Pattaya Hotels Thailand



Pattaya, in particular, is an amazing place and has been earmarked as one of the best tourist destinations that are on offer. Hotels in Pattaya are reasonably priced and are not that heavy on the wallet, to make it a perfect experience for the whole family. Pattaya is a big hot for solo travelers that like to lay their feet down on the sand after a period of hard work commencing with the very thought of rejoicing at the end of it.Pattaya Hotels certainly offer its guests a good experience. Built wonderfully with amazing water-areas on the show, this place is highly recommendable to get those Thai-vibes. If one envies the massage and spa counter the most, then Centara Nova Hotel and Spa is the place to be. If a beach-side hotel is what one is searching for, then Floral Lux hotel is the thing. LK the Empress is also a highly recommendable restaurant for those who’re looking for a modest experience if the choice is to spend the majority of the time by the beach and not waste too much on Hotel expenses. The Page 10 Hotel is classily named, and it doesn’t fail to live up to its expectations as its built with aura and oozes of class. ‘The Intimate Hotel’ too has some incredible décor and makes for a great experience.

Special Experiences

Holiday trips are designed to give travelers the experience of a lifetime and not just a mediocre experience which can be got in the country as well. But Thailand is such a beautiful place, that one won’t find the time to critique the choices. Since hotels are not as big as resorts, make sure to get hotels that offer packages on water sports adventures, with which the trip can be made into complete experiences. There both hotels by the beach and if the guests want some calm, there are secluded ones too, but it’s preferable to stay in high-rise hotels that can give one fantastic view from the balconies and make it that better a Thai-experience for one to ponder. Pattaya Hotels certainly provide this experience and enables the customers to fulfill all their wishes. Have dinner and alcohol by the beaches that would undoubtedly be a unique experience.


The roof-top pool facilities in the high-rise kind of hotels are just brilliant and highly recommended. Besides the pool services, the hotels also offer Airport travel, shuttling around the city and cars on rental as well, to facilitate all the extended travel needs. If travelers are looking for extravagant relaxing massages and energizing spas, then this is the place to be. Almost every Pattaya Hotels grant the luxury of getting excellent massages and baths done, to look and feel the very best during travel and after it too. There are some superb jacuzzi services also, so make the reservations based on the availability of the main features of Thailand, to fulfil the dreams of having a perfect or close-to-perfect Thai trip. The staff are extra-friendly and suit one’s needs of excellent service and luxurious customary based needs that the customers usually have, given they are lavishly spending. Apart from the massage and spa services, the staff will also offer many relaxing therapies that are the USP of such Thai customs, so relax to some chill music and get some real rest to let oneself unwind in the beautiful town, that is Pattaya.


There is a real trend of trying out Thai cuisines as such among the travelers who come here for a full-blooded experience that one cannot get anywhere else. Travelers may get Thai dishes at an elegant restaurant back home. But there is nothing like having in right here, on the mainland that is Thailand. Going back home without Thai savoring Thai food is simply a disgrace, but some people’s taste buds differ, and they do not get accustomed to it, so there are other cuisines available too. To make sure others are not left behind in their catch to glory when it comes to experiencing Thailand as it is. So the dining services are just excellent, or more than fine and indeed come with the added on the luxury of having some alcohol along with the dinner, which could lead to having a perfect time within the limits of reality. The chefs and bartenders here work overtime to provide excellent services to their customers. Mini-bars in the rooms also ensure that Alcohol is always within reach and there is nothing impossible, when it comes to Thai ambiance, thus ending with Pattaya Hotels being ranked as some of the world’s best.


Q1. Where to stay in Pattaya?

A. People who happen to visit Thailand generally prefer The North, South and Central Parts.

Q2. When to venture into Pattaya? Which is the best period of travel?

A. The summer is likely to give guests the best experience they can hope for when visiting Pattaya.

Q3. I’ve heard the food is average, is this true?

A. Not really, but opinions do differ. The hotels we’ve chalked out serve up good food, so they shall not fail.

Q4. Is it recommendable to eat outside or are the hotel restaurants any good?

A. Well, the resorts have good food service.

Q5. Is there any Airport-transit service available at hotels?

A. Yes, they have excellent services.

The facilities at Pattaya Hotels are nothing short of brilliant, with any of the departments for that matter. Since its Thailand, the hotels cannot fail their customers as that would give out a lousy expression not only of their facilities and services but also ruin the country’s image since the majority of the visitors are brash, uncompromising and tend to be from Europe and the USA. To end with, we can certainly vouch for the experiences some former travelers have and hope that we could entice travelers into picking Pattaya as the favorite destination of choice for a holiday or an extended trip, to savor in some of what Thailand and Pattaya Hotels have to offer. So, do enjoy the beaches, the luxurious hotels and drink within limits when in Pattaya. Adventure, fun and relaxation, this place is the perfect mixture of all travel experiences in one- coming together to entertain guests- one day at a time.