5 Star Hotels in Singapore



Singapore is home to many Buddhists, Muslims, Indians, Tamil-speaking people who really stand up for the true qualities of the nation. It’s to treat the guest with honour, respect and dignity. This is what makes this nation truly stand out in that regard. Its ambiance and hospitality are second to none and this just adds to the benefits of visiting this country, at the soonest. There are great shopping avenues, which are always jam packed and filled on all days, making it tough to check out each place on the mind. For the people who come here to shop, to eat, to drink, to relax, it is a must to provide excellent hotel service and Singapore certainly doesn’t fail in this aspect and does as expected or even more. When it comes to the luxuries in life, most of them are certainly within the reach of one’s hands as this place provides them at a reasonable cost to suit guests budget. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, there are quite many hotels in Singapore. These hotels not only provides world-class amenities but also make sure that their guests are completely content and happy with their stay. Some of the best 5 Star Hotels in Singapore include Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore,Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore, The Mandarin Oriental, Marina Bay Sands and many more. If one is looking for a bit of luxury to the hotel, then the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza is the place to be. Spiced up with the trademark Marriott class, this masterpiece has it all and could be the perfect destination. The Park Royal on Pickering is also a great option for those looking to travel.

Special Experiences

Luxury Hotels are certainly planned out well and well people stay there to experience the best there, is on offer. The special experiences need to be really special in order to fit the billing of the customer’s needs and expenses. Some of the hotels here have infinity pools, which are real-life pools that are located on the terraces or balconies of building, this makes for great viewing and a great experience, and one must book hotels based on availability of this feature. Some hotels also come with packages of water sport adventures, which one must avail. Also, almost all the 5 Star Hotels in Singapore house a fitness centre which is well maintained and are equipped with the latest fitness equipment. Some of these hotels also feature a library which has books from all over the world for guests to read and relax.


The facilities offered at the 5 Star Hotels in Singapore are of high quality and speak class. The facilities here include good room service, swimming pools, alcohol parties, alcohol served to the deluxe room, complimentary breakfast, good food service among many such other aspects which are enjoyed by people of varied origins and forms. The hotels come well equipped with facilities such as massages, spa, wellness programmes and even intensive skin care. All to make for a complete and perfect experience, offered by these hotels. The parties held at some of the hotels are just brilliant and feature some of the best food, alcohol and even music there is to offer. Singapore is tailor-made for people who like to relax, party and even enjoy the ambiance of nature. If someone is of that kind, then head over to Singapore with no further delay to ensure a good week’s time there. The hotels’ rooms have mini-bars as well.


All the 5 Star Hotels in Singapore maintain one or more restaurants and bar. From the traditional Singaporean cuisine to the various International cuisine, these restaurants at these hotels offer culinary delights to all the guests. The bars at these restaurants serve an array of sizzling cocktails and mocktails which will make one forget all the worries. The bartenders are quite pro at serving the drinks and they prefects know the choice of their customers. Several restaurants at hotels offer kids’ menu and special diet menu for the added convenience of their guests.


Q1. Are the rooms comfortable in 5 Star Hotels in Singapore?

A. Yes, they are luxuriously comfortable and spacious and could even be gigantic, by some measures.

Q2. Do the hotels have free wifi?

A. Yes most of them offer free wifi which is almost an essential commodity these days.

Q3. Does restaurants at 5 Star Hotels in Singapore offer Indian cuisine?

A. Yes, most of the 5 Star Hotels in Singapore offer Indian cuisine. However, one must check before with the hotel before booking.

Q4. Are pets allowed at 5 Star Hotels in Singapore?

A. Yes, most of the 5 Star Hotels in Singapore allow pets. However, checking the same with the hotel is advisable.

Q5. Is there any Airport-transit service available at hotels?

A. Yes, these hotels do provide Airport-transfer service.

There are many world-class 5 Star Hotels and it’s imperative for guests to pick the right one when they are visiting Singapore. The 5 Star Hotels in Singapore are quite luxurious and this makes for a great experience to truly take in the aura of Singapore. By providing amenities like a 24-hour front desk, room service, airport transfer, car rental, laundry & dry cleaning service, and babysitting services, hotels make sure to offer it’s guests a complete stay. One must definitely plan a visit singapore and stay in its 5-star hotels that are not only awe-worthy but also hassle-free.