Hotels In Seychelles Mahe Island



Mahe is a long stretch of beach that includes several smaller islands in Seychelles. It is the default choice for several tourists, and if they wonder where to stay in Mahe, there are hundreds of options. All the islands of Mahe are equally beautiful and unique in their own way. Some are tucked away in the remote corners of the Mahe beach, and some are near the foothills of the beach stretch. With so many places to stay in Mahe, a tourist is often confused and tempted to visit several places at the same time.The best advice that most travelers to Seychelles give is to go island hopping and experience the best hotels in Seychelles Mahe Island. Mahe is always bustling with activity and has a high tourist population. It is not always possible to find accommodation in the preferred hotel in Mahe. Many times, tourists will have to change their destination within Mahe. Mahe has beach resorts, hill resorts and also resorts in Victoria and Eden Island. The choice is entirely for the tourists to make. There are a plethora of activities in Mahe for the tourists, like various beach sports, hiking, trekking, and so many mountain adventures.

Special Experiences

The Mahe experience is the most spoken about in the tourism community because it is by far the most popular island in Seychelles. The main reason is that Mahe is well connected to the rest of Seychelles through various means of transport. Moreover, for tourists, Mahe has the most number of resorts that range from 5-star hotels like Hilton to 3-star hotels like Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort to budget resorts like Coral Strand Smart Choice. The tourists can make their choice according to their budget. All the resorts provide good amenities in their own capacity. All the hotels in Seychelles Mahe island are there to serve their guests with their best ability. Some of the best islands to stay in Mahe are La Digue, Glacis, Victoria and Eden Island. There are 5-star resorts and budget resorts in all the islands of Mahe.


If guests are looking for the Hotels in Seychelles Mahe Island and budget is not a problem, then a 5-star resort like Hilton Bay can spoil tourists with luxury. They provide world-class amenities like a private terrace, private beach, guided tours, airport transfers and fantastic rooms. Their service is above the rest, and that is why it charges 5-star prices. Staying at a 5-star resort has its own charms and is one of a kind experience. It is the best choice for honeymoon couples. For people who do not have a budget for a 5-star, but can splurge a bit can opt for 3-star or 4-star resorts that provide amenities that are equivalent to 5-star. Le Meridien is a 4-star resort that is located in a prime location of Mahe Island. Hotels in Seychelles Mahe Island offer facilities like chopper tours since they have their own helipad and a tourist can enjoy an aerial tour the entire island in a couple of hours. This is a unique experience for many visitors. For a budget traveler, there are some excellent choices too with resorts, like the Fisherman’s Cove, which is an outstanding resort. It is located bang on the beach and provides some unique amenities, like free Wi-Fi and breakfast and a few more that is common with all resorts.


There are too many options to dine in Mahe since it is such a huge island and the most popular one also. Almost every single resort and restaurant is famous for their own speciality. However, what is common with all the restaurants and resorts is the Creole cuisine. Some of the most popular restaurants in Mahe are Hilton Restaurant, the Le Meridian for 5-star experience and fine dining. Hotels in Seychelles Mahe Island serve International cuisines and also some of the best wines of this world. There are many 3-star resorts like Maria’s Rock Cafeteria that serve unique food and a select variety of dishes from the Creole cuisine and also Italian cuisine. Most of the food served is sea-food as it is fresh and also most sought after.


Q1. Why is Mahe such a popular place?

A. Mahe is the largest island of Seychelles and has the most number of resorts in all ranges. Also, some of the most popular beach destinations of Seychelles are in Mahe.

Q2. Are pets allowed in beach hotels in Mahe?

A. Most Mahe beaches and resorts entertain pets.

Q3. Which beach hotels in Seychelles are the closest to the airport?

A. Resorts in Victoria are closest to the airport. Eden Island resorts are also very close to the airport.

Q4. What cuisines are served in hotels in Seychelles?

A. Mostly Creole food is served in Mahe, but there are all types of cuisines available across Seychelles.

Q5. Which are some of the best resorts in Mahe?

A. Hilton, Le Meridien, Carana Beach Hotel, Fisherman’s Cove and plenty of them more are good. It depends on the island of stay.

Mahe undoubtedly is the best tourist destination in Seychelles as it has the best group of islands to visit. It is the prime resort area and is bustling with tourists in all seasons. The options for Hotels in Seychelles Mahe Island can give are plenty, and no other island has such an extensive network. Mahe is also the best stretch of beach in entire Seychelles and has different types of beaches. The pink sand beach, aquamarine waters, jade blue waters, and golden sandy beach are all a part of the Mahe stretch. Mahe also has the world’s largest coral reef. It also boasts abundant wildlife and flora and fauna including the jellyfish tree, which is not found on any other island of Seychelles. That is why it is the capital of Seychelles as well as it marks the place on the map.