Fraser Island In Australia: An All Inclusive Guide To The Largest Sand Island On The Planet


Fraser Island is one of the world’s most surprising islands. It is the biggest sand island on the planet with 123 kilometers in length and 22 kilometers wide. It is the sole place on Earth where rainforests develop on sand hills and rises of in excess of 200 meters. Fraser Island in Australia comprises the half of the world’s floating lakes. A World Heritage-recorded wild with bunches of resort-style solaces, Fraser island tours is the ideal trip to go wild. With its distinctive charm and unique attractions, Fraser Island continues to be one amongst Australia’s most enticing destinations.

All About The Fraser Island

All About The Fraser Island

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Located in one amongst Australia’s most scenic environments, Fraser Island could be a dream destination for sun-­loving folks that will love and appreciate nature altogether its glory. Its relish will additionally double because the world’s largest sand island, area rainforests grow directly out of the sand and dingoes to roll free. The island’s genesis is often derived back to the period, once huge quantities of sand from New South Wales tend tore deposited on the coast of Australian state and shaped the island. Fraser Island covers a hundred and sixty thousands hectares of pure sand and welcomes over 1,000,000 tourists annually.

How To Get To Fraser Island?

How To Get To Fraser Island

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Fraser Island is situated around 15 kilometers off the shore of ‘Hervey Bay’, making it a mainstream propelling point from which to visit the island. The ship leaves from ‘River Heads’, which is found only outside of Hervey Bay. From Rainbow Beach, you will board the canal boat from Inskip Point, which is around 15 minutes away. You will arrive at Hook Point on Fraser Island, which is on the Southernmost purpose of the island, and drive to your goal. Itself scow takes around 10 minutes.

Map of Fraser Island

The Geography Of Fraser Island

The Geography Of Fraser Island

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‘Fraser Island’ has more than 100 freshwater lakes, which is the second most elevated centralization of lakes in Australia after Tasmania. The freshwater lakes on ‘Fraser Island’ are the absolute freshest lakes in the world. ‘Lake Boomanjin’, a perched lake which at 200 ha in size, is the biggest perched lake on the ‘Sea Islands’ in the world. In absolute, there are forty perched lakes on the island. ‘Fraser Island’ also has window lakes. The majority of the valleys on the islands have streams which are sustained by springs.

‘Fraser Islands’ weather is commonly mellow and due to the direct impact of the sea influence temperature does not reach the extreme. Temperatures seldom transcend 35 °C (95 °F) or fall below 5 °C (41 °F) and humidity is reliably high.

Things To Do In Fraser Island

Fraser Island was the scene of a secret coaching base for Allied troopers throughout world war II, largely focused around the space next to Lake McKenzie. It became a United Nations ‘Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization’ World Heritage site in 1992 and was voted collectively of the best 10 beaches within the world by National Geographic.

1. Get in the Water

Get in the Water

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Lake Wabby, at the edge of the Hammerstone Sand Blow, is the most profound lake on the island and when the sun sparkles it’s difficult to oppose diving into its cool, emerald profundities. Eli Creek is an unmistakable freshwater spring. It’s implausibly fun and delightful and a must-do once visiting Fraser Island. Bring a tube or buoyant device for bonus points. Fraser Island is the right place to go for swim water in the Island will make for a lingering experience for you during your stay.

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2. Camping on the Island


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Fraser Island is perfect for Camping and there is numerous ground for camping on the island. During your visit, you too can enjoy Fraser island camping but you should initially get consent from the ‘Department of Environment and Resource Management.’ Well-developed camp out zones is situated at Central Stations, Lake Boomanjin, Dundubara, Waddy Point, Lake McKenzie, and Wathumba. Anyway, there are a few areas where camp-out is totally banned like Eli Creek. Camping ground in the eastern shorelines offers more privacy and provide an experience of adventure, but permission from the authority is yet required.

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3. Fraser Island Great Walk

Fraser Island Great Walk

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The island’s large expanse offers a variety of natural wonders that wreak marvelous sideshows on the approach throughout its ‘Great Walk’ – mangrove forest, over forty crystal-clear fresh lakes, multi-shaded sand, and sections that cut into the center of ancient semitropic rainforest are all on the cards here. The ‘Fraser Island Great Walk’ is a 90 kilometer (56 miles) track that breezes between ‘Dilli Village’ and ‘Happy Valley’, passing the vast majority of the island’s eminent destinations, for example, Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby, Wanggoolba Creek and the transcending rainforest trees in the ‘Valley of the Giants’. To do the entire thing takes around six days.

4. Drive through the shoreline

Drive through the shoreline

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The vast majority go to the huge sandy expressway also called 75 Mile Beach on the eastern side of the island. Yep, it’s a road that’s conjointly a beach. It comes with road signs, police speed cameras, and everything! make full your 4 wheel drive and drive on this beach main road that’s. In addition worth doing is the inland Central Lakes picturesque drive, features of which incorporate ‘Pile Valley’s Lake McKenzie’, and’ Lake Wabby’ post for a perspective of ‘Lake Wabby’ and ‘Stonetool Sand Blow.’

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5. Wildlife


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Wild nightlife goes up against radical new importance on Fraser Island, where a significant number of the locals come join the fun once the sun goes down. ‘Central Station’ was once a forestry camp and was established once there was still logging on ‘Fraser Island’. This space is currently encircled by beautiful timberland and an amazing paseo that takes you past the clear, flowing waters of ‘Wanggoolba’ creek. The island is the home of around 230 species of bird that embrace white-breasted sea eagles, peregrine falcons, kingfishers, brolgas and the very rare ground parrot.

6. Whale watching

Whale watching

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Every year a large number of whales move from the chilly Antarctic waters to the hotter tropical oceans along Australia’s east drift to conceive an offspring, and in transit back many stops to rest in the waters of ‘Hervey Bay’ before returning south. Fraser Island in Australia is an extraordinary site compared to other places in the nation to see Whale with their calves as sightings are nearly ensured. August and late October is the best time. Keep your eyes in the buff for these giants. The whales are on their migration throughout this time. Bring your binoculars and keep your eyes in the altogether for a puff of water on the distance, spurting from their blowholes.

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7. Wild Dingos

Wild Dingos

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There are wild Dingos on Fraser Island, you can get a glance and can take photographs of these wild creature. Will undoubtedly have dingos coming quite near you on the shorelines, especially close ‘Eli Creek’, sniffing for sustenance. Fraser Island dingoes are protected as they are the purest strain of dingo on the seashore. They travel up to forty kilometers each day. It’s knowing to keep in mind that these beautiful animals are wild. Dingoes do most of their strutting at dawn. Also, in spite of signs cautioning of the peril everywhere throughout the island, visitors moving near them to get their shot of the adorable wild canines.

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Champagne Pools

The view from the highest as you walk down the stairway is exciting and you’ll wish to assign enough time to spend in this natural swimming spot. Close by to Indian Head, on seventy-five Mile Beach, the Champagne Pools are an improbable set of swimming pools you simply won’t notice anyplace else. This must-do spot is that the safest place on the island for seawater swimming, as you’re protected within the pools, fashioned by volcanic rocks, whereas the waves smash over the rocks. The name ‘Champagne Pools’ comes from the little bubbles that form, just like a glass of champagne.

8. Take a Joy Ride

Take a Joy Ride

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The definite highlight of your visit and one among a lot of distinctive things to try and do on Fraser Island is experiencing a joy flight with Air Fraser Island that embarks from nature’s best runway on seventy-five Mile Beach. You’ll be afforded unimaginable views up and down the coast, fly interior over the huge sand dunes and pretty Butterfly Lake, and spot migrating whales in season. Get a birds-eye view of the island most lovely spots and keep your eyes in the altogether for marine life! Air Fraser run 15-minute joy flights all day long from $75 p/p.

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There’s something very mystical about venturing foot on Fraser Island. With its wild untamed shorelines, transcending old backwoods, completely clear freshwater lakes, and plentiful natural life including Fraser’s most acclaimed occupant, the dingo, this UNESCO-recorded island offers one of Australia’s best wild adventures. This place is perfect for the adventure loving soul visiting Australia.

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