple of Ranganatha Swamy

Nandi Hills Attraction

Image Credit: Sakshi Awasthi for Wikimedia

There are many beautiful places to explore in Nandi Hills. You can visit Tipu’s Drop, and Tipu’s Summer Residence while exploring the place. The place is also known for other adventurous excursions such as paragliding and mountain biking. Brahmashram Cave is another interesting historical site to witness here.

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Tips For Trekking

trekking tips

  • Carry water and keep your self hydrated
  • Must have a comfortable backpack
  • Check the weather forecast before starting your expedition
  • Carry a raincoat during rains and windbreaker if trekking in winter
  • Wear proper hiking shoes
  • Carry energy bars and light snacks
  • Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses and hat

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When it comes round to the overall experience of trekking through the Skandagiri hills, you are definitely in for a ride. The place is quite underrated for trekking expeditions but the beauty of the place and the surroundings does make up for a good trek, especially if you have been on the lookout for something on the go and the weekends. So, make sure that you are going to complete the Skandagiri Trek this year by planning a vacation to Bangalore with TravelTriangle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skandagiri Trek

How long is the Skandagiri trek?

The Skandagiri trek consists of around 8-9 km of descent which is pretty standard if you do come to think of a trekking trip. It takes around 4-5 hours, depending on the kind of skills that you have with trekking.

What time is the best to visit Skandagiri?

Skandagiri is open for trekking throughout the year, so there is no specific time that you need to look through. But, if you want to witness pleasant weather and a cool environment, visiting from November to January is good enough.

Is it safe to trek at Skandagiri Hills?

Skandagiri hills is a very safe spot to trek through. The markings on the trails are quite easy and straightforward. The trails are pretty clear with no scope of getting lost so, that is something you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

How can one get permission for the Skandagiri trek?

The permission from the forest department to enter the jungle area is a necessity that you can get issued at the entrance of the trek point. You can get information about the trek and permission from the locals too.

How far is Skandagiri from Bangalore?

As for the distance between Skandagiri and Bangalore, it is around 70 km which is pretty decent and thus makes up for an amazing option if you have in mind some weekend getaway plans.

Is it allowed to trek with children?

Trekking at Skandagiri hills with children is a safe enough option as the descent is not that steep and is suitable for beginners as well. Just make sure that you have all the safety precautions sorted out before.

Is it too expensive to trek at Skandagiri?

No, the trekking expenditure at Skandagiri hills is not that much and not something that would end up digging a hole in your pocket. Just make sure to plan and book things ahead of time to manage the budget better.

Is it okay to camp overnight?

Camping overnight is a necessity if you want a wholesome experience. Make sure that you do have all the camping essentials with you before you start the trek.

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