Barren Island: Nature’s Hidden Paradise With India’s Only Active Volcano


When someone looks for an active volcano, India is not the kind of place that pops up in your head immediately. But, believe it or not, this country does have one! On the extreme corner of the capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands, Port Blair lies the only active volcano in South Asia region known as Barren Volcano at Barren Island.

Even though this volcano is the only active volcano amongst the other volcanoes between Sumatra and Myanmar region, it has surely been made popular with the recent passage of time.

So, scroll down to know what you’re missing out in Andaman and Nicobar to buckle up for you next holiday in the scenic paradise!

About Barren Island

barren island

Due to lack of publicity and the fact that this active volcano has limited access to it, Barren island is not that popular amongst the tourists. But with the recent change of events and a few eruptions here and there, this volcano has been able to voice its fame with hot lava!

That’s right, this place is amongst the hottest region in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. So, while you’re planning to visit this place soon, here are a few things to keep in mind for your next vacation:

1. This island does not have any population and is only 3 Km in width.

2. The crater of the so-called majestic crater of this island is 2 Km wide and the walls of this volcano are 250 to 350 m in height.

3. Though the volcano on this island has stayed dormant for a long period, 1991 witnessed an eruption, which was considered to be major.

4. In the year 2017, February month also witnessed a similar eruption letting the hot lava flow in the sea at once.

5. Its recent popularity has placed this island amongst the top tourist attractions in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

6. Having a diverse marine life on board, this island is made open for scuba diving and it is surely an experience that you should not miss here.

7. It has also been recorded in 2017, that there were some stranded groups of goats on the island which were left behind by the passing steamer back in 1891. As per the story, British would leave livestock on certain islands in case they were stranded here at some point of time.

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How To Reach Barren Island

ferry ride to Barren Island

To get to this beautiful island, you can either opt for a ferry or a seaplane ride. Boarding a ferry will let you witness the spectacular views of the island from different sides as the ferry goes around the island three times. However, the seaplane ride starting from Port Blair is more preferred one as you get to observe aerial views, which is nothing less than a thrilling experience in itself.

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While we can only imagine what it’s like to be one of those goats that were said to be inhabiting this island, touring an active volcano within the territories of India is surely worth experiencing. Did this entice you enough for a vacation to Andaman? Well, we wouldn’t blame you! Pack your bags and get ready to experience the journey of your lifetime with this island tour adding more charm to your holiday!


Frequently Asked Questions About Barren Island

Q. Can people visit Barren Island?

A. Barren island is one of the restricted zones and people have to take special permission to enter this zone. Alongside that no one is allowed to land at the Barren Island and apart from that no one is allowed to spend the night here. For the people who want to visit Barren island it is suggested to take a day trip.

Q. How many times Barren Island has erupted?

A. The Barren island volcano first erupted in the year 1787 and since then it has erupted around 6 times. Later eruptions were drafted in the year of 1789, 1795, 1803-04, and 1852. And after almost close to two centuries later, the volcano erupted in 1991 and the latest eruption was recorded around the year of 2004 due to the Indian ocean earthquake.

Q. What type of volcano is Barren Island?

A. Barren Island is an active volcano which also happens to be the only active natural phenomena situated at the Volcanic arc which connects Sumatra and Myanmar. This island is spread across an area of 3 km and has a 1.6 km wide crater which is half filled by a cinder cone which is actually the source of the volcanic eruption.

Q. What is the importance of Barren Island?

A. Barren island is situated at the Andaman sea and it is the only confirmed active volcano in India. This holds a major importance in keeping the continental climate stable and the annual temperature variation.

Q. When did Barren Island last erupted?

A. After 2004, the Barren Island last erupted in the year of 2017.