Pointe Aux Biches Hotels Mauritius



Pointe Aux Biches is a beautiful destination on the northern coast of Mauritius. And it is because of hotels in Pointe Aux Biches that people who are in love with nature and water enjoy their vacation at this beautiful city. People even travel from other oceanic countries just to spend their vacations in this place whilst they stay in Pointe Aux Biches Hotels.It is because that these hotels are available at such normal rates that people just love staying in these hotels and these are the kinds of hotels where one can come along their family or loved ones as they are completely flexible and the staff is very friendly too. One can avail accommodation in some of the exciting suites and beautiful rooms at pocket-friendly rates. They take guests by surprise and give them the best services that take their attention away from the cost of staying in these hotels. These Pointe Aux Biches Hotels have activity areas where one can take their old parents for a walk or their children for playing or enjoying the evening on the swings and rides that are assembled in these hotels.

Special Experiences

Although there are a lot of budget hotels in Pointe Aux Biches that does not mean that these hotels compromise in terms of amenities and experiences. Guests have 24-hour access to quality and high-speed Wi-Fi so that they do not feel disconnected at any time while they are staying in these hotels and services like mails and couriers are also very easily available in these hotels. One will have special experiences in the hotel such as the La Tonnelle Guest House like renting a private taxi in just the half rate of what one would have paid anywhere else, get foot massages, full body massages and seafood and guests will not regret selecting these hotels as a part of their vacations. The spa’s at these hotels are definitely worth a visit for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


Travelers are surely in for surprises, a lot more than one here at these hotels. Who does not want some extra facilities while they are enjoying and relaxing on their vacation. Pointe Aux Biches hotels in Mauritius serve people with the best facilities that they could ever get in hotels at such normal rates. Hotels like the Veranda Pointe Aux Biches Hotel & Spa and Sakoa Boutik Hotel even help guests with a city tour guide so that they do not miss out on anything that is to be experienced when they are in the city. Getting the food served on the bed so that people can stay in their bed and enjoy the meals from there only is something that everyone likes and in these hotels one can enjoy drinks and snacks in bars with live performances too. People will get a private taxi booked for themselves so that they do not suffer while searching for taxis and cabs in the unknown city.


When it comes to dining these Pointe Aux Biches hotels in Mauritius proper attention to it because there can be nothing worse than having a bad meal when people are looking to enjoy and relax in their vacations. Guests can pick their meals from cuisines like Italian, Indian, American, Chinese, Mexican, Continental and international that are served at any one of the restaurants at Le Cardinal Exclusive Resort or the Victoria Beachcomber. No matter where one is traveling from these hotels will take care of their options for food and all-day meals. Food is something that these hotels do not compromise with, and one will never have to settle for anything other than their wishes. Pointe Aux Biches hotels offer an amazing dining experience for guests. They even have poolside dining areas so that they can have their meals in the calming ambiance. They have areas for candlelight dinners so that people will not have to miss out on any occasion with their loved ones.


Q1. Which language does the staff at Pointe Aux Biches hotels speak?

A. English is the most common language used since this is a tourist destination where peoples are well-versed in this language.

Q2. Which are the hotels closest to the airport?

A. The Le Sakoa Hotel and Le Meridian Ile Maurice are closest to the airport an offer wonderful accommodations.

Q3. Can one find Indian food at these hotels?

A. Yes, one will get Indian food at these hotels and even in restaurants in the city.

Q4. Do the restaurants serve vegetarian meals at these hotels?

A. Yes, most hotels that feature their own restaurant offers vegetarian food options to the guests.

Q5. What are some of the free services that these hotels will provide?

A. Free services include Wi-Fi, radio, T.V, games, activity area, swimming pool are some of the complimentary services provided by these hotels.

The toughest job while selecting a destination for vacations is the selection of accommodation. Making this task easier for travelers are the hotels in Pointe Aux Biches. The beauty of these hotels will leave mesmerized and the comforts and luxury make one want to keep coming back to this destination, every opportunity they get. Juggling between great places to see and amazing things to eat, the hotels too keep one happy, making Mauritius a holistic holiday spot. From soothing spa sessions to thrilling water sports, there are a number of options that guests can choose from to spend leisure time. One can spend a great time at these hotels and take home some beautiful holiday memories.