4 Star Hotels In Seychelles



Seychelles is known for its reefs, fascinating shipwrecks, and impressive granite outcrops which are ideal for someone who has likeability for snorkeling and diving. Apart from that, the guests can also explore several other water sports or get to know the underwater aquatic life more closely. There are several lush green hills along with big glacis boulders which are notable places to explore. Staying at the 4 star hotels in Seychelles is another thing that one can consider to have a relaxing holiday. The waters in Seychelles are extremely clear, and the guests can easily spot tropical to the largest pelagic creature including whale sharks which is an entirely new experience in itself. Coming to Seychelles would be a completely new experience for those who are visiting this place for the first time, and they would surely make some great memories by staying at the best 4 star hotels in Seychelles.

Special Experiences

Seychelles is a nature’s delight, and with its sprawling blue waters and breathtaking beaches, the guests will get a lot to explore and admire the beauty around. Those who are planning to visit Seychelles will experience the hospitality at its best. The beaches around the hotels give a beautiful view that can never be forgotten. Along with that, one can also indulge in several water activities such as cruising, snorkeling, scuba diving and much more that will introduce them to aquatic life. There are also facilities for massages and spa that are highly popular. The 4 star hotels in Seychelles are extremely beautiful, and guests get to stay at the best places to that they would find extremely welcoming. The staff at these hotels is highly experienced and ensures that the overall experience of the guests stay is a satisfactory one. There are even those hotels where the guests can opt for the customized tours that are planned by the hotel itself. The guests can also indulge in the beach activities that are a highlight of the entire tour. However, as this has become a favorite holiday spot among the people, the hotels stay occupied during the peak season, and it is advised to book the rooms in advance. Seychelles has a lot to offer for those who want to engage in water sports along with pristine scenic beauty that will leave one mesmerized.


The facilities offered at the 4 star hotels in Seychelles are quite unique, and the guests will have a great experience while staying in the hotels. As these are located near the beach front, guests get a beautiful view of the place throughout the day that relaxes the mood completely. Guests at the hotel can choose the room services with complimentary breakfast and in-house dinner that is prepared by the trained chefs at the hotel. In case, someone is looking for massage facilities then they can opt for the spa and give themselves the required break. The guests can even go for the laundry services that can be accessed for free. The bar facilities at the hotel are also good and perfect for those who want to enjoy the club life.


The 4 star hotels in Seychelles serve extremely delicious cuisines from all over the world that is prepared by the chefs who are highly trained and specialize in making finger-licking dishes. The local food of Seychelles is a delicacy in itself and is prepared with great precision and love. The restaurants at the hotels in Seychelles also serve delicious food along with the bar facility for those who want to enjoy the nightlife of the place.


Q1. Which areas are perfect for a stay in Seychelles?

A. The guests prefer to stay in areas such as the Bird Island, Cousine Island, Denis Island, Praslin, Silhouette Island, etc., where there are some of the resorts nearby that offer a completely breathtaking view altogether.

Q2. Do the luxury hotels in Seychelles accept foreign currency?

A. It is advised that the guests exchange the currencies beforehand in the UK or during their arrival in Seychelles.

Q3. Which luxury hotels are closest to the transport facilities?

A. Public transport can be easily found at the various stops that are present at the hotels and can plan to take a ride by hiring a cab or a vehicle during the stay to explore the place on their own.

Q4. Which are some of the best luxury 4 star hotels in Seychelles?

A. The tourists can check out AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort and Spa, Le Duc de Praslin, Acajou Beach Resort, Hotel Cote d’ Or, etc.

Q5. Do the luxury hotels in Seychelles serve Indian cuisine?

A. Yes, the guests can ask the chefs to prepare Indian food on special request. Otherwise, there are several restaurants that offer such a facility.

Seychelles is one of the 115 islands that are scattered across the Indian Ocean and happens to be the most beautiful of them all. The beaches are indeed the biggest attraction of this place which is just like the sprawling carpet of white sand and topaz waters. Staying at the 4 star hotels in Seychelles would be an enriching one as they offer some of the best services to their guests’ right from the stay to the food and excursions. All of the hotels in Seychelles are unique in their way, and thus it might be difficult to choose the best one among them. Each of these hotels has an interesting ambiance with balconies that overlook the beautiful waters and several other services that would make the visitors want to stay back. The hotels have trained staff members who take care of the smallest of the detail to make sure that the guests experience the best of the services. Relaxation is the topmost priority of the hotels in Seychelles, and the guests can find some of the best 4 star hotels in Seychelles with great hospitality.