Coronavirus Quarantine: 5 Exciting Things To Do For Vacation-Like Feels At Home


March 17, 2020: Stuck in self-quarantine? Who says you cannot have fun? Get creative and enjoy a pseudo-holiday experience right from your home. Here are some inspirational ideas to utilize your time while you’re stuck indoors.

Coronavirus may have ruined all your travel plans and put you in quarantine. But that doesn’t mean we have to be gloomy or sad. Get your creative juices flowing and enjoy vacation-like feels sitting right at home. Here are a few things to do during self-quarantine that will make you feel like you are on a holiday.

5 Ways To Enjoy Vacation-Like Feels At Home

1. Watch Travel-Based Movies

Self-quarantine is the perfect excuse to binge-watch on your favorite travel flicks. Vicky Chirtina Barcelona, When In Rome, Into The Wild, there are so many of it. Get started on your favorite travel movies.

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2. Cook Food From Your Favorite Destination

While you are in quarantine, get the holiday feels by cooking yourself a sumptuous dish belonging to your upcoming holiday destination. Did you have a trip planned to Spain? Learn to make Paella. Planning a trip to Rajasthan? How about some Dal Bati Churma? Get into the kitchen and let the magic happen.

3. Learn A Language

Utilize this time to learn useful phrases that will come in handy on your next foreign vacation. If you have Spain on your mind, learn Spanish. Give the Japanese language a try. There are so many apps that help you learn new languages on the go. Try it!

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4. DIY Experiences

So what if you cannot be at the beach right now? Do you have an inflated pool at home? Great! Fill it up with water. Rack some beers next to it and just enjoy sunbathing in your garden pool. It is not as great as the ocean but hey, it still does the trick.

5. Create Itineraries

It’s not the end of the world. You may not be able to travel right now but things are soon going to get better. Meanwhile, create a bucket list of all the destinations you would like to visit this year. Do some research around your favorite place and create an itinerary. When things get normal, you can directly get to booking flights and hotels.

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Can you add more ideas to the list? We bet you can. It is just a phase and will soon pass. The least you can do is take precautions and stay safe till all of this is over. Life can wait!