Cheap Hotels In Singapore



A former fishing island, the island-city of Singapore has witnessed a kind transformation over the last few decades. Apart from the high-end and expensive hotels, the city is equally accommodative for the budget travelers and offers a variety of cheap hotels in Singapore. Bestowed with a plethora of tropical flora and fauna, this island city has various tourist destinations that can easily keep one preoccupied for days.The Furama riverfront, Hotel 81, the Orchard Rendezvous and Hilton Garden Inn are few examples of cheap hotels in the city, which vow to give travelers the best experience at unbelievably affordable prices that will not render them bankrupt and still have a great time. Situated at pristine locations and within proximity to the city centers, these hotel complexes have a great architecture that reflects modern luxury and sophistication at their best, with their towering structures and sleek and polished interiors. We bring the best budget hotels of Singapore, there various facilities and a plethora of amenities.

Special Experiences

The cheap hotels in Singapore are built with the motto of service and excellence and execute this through their impeccable hospitality and assistance extended to their guests. The Furama riverfront houses a tall structure that contributes to the city’s skylines and has expansive rooms overlooking the horizon of Singapore. The place comes alive at night when the lights come on, and it feels like there are stars beneath one’s feet, as travelers stare out of the balcony. Situated at the heart of Little India, the Hilton Garden Inn offers connecting rooms for hosting guests with large families as well as complimentary fitness center services and an outdoor pool. The Orchard Rendezvous boasts its newly upgraded outdoor swimming pool, with artistic poolside furniture and a concierge at the beck and call.


Although at low and affordable prices, cheap hotels in Singapore do not compromise on their cleanliness and hygiene, or their hospitality and housekeeping services. They offer the best of their staff and management at the disposal of the guests to make the stay as smooth and pleasant as possible. The Furama riverfront offers numerous amenities, like their executive lounge instead of corporate guests, a well-structured gymnasium with modernized equipment, a tailoring service, and a souvenir shop and a premium spa sanctuary. While the Hilton Garden offers round-the-clock fitness and laundry services, the Orchard Rendezvous excels in their clubbing lounge and terrace dining.


Noodles, Rice, and Seafood form the holy trinity of the three essential pillars of Singaporean cuisine. Typically served with soup, their dishes are a perfect blend of spice and sour favors, only enhanced by the generous additions of herbs and seafood. Therefore, when one’s sightseeing, it is imperative to have at least one meal a day in the local whereabouts of the island-city. There are many cheap hotels in Singapore that serves delectable cuisines. The Orchard specializes in its Chinese and western cuisine, along with the inclusions of authentic and local food like the infamous Bak Kut The, dimsums and wantons. The Furama riverfront is a dwelling of culinary delight with their Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant, waterfall lounges and an extensive continental spread. A stunning 20 feet waterfall serves as a backdrop for the dining area and enhances the wining and dining experience. The Hilton Garden, on the other hand, reflects a luxurious dining lifestyle with its subtly illuminated white interiors. Their Pavilion pantry is famous for their healthy snacks, and their in-house restaurant Garden Grille assures one the best of local and international cuisine.


Q1. What are the best cheap hotels to stay in Singapore?

A. Little India, Chinatown and Marina Bay are the best places one can visit in Singapore.

Q2. Which are the best budget hotels closer to the airport?

A. Crowne Plaza, Aerotel Singapore and Capri by Frase Changi City are the hotels closer to the airport and even the best ones.

Q3. What local food can one taste in the restaurants at the hotels in Singapore?

A. Rice, noodles and seafood from the foundation; Hainanese chicken rice, Chilli Crab, Laksa and Prawn mee are some of the famous local dishes.

Q4. Is it possible to get a city tour booked from the hotel?

A. Yes, the concierge services in the hotels in Singapore can help one book the best tours for sightseeing.

Q5. Is Indian food available at the restaurants in these hotels?

A. Yes, easily at various places inside and out of the hotels where guests can get Indian food.

A visit to Singapore and travelers cannot miss the majestic statue of the Merlion, which forms the global sign of Singapore’s magnificence and an icon of identity for this island-city worldwide. However, with the immense number of things to do, it is advisable that travelers plan the daily itinerary to avoid turmoil at the last minute. Chalk the indispensable places of the city, and go through them systematically. The Marina sands bay is a must-visit amongst the city’s spectaculars and the epitome of cosmopolitanism. The million-dollar complex has casinos, restaurants, museums and all that holidaymakers want to see morphed into this great big structure. The Clarke Quay is a lively and well-lit harbor that is lined with boutique shops and happening nightclubs. There is also the unmissable Universal Studios that assure a once-in-a-lifetime experience, along with the delightful structures at Gardens by the Bay and lastly the Chinatown, which is the iconic shopping place. The cheap hotels in Singapore are also a great reason to visit the place. They are welcoming, amazing and everything in between.