Adventure Alert : 12 Fun N Frolic Water Sports In Alibaug One Cannot Miss!


Alibaug is said to be one of the calmest and beautiful coastal areas that are located in the western part of Maharashtra. As we all know that the state of Maharashtra is full of natural beauty and filled with wide varieties of waterfalls, forests, and temples. In the same manner, Alibaug is another part of this state that is wrapped with serene coastal areas and the various types of sports activities that can be experienced here. The water sports in Alibaug have always made people come here from different parts of the world.

Mostly, people who come here at Alibaug often opt for the Alibaug beach water sports to experience thrill and ecstasy at the same time.

12 Best Water Sports In Alibaug

Today, we will discuss the best water activities that can be experienced at Alibaug. If you are planning to take a trip to Alibaug, then make sure to indulge in any of these activities to get the best of the place.

1. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing

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Riding along the waves of the Arabian Sea can give you a thrilling experience. Jet skiing is one such activity that is tried by most of the people who come here. You can rent a jet ski from the local vendors who roam all across the beach. Each Jet Ski can accommodate about 2 people at a time. It can hold up the weight up to 200kg. It is one of the fun-filled water sports that you must experience here. The more you will try it the more you will enjoy it. There are professionals whom you can hire for carrying out the activity safely and with the right equipment.

Location: Nagaon beach and Alibaug Beach, Alibaug

Cost: The average cost of Jet Ski is Rs 200-Rs 500 for two people.

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2. Bumper Ride

Bumper Ride In Water

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No matter whether you are an adult or a child, you will enjoy it. This is an exciting activity that is loved by everyone. It is very important to know about this activity. It is a small rounded boat in which you can sit along with the other members of the family. At the same time, it is also tied with a speed boat. It is then pulled by the speed boat so that the riders can enjoy the feel of the high ride. It is safe for people. If you want, you can take the help of the professionals who can assist you in the best possible way. Due to its safety precautions, the majority of people try out this activity.

Location: Nagaon Beach near Alibaug

Cost: The bumper ride may cost about Rs 200 per person.

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3. Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

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If you are wondering about the exact place where you can do Kayaking, then it is the best place where you can indulge in this activity. Previously, Kayaking was only performed on calm waters, but the fact is that it can be performed on any type of water surfaces has introduced many sports for kayaking. Usually, the sea kayaks are presumed to be about 15 feet long. It is safe and can be done by anyone. However, some professionals can assist you properly. Sea Kayaking is one such ride that has received wide recognition in many places. But the Kayaking of Alibaug is something very different and amazing. If visiting Alibaug, then make sure not to miss this one.

Location: Mandwa Beach at Alibaug

Cost: The approximate cost of this ride is about Rs 300 per person.

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4. Banana Boat Ride

Boat Ride

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It is considered to be one of the most tried and enjoyed activities throughout the world. Zooming across the blue serene Arabian Sea will bless you a fantastic experience. If you are unaware of this ride, then some professionals can assist you and you will be given the right set of equipment needed to perform the activity in the safest way possible. There is no age bar for this sports activity so forget the hesitation even if you are in your 40s or 50s. One thing that the rider should keep in mind is to hold the boat tightly during this ride. Banana boat ride at Alibaug is one of the most famous ones.

Location: Nagaon Beach at Alibaug

Cost: It costs about Rs 100 per person.

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5. Stand Up Paddle Boating

Stand Up Paddle Boating

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Stand-up Paddle boating is something very special and exciting for those who love various types of sports activities. It will also give a brief idea of paddle boating. It is better to take an introductory class on this activity. Many such classes are organized by the trainers. You can take an active part in such classes. This thrilling water sports will give you a memorable experience for your whole life.

Location: Mandawa Beach at Alibaug.

Cost: It starts at Rs 1200 per adult for this sports activity.

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6. Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding View

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Kiteboarding is one of the most famous water sports activities that take place here. You should try it once you are in Alibaug. It is largely related to kit surfing. One should not miss this wonderful chance of trying this water game. You should also learn these thrilling sports activities that are termed as Kit boarding. If you try it once, you will want to keep on trying this out whenever given a chance. This is among many water rides in Alibaug which you cannot find in most of the beach areas in the country.

Location: Murud Janjira, Alibaug

Cost: It costs about Rs 3000 per adult.

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7. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Water

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It is said to be one of the newest water sports that has been introduced in Alibaug, but in general, this activity has already gained a name for itself. This very reason has attracted a lot of tourists to Alibaug. Some well-trained trainers are always there to assist the tourists. You should take full advantage of these sports. The best place to go for this scuba diving game is at Murud Janjira beach. Scuba diving in Alibaug is always in the list of adventure lovers, and experiencing it yourself here will give you an idea why.

Location: Murud Janjira, Alibaug

Cost: It takes about Rs 4500 for a single scuba diving.

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8. Speed Boat Ride

Speed Boat Ride

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It will be a thrilling experience to try the very famous speed boat ride in Alibaug. You will love to have this ride along the beautiful waves of the Arabian Sea. Most of these types of sports are mainly attended by a group of people or families since it is performed in groups. This is one of the most fascinating water activities which will definitely be a great add-on to your Alibaug visit.

Location: Mandwa Beach at Alibaug.

Cost: The price of this ride is about Rs 100 per person.

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9. Dolphin Sightseeing Trip

Dolphin Watching

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Dolphins are wonderful creatures and witnessing them in their best form is something very enticing. If you are eager to dolphins, then no place is better than Alibaug. You can also contact various local vendors who can show the dolphins since you may not know the right spot to witness them. It will be a wonderful experience to see the dolphins playing in the waves of the Arabian Sea. Missing this opportunity is a big thing.

Location: Kashid Beach at Alibaug.

Cost: The price for dolphin sightseeing is about Rs 250 per person.

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10. Parasailing

Parasailing In Alibaug

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Parasailing in Alibaug is another such sports activity that visitors can enjoy in Alibaug the best way. This activity will fill with a thrilling experience. While parasailing on the Arabian Sea from a high distance, you will have a view that will stay with you all your life. The blue serene sea will look more beautiful from a great height. You can take part in this sports activity easily as there are organizers who can provide you with safety equipment and proper training.

Location: Nagaon Beach at Alibaug

Cost: It will cost about Rs 1000 per person.

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11. ATV Ride

ATV Ride

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It is another such ride that is commonly experienced by the majority of people at Mandwa Beach. Safety is a major concern and that is the only reason why most people want to take this ride. Trainers are present there to guide you so that you can partake the activity in the right way and by following all safety measurements. They will show you the actual tactics of performing this ride. Most of the time, short orientation programs are organized by various trainers and the interested persons are cordially invited. They can take an active part in such sessions. Once those are completed, they can easily conduct this game.

Location: Mandwa Beach at Alibaug.

Cost: The approximate cost of this ride is about Rs 300 per person.

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12. ZORB Ball


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It is one of the new and latest activities that have been introduced in this place. It is almost like Bungee Jumping. You will be put inside the ball and you will be locked inside. You will be able to roll and walk over things and it somehow gives pleasure to the people. No wonder, more and more people are trying out this activity. This is one of the few best adventurous water sports in Alibaug.

Location: Nagaon Beach at Alibaug.

Cost: The approximate of this game is about Rs 450 per person.

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People these days love to get indulged in different types of sports activities and they are also getting passionate about it. If you are at Alibaug, then you should go and try the various types of sports activities as the place is heaven for sports activities. Apart from being a hub of sports activities, Alibaug is a very beautiful and popular place that is located right on the western part of India. Ever since adventure sports in Alibaug have been introduced, thousands of people are flocking to Alibaug to witness the beautiful and serene blue sea along with the various types of water sports that take place on different beaches. Thus, to give your vacation to Maharashtra a touch of thrill make sure to not miss out on these water activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Sports In Alibaug

How to reach Alibaug?

Alibaug can be reached from any corner of India easily. There are railway connections or flight options. You can reach Mumbai by boarding a flight or a train and can hire a taxi to reach Alibaugh from there.

What are the best places to visit at Alibaug?

Some of the most noted places in Alibaug are the Kolaba Fort, Murud Janjira, Diveagar which must be visited during a trip. On the other side, the beaches of Alibaug are famous as well.

Can I get hotels at Alibaug?

Yes, you can always get hotels in Alibaug. There are ample hotels in and around the city and you can choose the one as per your budget and choice. Prior booking is always a better option to avoid last-minute hassle.

What is the best time to go to Alibaug?

It is always best to visit Alibaug during the winter months. You will enjoy it a lot during this time. The climate is quite preferable during this month. However, you can also visit during monsoons too.

Is the transport facility good in this place?

Yes, you can get cabs and taxis all around the city that connects to almost all the parts of the city.

What is the native language of this place?

Marathi is the main language of this place, but the residents of this place can also speak Hindi and other languages. They are quite comfortable with these languages.

Which can be the best weekend destinations at Alibaug?

Murud Janjira or Nagaon Beach or the Kashid beach are some of the best weekend destinations in Alibaug.

Is this place ideal for family members?

Yes, Alibaug is an ideal place to visit with families and friends.

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