16 Adventure Sports In Chennai That You Should Try To Kick In That Adrenaline In 2022


Someone said adventure sports and you jumped at just the idea of it? Well, then this is for you. Adventure sports in India are quite underrated. While there are so many varying options for you to look and choose from, the problem is that not many people are aware of it in the first place. This is the reason why you must familiarise yourself first before you end up picking any one of the places to explore the adventure sports in. Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is one of the cities which is mainly famous for its beaches has more to it. Even when it has it all, the adventure sports in Chennai stand out and given the wide variety that you get to choose from, it’s just right. If you have been planning on choosing a specific bout of adventure sport option in Chennai, don’t worry because we have got you covered with the options available.

Top 16 Adventure Sports In Chennai

Given that Chennai has so many adventure sports options available, it isn’t surprising why you must have them categorised. To help you pick the best sport available, we do have some options for you to look through.

1. Trekking

Trekking in Chennai

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The very first in the list of the amazing adventure sports in Chennai has to be trekking. Given that Chennai is bound by the Eastern Ghats around, the trails for trekking options are quite abundant around, making it an amazing option for you to check out for yourself. The lush blanket of the green and the peaks around make this place perfect for you to enjoy a trekking trip to. The Eastern Ghats in Chennai are often untouched and very underrated, unlike the Western Ghats, thus making it an amazing spot for you to enjoy some uphill trek to.

Location: Kurinjini trek

Starts from: INR 3,299

Tip: Kurinjini is home to a wide variety of rare bird species. Make sure to take breaks during your trek to enjoy birdwatching. 

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2. Surfing


Next on the list of the amazing adventure sports in Chennai near the beach has to be surfing, without any further doubt. There are several surfing classes and training spots that you can enroll in and spend your time learning. Given that beaches are abundant around Chennai, you wouldn’t necessarily have a problem finding a spot that offers such amazing classes for bringing out the surfing buff from within you. The majority of such surfing spots offer 3-hour classes for you to learn and then enjoy rushing down the fast-paced waves. They train in ocean safety and the accessory, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about anything else.

Location: Covelong

Starts from: INR 7,000

Tips: Familiarize yourself with rips and currents of the surf spot by asking around and talking to fellow surfers, local fishermen of that area.

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3. Mountain Camping

Mountain Camping in Chennai

This is quite an underrated adventure sports activity in Chennai that many don’t even know about in the first place. If you want to combine the thrill of mountain climbing with the camping experiences, this is an amazing option to look into. There are several such spots around Chennai that you can chill in and just catch a break from the hectic lifestyle that you have going. It is best suggested that you choose the colder months for the mountain camping expeditions because the weather is more favourable during those months and ensures that you don’t die of exhaustion.

Location: Yelagiri, Kodaikanal

Starts from: INR 3,379

Tip: The weather conditions in the mountain is quite unpredictable so check with the weather conditions before hand. 

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4. Cycling


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While not many consider this as one of the best adventure sports in Chennai, this is one of the most uncommon ones. Chennai is indeed blessed with a thick blanket of greenery and the coastlines around but it is also a perfect spot for the cycling enthusiasts as well. There are several spots around the outskirts of Chennai which make up for the perfect spot for you to enjoy some cycling around in. The trail down the metropolis does make up for an adventurous spot for you to see and enjoy a spot of cycling in. Old City is also another part where you will find several cyclists in. Adding to the fun, there is also a cycle cafe named, Ciclo Cafe in Chennai that you can visit if you are passionate about the sport.

Location: Old City, East Coast Road, etc.

Price: None

Tip:  Prefer early mornings for cycling to avoid city traffic congestions.

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5. Paragliding

Thrilling Adventure Sport

Not for the faint-hearted, paragliding is one of those adventure sports in Chennai Tamil Nadu that you just can’t do without. If you want to let go and let it all free and around the sky, paragliding is one of the most popular sports that you can further indulge in. If you don’t have issues with heights and want to fly around high in the world, paragliding is an amazing option that you can check out. There are not many spots in Chennai that offer this, so you do need to look through the available options.

Location: Adventure Aerosports in Palavakkam

Best time: Morning

Price: INR 2,500

Tip: If you are trying paragliding for the first time, make sure your agent arranges for proper training facilities suited for your age group with authorized parasailing operators. 

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6. Scuba Diving

Best Scuba Diving in Chennai

As we did mention, beaches and water sports options in Chennai are quite abundant because of the shoreline that it has. There are several options for the scuba diving experience that you can look through. The vast and charismatic coastline with the beauty of the underwater marine life is an experience that you just can’t miss out on. The crystal clear water further adds on to the excitement even more that you just can’t forego anything around. There are deep and shallow sea diving that you can check out, depending on the kind of depth you want to plunge yourself into.

Location: Covelong beach

Price: INR 4,800

Tip:  You can enjoy the best underwater views between the months of February to April and from September to November.

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7. Paramotoring

Paramotoring in Chennai

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Not many are aware of this but Paramotoring is one of the top adventure sports in Chennai that you can check out for yourself. It is also often known as powered paragliding and includes and a back-mounted motor that’s attached to you to help experience the paragliding experience seamlessly. It is not for the faint-hearted and especially not for people who are scared of heights. Given that it includes so many risk factors, you must do it under the guidance of someone professional.

Location: Adventure Aerosports, Fly2Day

Price: INR 2,500

Tip: Make sure you do not suffer from health issues such as heart attack, asthama or fear of heights.

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8. Parasailing

Best Parasailing in Chennai

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Yet another one of the amazing adventure sports in Chennai that one can check out is parasailing. Aside from the wide range of water sports that many indulge in, parasailing is also an amazing option for the adventure enthusiast within you. This is also not for people who are scared of heights as it includes being strapped on to a safety harness which is then pulled along with a high-speed boat around in the sky. It does include parachutes, which you have to open once you reach a certain height in the sky.

Location: Adventure Aerosports

Price: INR 1800

Tips: Make sure the weather conditions are perfect for the sport and there is on strong wind. 

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9. ATV rides

Bike Tour

Another one of the unusual and underrated adventure sports in Chennai that you can check out is the ATV rides. If you want your sport to be on the terrains without any further complications, this is the one you need to opt for. The combination of the rugged terrains along with the lush greenery around does make it a very suitable option for you to check out for yourself. You will find expert professionals and all safety measures handle around in such spots which further make it an amazing option among the adventurous things to do in Chennai.

Location: East coast road

Price: INR 400

Tips: The gravel on the 7km rack can make the ride a bit risky , so do not overspeed.

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10. Canyoning


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Yet another in the list of the best adventure sports in Chennai is canyoning. For those who aren’t aware of what this is, it is yet another type of water sport that you can enjoy around. It does require you to have a good deal of strength and endurance, so if you get tired easily and don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, this isn’t your cup of tea. But, if you are into water sports and want to try out something new and different, this is a good spot for you to start with. You can swim, dive and even just enjoy the serene beauty of the coastline around.

Location: IROC Adventures

Price: INR 1350

Tips: The rocks near the waterfall can be covered in moss and will be a bit slippery. So make your move carefully.

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11. Kayaking

Kayaking in Chennai

Yet another one of the adventure sports in Chennai for water lovers is kayaking. Kayaking is a very common sport there which you can enjoy smack down in the middle of the city there as well. There are one and two-seater options for you to check out and see which one fits your bill the best. Kovalam beach does have several options for kayaking for you to check out and see for yourself. The options for the spots to enjoy them are quite limited but you get the best wherever you go.

Location: Bay of Life in Kovalam

Price: INR 1,500

Tips: If you are kayaking for the first time, make sure you have a trained professional with you for the ride. 

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12. Ziplining


If you aren’t that bold enough to paraglide through the sky, the next best option to be high up in the sky but not that high is ziplining which is one of the top adventure sports in Chennai. The free-falling and the overall experience of being in the void is one of a kind that you just can’t compare with anything else around. You are hooked to a zipline and then rushed down the hilltop to the feet, while making you feel like a Tarzan flying with time. It is also quite an enthralling experience that you just can’t miss out on if you are in Chennai.

Location: The Wild Tribe Ranch

Price: INR 1100

Tip: While in air, avoid moving a lot and try to remain calm throughout the ride. 

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13. Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

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If you want to relieve the beauty of your childhood, indulging in the obstacle course is one of the best places for adventure sports in Chennai. There are not many places that you will find this in but the overall experience that it brings along is one of a kind. These kinds of courses are pretty popular adventure activities in Chennai which is why people from across the country come to visit to enjoy the games that are up for offer. There are several courses that you can check out there, including the rock climbing, hanging ropes and even the tyre crawling options there.

Location: Adventure zone

Price: INR 2000

Tip: Make sure you are wearing comfortable sports shoes and comfortable clothings.

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14. Micro flying

Adventure Sports in Chennai

Even though it’s not that heard of, micro flying is one of the most popular adventure sports in Chennai that you can indulge in. It is nothing but being seated in a two-seater plane and experiencing the beauty of the place from 1000 feet up in the sky. It is one of the most fun experiences that you can garner but it is not the cheapest affair.

Location: Madras Flying Club

Price: INR 25000

Tip: Make sure the safety belts are fastened properly and all safety gears are in working condition.

15. Wildlife Tours

Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary

Explore a wide range of birds and animals in the verdant , untouched greeneries of Chennai. From reptiles, rare bird species to the wild big cats, you can spot them all while exploring the nature and zoological parks of Chennai. While here, you can also get to explore the Guindy National Park and Guindy Snake Park wheer you can pot more than 3 species of snakes and tortoise, hyenas, black buks, deers and more!

Location: Rangeguindy

Price: INR 15 per person

Tip: Photography within the park is chargable. So plan accordingly.

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16. Off-Roading

Off Road Adventure Zone

If you feel ATV rides are too easy for you, you might as well try your hand at Off-Roading, one of the most adventurous things to do in Chennai. Find your way through themost trecherous trails and rugged terrains of the Eastern Ghats on the outskirts of Chennai.  Just to let you know, this sport is not for the faint hearted and will give even the most crazy adveture junkies a serious dose of thrill.

Location: Eastern Ghats

Price: NA

Tip: Do not try this sport if you are not very good at driving

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Adventure sports in Chennai options are quite abundant and all you need to do is take your pick. If you are in the mood for something out of the box and different, it is best suggested that you do try these options out. There are varying options, ranging from the ones on the terrains to the ones in the water. You can select through anyone that you find exhilarating enough for you. So, don’t wait anymore. Just plan a trip to Chennai and have the time of your life.

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Frequent Asked Questions Of Adventure Sports In Chennai

Is Chennai good for water sports activities?

Given the long stretch of coastline that Chennai is blessed with, it isn’t surprising that it has a varying number of water sports activities that one can check out for themselves. There are abundant options for you to check out.

Are adventure sports expensive in Chennai?

To be fair, given that there are so many safety precautions involved in this, it isn’t surprising that these adventure sports do cost money. But, the prices for these activities are justified, so you know that you aren’t paying unnecessarily.

Are there age limitations?

Age limitations are a possibility if sports are risky. It is always best to clarify that from the place you are indulging in the adventure sports in.

Is the weekend enough to enjoy the adventure sports in Chennai?

Given that the majority of the adventure sports are often planned around for a few days, it is best suggested that you do plan things according to that. This will further help you get a better idea of the things.

Is it important to make the bookings beforehand?

If you are visiting during the peak season, chances are that there will be rush around. This is why it is always a better option to secure your spot beforehand to avoid a last-minute rush.

Are there any family-friendly adventure sports?

Yes, there are several family-friendly adventure sports options that you can check out for yourself while you are in Chennai. We have also listed out a few above that you can check out.

Will I get all the gear for the adventure sport in the area?

Yes, the majority of the adventure sports gears are rented out in the place that you are doing the sport in. There could be restrictions, so make sure that you do check everything out beforehand.

Is it necessary to know swimming for water adventures?

It is always a better option if you do know swimming, in case there is some form of risk involved. But, since they do practice safety first, you don’t necessarily have to worry about anything else, even if you don’t know how to swim.

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