6 Extravagant Villas In Yercaud Which Will Make Your Stay Memorable!


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Yercaud is a very beautiful hill station in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu which is widely popular for the coffee, fruit, orange and spice plantations. It gracefully lies in the Shevaroy Hills and is known to be a very famous and widely visited holiday destination in the country. It is well surrounded by gardens and woods and owns some magnificent places such as Anna Park and Lady’s Seat Vantage Point which are famous for Japanese Garden and a watchtower with a telescope respectively. Being such a beautiful and widely visited hill station, it has some very decent and extremely beautiful villas which are known to offer great service and unmatchable hospitality to their guests. Some of the best villas in Yercaud are listed below which are known for their amazing service and hospitality.

6 Best Villas In Yercaud

Here are some of the best villas in Yercaud which one must visit when they plan to enjoy a relaxing time away from home.

1. Bamboo Homestay Yercaud

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This is one of the best villas located in Yercaud in the Tamil Nadu region. It is known to be a very comfortable and a delightful stay and is certainly known for its remarkable service and heart winning hospitality. To start with, the accommodation boasts a magnificent garden offering some decent yet fascinating views of the surroundings. It also gives access to a terrace where the guests can have a quiet and calm time to get yourselves relaxed and refreshed. Speaking of the rooms here in the villa, there are 3 bedrooms, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a fully equipped kitchen let alone 3 bathrooms with required basic amenities. There is a bathroom with a shower provided at the property. It offers a washing machine for ease and convenience of the guests. Without a doubt this has to be one of the best villas in the entire region and guests with friends and family are sure to have a quality stay in the said accommodation. It is known to be a haven for couples owing to its beautiful interior and magnificent surroundings. It is also known to be a safe and decent place to stay for solo travellers.

Highlights: Offers free Wi-Fi, terrace and family rooms

Location: Yercaud near Saravana Bhavan Elite, Manjakuttai Road, 636601 Yercaud, India

Price: INR 9,000/- and above

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2. Kinger’s Homestay

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Graciously set in Yercaud, the Kinger’s Homestay has earned quite a name for itself and is certainly renowned as one of the finest villas in the entire region. The accommodation has to offer a lot of features to its guests including a seating area and a fully equipped and well-organised kitchen. Speaking of the accommodation, they offer two beautiful and very well spacious bedrooms along with 2 bathrooms equipped with all required basic amenities. There is a flat-screen TV and the guests can avail the free private parking available at the villa. Owing to its beautiful interiors and magnificent features, the villa is said to be a haven for guests and is decently popular amongst the couples for the cosy experiences offered here.

Highlights: Offers free parking and family rooms

Location: Villa No.1, Misty Meadows, Metropole Homes Pagoda Point Road, Bedford avenue, near Sri silver inn., 636601 Yercaud, India

Price: INR 4,500/- and above

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3. Hillcrest Cottages

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It is well located in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu. This magnificent villa is certainly known for offering a great stay to its clients. It comes with a terrace and mountain views which are truly fascinating and the guests are welcome to use the free private parking. The accommodation boasts a balcony which is known to offer some decent views to the guests. The guests who had stayed in the said property has nothing but words of praises for the villa and the staffs here are known for their service and hospitality. The accommodation offers a garden which is accessible to every guest and there is a patio too. Speaking of the features, the villa has to offer two bedrooms which are quite spacious and a living room, let alone a flat-screen TV. There is a fully equipped kitchenette which includes a stovetop. There are also two bathrooms which come with a bath. This can be a perfect place to stay for couples as well as to solo visitors.

Highlights: Offers free parking, patio and a terrace

Location: Manjakuttai Road, Asambur, Near Church, 636602 Yercaud, India

Price: INR 5,000/- and above

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4. Silver Oaks Cottage

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Silver Oaks Cottage is one of the best villas located in the heart of Yercaud, Tamil Nadu. This famous accommodation is widely reputed and recognised as a haven for guests who are seeking a pleasant and delightful stay. It offers some decently spacious rooms with every basic amenity required for a healthy and a convenient stay. Owing to its service and hospitality, the accommodation has been successful in attracting a good number of guests throughout the year. The staffs here are well known for their efficiency and dedication in serving their guests and it has a lot of potentials to astonish the guests and offer a great time throughout their stay. So, if you are in the beautiful hill station of Yercaud, make sure not to miss staying here and enjoy the beauty and the hospitality which the said villa has to offer.

Highlights: Offers free parking and pets are allowed

Location: Valley view cottage Opp to the lake, 636601 Yercaud, India

Price: INR 5,600/- and above

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5. Villa With Kitchen

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Villa with Kitchen is a very well-known accommodation set right in the heart of Yercaud, Tamil Nadu. It comes with some of the magnificent features and promises its guests with a pleasant and delightful stay. Nevertheless, the villa is located at such a location which gives the guests direct access to most of the nearby attractions which are worth a visit. The property is known to be a great stay for guests with friends and family. The solo visitors and couples are known to have some memorable yet great experiences during their stay at the accommodation. It offers decent rooms with all the basic amenities required for a healthy stay. The very efficient and utmost dedicated daily housekeeping are well recognised for their role in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the said villa. This accommodation will never disappoint any of its guests for sure and if you are looking for a perfect stay then for sure, the Villa with Kitchen is the one to choose without any hesitation.

Highlights: Offers terrace and housekeeping

Location: Nagalor Road Near Ishwaryam Inn, 636602 Yercaud, India

Price: INR 7,500/- and above

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6. Bamboo Holiday Resorts & Homestay Yercaud

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Known to be a very popular villa, the Bamboo Holiday Resorts & Homestay has earned quite a name for itself. Located in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu is pretty well renowned and recognised for the features and services which the property has to offer to its guests. Starting with a terrace which is known to offer some amazing views of the surrounding area to the well designed and decently organised children’s playground, the accommodation is for sure a great place of stay. It is known to offer a delicious buffet for breakfast every morning. There is a room service known for its efficient service and the accommodation also boasts a garden which is widely recognised for offering the utmost beautiful views. The said stay is known for its hospitality and the staff here are well versed with the term guest ethics. This is indeed a great place to stay while holidaying with your near and dear ones.

Highlights: Offers family rooms, terrace, garden and room service

Location: Near Hotel Saravana Bhavan Elite, Geekee Avenue, Near Hotel Saravana Bhavan Elite, 636602 Yercaud, India

Price: INR 2,100/- and above

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To enjoy time away from home in the most luxurious way, these are the best villas in Yercaud which are known for their amazing service. So now when you plan a vacation in Tamil Nadu and want some peaceful escape, here are these villas located at this city which will definitely make your day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villas In Yercaud

Is Yercaud worth visiting?

Yes, Yercaud is worth a visit. It is known for its natural beauty and great hospitality. It is considered to be the heart of Tamil Nadu and is considered to be one of the widely visited holiday destinations in the country.

Where is Yercaud located?

It is well situated in Salem District of Tamil Nadu, India. It lies in the Shevaroys range of hills right in the Eastern Ghats.

What is the best time to visit Yercaud?

Tourists are known to visit the place throughout the year however the winters are said to be the best time to visit Yercaud between October and February.

What is Yercaud known for?

The hill station is popular for its greenery, orange groves and coffee plantations.

What are the best villas?

Bamboo Homestay Yercaud and HillCrest Cottages are considerably the best-known villas in the region.

What are the most romantic villas?

Kinger’s Homestay and Villa with Kitchen are the two most romantic villas in the region owing to its beautiful and cosy environment.

What are the budget villas?

Bamboo Holiday Resorts & Homestay Yercaud and HillCrest Cottages are notably the best-known budget villas which are also known for their beauty.

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