Restaurants In Brazil: These 10 Brazilian Eateries That Lend Fine Dining A New Meaning


Brazil boasts of some of the finest restaurants and top international chefs in the world. Not just the local Brazilian cuisine, these restaurants also serve European and Japanese delicacies. If you are a non-vegetarian, then Brazil can be a paradise for you. Another highlight of these restaurants in Brazil is the medley of cocktails they offer. They are distinctive, luscious and many of them won’t be easily found outside of Brazil.

Top 10 Restaurants In Brazil

We have carefully researched and curated a list of top 10 restaurants in Brazil. You should include at least some of these in your places to visit in Brazil which will make it divinely ambrosial.

1. Sushi Leblon

Sushi Leblon

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Situated in the exclusive Leblon neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Sushi Leblon is simply one of the best restaurants in Brazil. The menu includes sumptuous fish and eggs based delicacies along with a very wide selection. This is an old restaurant; hence, can be crowded at times, and waiting time on busy days can be as much as an hour.

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2. DOM


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Extremely popular and one of the best restaurants in the city of Sao Paulo. Famous for its innovative culinary masterpieces from the internationally-acclaimed chef Alex Atala, DOM offers an exotic ambiance and exceptional service. It has a great cocktail menu and also includes rare Brazilian wines on the card. DOM offers a great haute cuisine along with assorted Brazilian delicacies.

3. Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian

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This restaurant by the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver – the first of its kind in Latin America – offers what it says it does: Italian platter. It is situated in the chic surrounding of Pinheiros, Sao Paulo. Even though it is run by a celebrity chef, it isn’t as expensive as other high-end restaurants in the country. While the cuisine is authentic, is the location that takes the cake. The ambiance is amazing, location perfect and environment casual enough for a great lunch with family.

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4. Fogo De Chao Jardins

Fogo De Chao Jardins

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Fogo De Chao is an international restaurant chain, but the one in Sao Paulo is perhaps the best restaurant in this chain. The restaurant hosts a rich buffet with a great variety of meat dishes and salads. This is a barbeque-style restaurant in an all-you-can-eat format. Effectively, it is a heaven for meat lovers.

5. CT Boucherie

CT Boucherie

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This French bistro by Claude Troisgros group is extremely popular in the city if Rio De Janeiro. Popular for its amazing French cuisines, fine French wines and sides they just keep serving, this restaurant is known for its haute cuisine and chef-d’oeuvre.Its situated in the same neighborhood as Sushi Leblon. Its popularity also means long wait times and there isn’t any prior table booking option either. The desserts here, especially the French Toast, are just heavenly. The only downside is that the restaurant is a bit too expensive. The best part is the restaurant’s service and the staff here is fairly fluent in English.

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6. Mani


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One of the best gastronomic experiences that you can find in Sao Paulo, head to this one if you want a lavish meal at the terrace. It serves European and Brazilian cuisines, and the ambiance gives fine dining a new meaning. And not just the food – the decor, too, has a touch of both Europe and Brazil.

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7. Restaurante Manioca

Restaurante Manioca

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It is here that the best of the Brazilian delicacies are served in an awe-inspiring European style. It is extremely cozy, with otherworldly aura to its ambiance and sumptuous cuisines. The best part of the restaurant is the breakfast menu here. The restaurant is located at Iguatemi shopping center at Sao Paulo.

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8. Figueira Rubaiyat

Figueira Rubaiyat

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This is the place to be at if you are a seafood idolizer. Meat dishes are equally good. Extremely popular among tourists and foreigners, it has been made more popular by the gigantic Bengal fig tree at the center of the restaurant. An extremely elegant place with wonderful food served with a touch of grandeur.

9. Mocoto Restaurante

Mocoto Restaurante

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This is the place to indulge in local delicacies, especially the northeastern Brazilian cuisine and Brazilian cocktails. Situated in Vila Medeiros, São Paulo, if you do visit, try the famous Brazilian Caipirinha here. It is a contemporary restaurant with an elegant interior adorned with beautiful Brazilian artwork.

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10. Churrascaria Palace

Churrascaria Palace

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The place offers one of the best buffets in Brazil. If you are craving seafood and really hungry – this is the place to be at. A variety of seafood is served here including sea fruits and different kinds of salads. Based in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, customers rave about the lip-smacking delicacies serves here in the heart of Brazil.

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Brazilians inherently know the art of pairing delish food with the right wines. When on a Brazilian adventure, do indulge in the culinary extravaganza offered by these restaurants in Brazil. The fine-dining you enjoy here will be the one you’d cherish for life. To experience this luxury by yourself, check out what Brazil has to offer with TravelTriangle.

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