Hang Gliding In India: Gain A Once In A Lifetime Experience In 2022


If you are an adventure enthusiast seeking for some hardcore adventure in the air, you must try hang gliding in India. Fly a light foot-launched aircraft having no motor attached and relish the feeling of hang gliding. In India, this fun sport of flying a hang glider also called delta plane has become famous in the cities of Bangalore, Shimla, Manali, Kalahari, Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune and devlali. Studies show that India has considerable thermal soaring effects during the summer months and offers hill soaring all through the year roughly. The soaring, during the winter months in spite of being static, is also suitable for hang gliding. In recent years, several sites in the lower regions of the Himalayas have been discovered by expert hang gliders as few among the best sites for hang gliding in the world.

10 Places For Hang Gliding In India

If you ever wish to fly like a bird, hang gliding will fulfil that wish of yours. It is a foot-launched and non-motorised wing. The gliders are made up of fabric wings and aluminium alloy. You will be tied in a harness attached to the lightweight airframe and then practice exercising control by sifting your body weight. The new hang gliders are more customised and enable you to soar for hours in the sky. From thousands of metres of altitude, one can enjoy the bird’s eye view of pasture lands, waterfalls, rivers and scenic beauty while gliding across for Hundreds of kilometres. Here is a list of the best places which bring you an opportunity to experience this thrilling adventure sport.

  • Nandi Hills – Beautiful Landscapes
  • Bir Billing – Exquisite Experience
  • Manali – The Perfect Glide
  • Kamshet – Into The Winds
  • Nainital – Above The World
  • Mussoorie – Views And Peace
  • Panchgani – Explicit Fun
  • Pawna – Most Amazing
  • Yumthang – Among The Clouds
  • Dharamshala – Splendid Views

1. Nandi Hills – Beautiful Landscapes

Nandi Hills

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One of the most scenic sights for hang gliding in India and paragliding is Nandi hills in Karnataka. The place offers a soothing escape from the bustling city life of Bangalore. The hilly altitude makes way for the most spectacular views for a hang glider. Situated roughly at an altitude of 1500 metres above the sea level, one gets a feeling of soaring above the clouds. Landing here is not much difficult and risky since one gets wide flat surfaces around the hills for landing.

Where: Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka

Timing: October to May

Cost: Starts from INR 1500 and above

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2. Bir Billing – Exquisite Experience

Bir billing

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Amidst the beautiful scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh, lies the quaint village of bir. It is presently the paragliding and hang gliding capital of India. The relaxing Ambience, the climate, the majestic mountains, the greenery, everything is just so perfect. And hang gliding adds a bit of thrill to this tranquil atmosphere. The flight takes off at billing and bir, located 14 km away from it is the landing site. The place is very famous for its paragliding and hang gliding experiences to both Indians and foreigners equally. Bir billing has one of the best landings and takes off-sites along with its ideal cloud base and air currents. If you want to get an even better view of the surrounding beauty of Himachal Pradesh, you must take this activity in the evening to witness one of the most splendid sunsets ever in your life.

Where: Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh

Timing: October to mid-June

Price: Starts from INR 3500

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3. Manali – The Perfect Glide

Hang gliding in Manali

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The hillside town of Manali is again famous for adventure sports like hang gliding and paragliding. Situated above 2050 metres from the sea level, it is an ideal location for hang gliding with its clear blue skies, green valleys and snow-covered peaks. This place has the ideal air currents for hang gliding and is famous both domestically and internationally. The scenic beauty of this place is Accentuated by the thrill factor of hang gliding. The areas where hang gliding can be experienced are gulaba, fatru mountain, solang valley and nagger road. One can take a medium flight, that is for 15 minutes or long flights up to 40 minutes to an hour. Amateurs are not allowed to take solo flights, a pilot accompanies them and monitors the glider.

Where: North of the Kullu valley, Himachal Pradesh

Timing: October to May

Price: Starts from INR 1800

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4. Kamshet – Into The Winds

Hang gliding

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One of the top spots for hang gliding in India, in its entirety is Kamshet. It is a major hub for hang gliding and paragliding with professional trainers and coaching centres. Ome can safely indulge in this adventure sport with proper guidance. This place will give you one of the most redefining experiences of your life. It provides hang gliding experiences to people of all ages, inclusion beginners. A major group which trains and organises such adventure sports is the nirvana group. Other adventure activities like rock climbing, rafting, etc are also organised. Major hang gliding spots in kamshet are kondeshwar cliff, shine wadi hills, Shelar and tower hills.

Where: Pune district, Maharashtra

Timing: October to June

Price: Starts from INR 2500 onwards

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5. Nainital – Above The World

Hang gliding View

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Naukuchiatal in Nainital is a gem of Uttarakhang where one can enjoy this thrilling sport amidst alluring lakes like Bhimtal and Naini. Hang gliding can be experienced here in all seasons except the monsoons. It feels great to fly high above the clouds during winters when the entire region remains covered with snow. Naukuchiatal is situated at an elevation of 1220 metres, filled with a great variety of sites, all of which can be viewed as one glides through the region. If one wishes to glide for a short period, one can choose a 3 to 9 minutes glide and if this doesn’t satiate one’s hunger for thrill, one can choose 45 minutes to glide even.

Where: Foothills of the Kumaon region, Uttarakhand

Timing: All months, except July and August

Price: Starts from 1500

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6. Mussoorie – Views And Peace


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For people who want to enjoy the unobstructed view of the Himalayas and its vegetation and valleys, while hang gliding in India, Mussoorie will be the perfect experience. Months from March to June have the ideal conditions to indulge in adventure sports like hang gliding and paragliding with an average day temperature of 30°C and night temperatures as low as 10°C. This tranquil hill station surrounded by the scenic beauty of nature offers ample hang gliding and paragliding opportunities for both beginners and professionals.

Where: Dehradun district, Uttarakhand

Timing: March to June

Cost: Starts from INR 15000

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7. Panchgani – Explicit Fun

Panchgani Hang gliding

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Because of its scenic beauty, Panchgani offers great scopes for hang gliding, which various reputed hang gliding clubs present there. One can take courses and go on an adventure ride across the level, beginning from elementary to advanced. Located in the state of Maharashtra at an elevation of 1200 m above the sea level lies the fantastic hill station of Panchgani. Moreover, this place favours the indulgence of adventure sport due to its pleasant climate. Due to other favourable conditions like clear skies, favourable winds, altitude all through the year has enabled Panchgani to emerge as one of the hang gliding hubs of the country.

Where: Satara district, Maharashtra

Timing: November to February

Price: Starts from INR 1500 onwards

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8. Pawna – Most Amazing

Hang Gliding In Pawna

Image Credit: JACLOU-DL

Ever felt like growing a pair of wings and taking off to the sky and let bygones be bygones. Such chances are awaiting at Pawna, a hub for hang gliding in India amidst nature. This is a prime adventure spot in Maharashtra. As you soar high above in the air, the valley of Sahyadri unwraps itself for a visual treat. The verdant valley below you and the quaint villages begins to appear as low as ancient it is, which the sun’s rays reflecting on your face from the clear pristine waters of the pawani and Indrayani rivers. All you need to do is saddle yourself and surrender yourself to nature as the professional pilot will take care of all the hard work.

Where: Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Timing: November to December

Price: Starts from INR 4500

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9. Yumthang – Among The Clouds

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Yumthang is one of the most beautiful places that is visited throughout the year by hordes of tourists and travelers. One of the main reasons for its popularity is hang gliding. Hang gliding in Yumthang gives a chance to witness the beautiful and panoramic views of Sikkim. The hang gliding experience in Yumthang Valley in Sikkim is one of a kind and is the best activity for those who seek thrill and are adventure seekers. As you soar high above among the clouds, the valley starts looking like a paradise.

Where: Yumthang, Sikkim

Timings: September to mid-October; mid-May to June

Price: INR 2500

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10. Dharamshala – Splendid Views

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Dharamshala offers hand gliding and a chance to bask in the grandeur of the splendid landscapes and beautiful views. The launchpad is located at a small hilltop in Dharamkot and the only way to reach there is a small 2-km trek. The hand gliding experience is one of a kind and is simply irresistible. It is slowly and steadily rising as one of the most popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh when it comes to hand gliding. Hang gliding in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular things to do when visiting this state.

Where: Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh

Timings: October to November; March to May

Price: INR 2500

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Tips For Hang Gliding

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  • Always take a help of experienced instructor when going for hang gliding
  • Learn the safety measures told by the instructor regarding the saftety harness, helmets, equipments and more.
  • Maintain a horizontal point of view while hang gliding.
  • Beginners should choose mild weathers when going for hang gliding for the first time.

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Equipment needed for hang gliding in India is minimal. Main items are the wing, also called the glider and the harness. Other consists of safety gear and communication gear. Minimal training is required for preparing yourself for gliding solo. There are some basic techniques of hang gliding- landing, turning and launching, which are taught during trials. While gliding in the air, one’s safety is of utmost importance. Take instructions and practice under the guidance of a professional and use safe equipment. No matter where you are doing hang gliding, there are certain climatic conditions that you should keep a note of. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that when you are going for hang gliding, the sky should not be windy. So, plan a trip to India and indulge in adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hang Gliding In India

Which states are most noted for hang gliding in India?

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhang are visited quite often for hang gliding experiences.

What clothes to wear for hang gliding?

One should wear long sleeved loose clothes. Long pants, hats, sunblock, running shoes and drinking water are needed during hang gliding.

How much does it cost to hang glide in India?

The cost of hang gliding in India varies from place to place. However, if you want a generic answer for it, then it starts at a mere cost of INR 1500

Can bungee jumping result in death?

Clear cut answer cannot be provided. Mishaps had happened in India causing death. It is a dangerous adventure sport and one should always take care of the precautions.

What is the typical duration of hang gliding in India?

The average duration to hang glide is 8 to 30 minutes. This depends on the weather conditions as well as the strength of the wind. You can hnag glide for as long as 2-3 hours once you are trained and gain experience and cover a few kilometers getting a bird’s eye view of scenic landscapes.

Is there any weight limit for hang gliding?

Yes, the weight limit will be determined by the professionals. In general, the weight for a single hang glider should not be more than 120 kgs.

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