Norway In February 2022 Is All About Stargazing Northern Lights & Skiing On The Slopes


Norway in February is a spectacular place as the winter season dawns and turn it into a snow-laden paradise. Because of the geographical phenomenon of the North Atlantic Drift, the country has a relatively mild climate for a country far north. On the other hand, there are long winter nights from the end of November to the end of January. It is a fantastic time for it is during this duration that the beautiful northern lights or aurora borealis can be seen.

For the enthusiastic travelers, Norway should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Planning a travel to Norway in February 2022 is an ideal time since its flora and fauna along with the beautiful landscape are pleasant to the senses of the solitary traveler who wishes to enjoy nature quietly. The area has a rich amount of vegetation and wide species of animal life, the place is hence again a favorite of nature photographers.

Weather In Norway In February

Weather in Norway in February

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Planning a trip to Norway in February? Norway weather in February is an ideal time to grab a chance to tail the aurora Northern Light all day adventure in Norway which makes this month a good time to travel the country. With only 3 hours of sunshine in Oslo, the average Norway temperature in February can go as low as -2 degrees Celsius. Be prepared to receive rainfall during this month along with snowfall. If you want to enjoy snow in Norway in February, you are in for a treat. The place is laden with thick snow which is ideal for activities like skiing, snowboarding, and sleddog race. The weather in North of Oslo is much harsh than Oslo.

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10 Best Places To Visit In Norway In February

Following is a list of places telling you all that there is to know about Norway in February, and why you should book those plane tickets as soon as possible. Moreover, Norway is called the land of the midnight sun because of the twenty-four hours daylight beginning from the middle of may to the end of July during which the sun shines continuously and does not set. Let’s have a closer look at all the stunning places to visit in Norway in February to enjoy a blissful vacation.

  • Tromso
  • Trondheim
  • Sognefjord
  • Alta
  • Roros
  • Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel
  • Lofoten
  • Bergen
  • Oslo
  • The Geirangerfjord

1. Tromso


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The northern lights are a true wonder of nature. Tromso in February boasts a great view of the northern lights which light up the sky sometimes. So get your cameras ready and enjoy this truly life-changing experiences in February in Norway. Norway, with its snow and beautiful snow-capped mountains, has truly a lot to offer. The best places to visit in Norway in winter are those which offer you a splendid view of the romantic starlit skies, the northern lights beauty, and various snow sports. You can also add some popular festivals in Norway to your list and enjoy the festive vibes. This place can be distinguished from the other by the centuries-old wooden houses providing a retro feel.

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2. Trondheim


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Trondheim and its classical Nidaros capital are must for everyone. It is known for its gothic beauty. It if you are planning a date for the loved one in your life, this the place you can take them and make them feel out of this world. You can visit the Archbishop’s Palace Museum, if you are a fan of the sculpture, this museum is the right place for you. Ringve Museum is a place rich in music, if you and your loved one would mind, a musical night, pay this amazing a visit. Visit Norway in February to enjoy the sublime views of this picturusque town.

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3. Sognefjord


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Sognefjord is nicknamed as the King of Fjords. It is another reason why tourists mainly come to Norway. Kayaking is the most popular things to do in Norway and the most preferred one when in Sognefjord. For those looking for a relaxing time, they can always stay at the pier. The view is worth everything. This place is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. People who visited this place always recommended this place for a peaceful and pleasant time.

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4. Alta


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Alta and its waterfalls are beautiful and picturesque. Alta is another perfect spot for sports activities like Dog Sledding. If you are interested in prehistoric rock carving, this can be the exact place for you. Imagine sleeping the night in a snow hotel with all the amenities of a 5 start, under the open sky and the bed of snow, if imagining this, for you, seemed like a dream come true, Alta is the most recommended place for the adventurer in you. This place must surely be part of your itinerary if you are planning to have a Norway honeymoon!

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5. Roros


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Roros is a beautiful town with its oldest wooden houses. This place is perfect for a stroll down the UNESCO heritage sites and visiting the museum and the local church. Here, you can go on snowmobile trip guided by experienced people and experience all the snow you can in a lifetime, you can also witness the beauty of the lake Femunden, which is a famous spot for tourists all over the world.

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6. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

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The is another beautiful place. This place opens each year before Christmas. Everything, from the doors to even your beds is made entirely of ice. The hotel stays open until the everything melts entirely. The carvings and the splendid interior decorations should be another reason why you should stay here. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. Why not make the most of it. Other sports like Snowshoeing, skiing and ice fishing are also popular. Overall Norway is just the perfect place for anyone who is a thorough wanderlust soul and who has a touch of adventure in his soul. This place is perfect for all kinds of people. Don’t miss out on this place if you are interested in trekking in Norway.

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7. Lofoten


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Visiting Norway in February and even after that is the best time for this holiday which has so much to offer you. In fact, this is the time when people make the most visits to this beautiful place. Thus, we see that Norway is heaven on earth. With so much of beauty, an adventure that this place has hidden in its land, Norway has to be on every bucket list. This is the best place to explore the stunning lakes in Norway. Visiting Norway in February and heading towards Lofoten is the best gift that you can give to yourself and your loved ones. The best thing about Norway is that it has something to offer every kind of traveler.

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8. Bergen

Kode Art Museum In Bergen

Indulge in fresh seafood, take a stroll in the art galleries, explore the bustling art at the museums and the scenic landscape. It’s surrounded by lofty mountains and the streets are lined with vibrant wooden houses. Bergen is also known as the city of seven mountains. You can explore Bergen by going on a hiking trail or trekking expeditions, this place is ideal to explore in Norway in May as well. You can check out the list of things to do and places to visit to make your Norwegian trip an unforgettable one.

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9. Oslo

Oslo Cathedral

The capital of Norway, a Norwegian trip is incomplete without visiting its capital that is known for green spaces and intriguing museums. Many of these are on the Bygdoy Peninsula, including the waterside Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum and the best castles in Norway that you may find here.

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 10. The Geirangerfjord

breathtaking natural beauty

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Geirangerfjord is a picturesque sight that is surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains with deep blue water running between the high cliffs. A stunning waterfall cascading from the striking mountains, this place is a paradise for nature lovers and to experience the fjords. It’s the most famous fjord in Norway where you can indulge in several recreational activities like kayaking, rafting  or hiking for a fun trip in Norway February 2022. You can choose from the classy Norway hotels to witness the and get the best views of Fjords, snow and the northern lights!

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What To Wear In Norway In February 2022

What To Wear In Norway In February

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Keeping this in mind, one needs to give a thought about clothing for Norway in February a very good consideration. Polyester jackets are recommended as they protect you from the wind and in any case of unforeseen rainfall, they are the best solution. Moreover, ear muffler and caps are strongly advised. Coats, gloves, headwear and a pair of eye protectors like sunglasses should be there at all times.

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If you’re visiting Norway in February, you’ve got a lot to explore. Norway in winter darkness is hauntingly beautiful. This is one important factor while you are making your pros and cons list while considering Norway as your holiday escape. The limited daylight hours in Norway in February may seem like an obstacle, but it is actually a blessing in disguise. Less daylight means more stars. This is what the main attraction is all about. Norway skies are lovely for a quiet night of stargazing and admiring the northern lights.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Norway In February

What is the best time of year to visit Norway?

June to August is the best time of the year to explore the exquisite beauty of Norway.

How cold is Norway in winter?

Winters in Norway are comparatively moderate with mild reports of snow. Oslo is amongst the coldest place during winter in Norway with temperature dipping -25 degrees Celsius.

Is it expensive to visit Norway?

Yes, it is comparatively expensive to explore Norway.

Do I need a visa to go to Norway?

Yes, you need to apply for a Visitor’s visa before planning a trip to Norway.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Oslo?

No, you can’t see northern lights in Oslo.

Is Norway dark in the winter?

Yes, November, December, and January are dark months in Northern Norway, however, Southern Norway welcomes sun in winter!

How cold is Norway in February?

Norway remains cold in the month of February and the average temperature ranges between -7 to -2 degrees Celsius.

Do they speak English in Norway?

Yes, English is widely spoken throughout the country. Other languages that are spoken in Norway are French, German, and Spanish.

Does it snow in Norway in February?

Yes, be prepared to experience snowfall in Norway in February. It is laden with thick snow.