Hotels In Northwest Mauritius



A perfect hotel is necessary for making a stay in Mauritius worthwhile. Hotels in Northwest Mauritius are famous for their facilities and excellent services which makes them outstanding and preferable over others. A perfect stay while on a business trip, these hotels in Northwest Mauritius would be the perfect place for travelers. There are many 5 star hotels available in the North West side of Mauritius which have all the facilities that are required for a good stay. The hotels in Northwest Mauritius come with amazing rooms and balconies with scenic views. Apart from that, one can even get to experience some special services such as gyms, outdoor pools and many more. Some hotels even has the facility of massages and spas. A relaxing spa would help people in calming down the nerves after a tiring day. The cuisine in here is worthy of the taste and would give one the actual taste of Mauritius. Guests can enjoy a splendid stay at the hotels in Northwest Mauritius.

Special Experiences

The hotels in Northwest Mauritius comes with lots of special facilities like spa, massages, sauna, fitness centers and many more. One can enjoy a splendid spa while their stay in Paradise hill and guests can even get to work out in the fitness centers of the Paradise hill.One can play a game of golf in the Loyana house after which they can relax in the swimming pool. The Holiday home route comes with outdoor activities such as fishing and even has a spa & wellness center. The Dzama hotel has a fitness center, a tennis court and even a massage center for its customers. These facilities provided by the hotels in North West Mauritius makes them on the top of the list and are preferred by the visitors while they are in Mauritius.


The hotels in Northwest Mauritius have high-quality services and facilities. The hotels have spacious rooms with king size beds, hygienic bathrooms, blackout curtains. The balconies are sea facing allowing the sea air to fill the room. The rooms are air-conditioned and one can expect room service at any time of the day. The hotels come with free wifi which enables people to stay in contact with their beloved ones through internet. The rooms even come with inbuilt refrigerators. The bathrobes and the bathroom accessories are of hygienic conditions. The hotels even have an airport pickup and drop off service which helps the visitors to reach the destination safely.


One can expect high-quality food while in the hotels in Northwest Mauritius. The chef that that are allocated in the hotels is known for their splendid cooking and signature dishes. There are lots of options that one can get while choosing a dish. One can find Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine in the hotels in Mauritius. Apart from that, the seafood in here is famous and should not be missed at any cost. The local dishes would serve as a treat for the taste buds and would be a memorable experience while in Mauritius. At Le Meridien, Restaurant 180 degrees offers exotic international cuisines. Cumin offers incredible Indian fare and Serenity Bar at Sunset Reef offers fusion food items with delicious cocktails. The hotels in Mauritius are famous for their well-trained staff and high maintenance. The kitchens are of hygienic quality which is expected of 5-star hotels in Mauritius. The scenic views from the balcony, the tropical weather and the fresh fruits available here would make the stay worthwhile. One can easily spend a day at leisure in the hotels in Northwest Mauritius.


Q1. When should one book hotels in Northwest Mauritius?

A. The booking should be done at least a month before the visit. If the booking is made last minute, it may not be possible to get the room at the preferred hotel.

Q2. Is last minute booking possible?

A. Yes, last minute bookings are possible for some hotels but most of them get filled. So it is always a better idea to book the hotel well in advance to get everything of choice including the room, package, hotel and services.

Q3. What are the free services provided in the hotels?

A. The free services provided in the hotels are Wi-Fi, room services, bathroom accessories, fitness centers, tennis courts and board games.

Q4. Which language does the hotel staff understand?

A. The hotel staff are well trained in conversing in English for the visitor’s comfortable.

Q5. Is complimentary breakfast available?

A. Yes, complimentary breakfast is provided on the day of the visit and on all days a guest books their stay at the hotel.

The hotels in Northwest Mauritius are famous for their great hospitality and unbelievable ambiance. Guests from around the world stay at these hotels and enjoy their fantastic services, which include free wifi, a room with all amenities and a luxurious bathroom. The hotels restaurants serve amazing dishes from around the world in different cuisines, making guests tantalize their taste buds. Revel in the luxury and comfort of these hotels suited for all kinds of travelers and for all kinds of budgets too. Come aboard this journey to Mauritius and get a taste of extreme happiness at this holiday destination, chock full of great hotels and beautiful sightseeing places.