14 Notable Places To Visit Near Kota For A Complete Trip To Rajasthan In 2022!


Kota, also called as the ‘Jewel of Chambal’, is a Rajput city in the northern portion of Rajasthan state. This city was founded in the 17th century and has a long history of unpleasant invasions by several dynasties. For instance, the Mughals, the Marathas and the Maharajas of Jaipur attacked Kota during their respective rule. Despite that, the city has managed to keep its rich Rajasthani culture and tradition intact and alive. Not only are there amazing places in the city but also places to visit near Kota that need to be explored by you!

Situated on the banks of Chambi River, Kota has no shortage of tranquil beauty and bewitching scenery. The city is a brimming destination of exquisite arts, tradition, heritage, and culture. Most recently, this city has come to be known as a major hub of coaching institutes, thus a destination for education management.

Amidst all that, Kota’s lovely sites and attractions have somehow been shadowed. The city thrives with Doria craft, gold embroidered sarees, Rajput forts, palaces, heritage hotels, and glorious monuments.

Top 14 Places To Visit Near Kota

There are many places to visit near Kota that wait for you to be explored. They remain the fascinating gateways, perfect for weekend tour plans as they are only 3-5 hours of drive away from the main city. All of these places are completely different from each other and send one in a trance with their old-world charm. Here are a few of them:

  • Baroli: The Divinely Serene
  • Jhalawar: The Magnificent Heritage
  • Tonk: The Legendary City
  • Ranthambore: Home To Wilderness
  • Chittorgarh: Where A Glorious Past Awaits
  • Jaipur: The Pink City
  • Ajmer: The Heavenly Jewel
  • Karauli: Old World Charm
  • Pushkar: Favourite Of All
  • Kishangarh: A Piece Of Jodhpur
  • Bundi: An Ideal Village
  • Baran: Lush Greenery All Around
  • Ratlam: Hub For Shopping Silver
  • Ujjain: Sacredness All Around

1. Baroli: The Divinely Serene

Shiva temples around Hills

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One of the top places to visit near Kota, it lies in the embrace of scenic hills and is a place surrounded by forests, harboring a lot of greenery. Two seconds into this valley, you would know what an exhilarating & refreshing experience you are up for. Amidst such beauty are old Shiva temples where worshippers have flocked for centuries. Such temples are the ruins of ancient shrines – built back in 10th century. They have remained an epitome of Hindu architecture since then. The lush grass is spread like a carpet beneath your feet and you can hardly resist the temptation to walk barefoot. As a cherry on the cake, Baroli offers a gorgeous view of the nearby Chamba River.

Bundi, which is a nearby city, has the most iconic step wells, Rajput palaces and forts like the Talwas Fort and Badal Mahal. It is near enough to Baroli and is worth checking out!

Distance From Kota: 45 km from the city

Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM

Accessibility & Audience: Family Friendly, Group Tours

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2. Jhalawar: The Magnificent Heritage

Heritage Of Jhalawar

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This famed city is both religiously and historically significant for Indian travellers and tourists. One of the best places to visit near Kota, it is situated about 82 km from Kota and is home to glorious forts, shrines and a renowned theatre as well. The Jhalawar Fort is the most popular destination for its mesmerising paintings. One more fort of similar importance is the Gagron Fort built in the 7th century and has the distinction of one of the oldest forts. What entices travellers about this fort is that it rests in the lap of the forests and waterfalls.

Chandrabhaga Group of Temples is a pilgrimage centre which exemplifies ancient art. They are situated on the banks of river Chandrabhaga. The natural beauty of the surroundings and the aesthetics will surely be a pleasant sight to behold. There is also a theatre that pretty much has been inspired from the Roman theatre style. Also known as the Bhawani Natya Shala, it was built in 1921 and is a great compliment to modern Indian architecture.

Distance From Kota: 82 km from the city

Timings: Morning till evening

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours

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3. Tonk: The Legendary City 


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It is also known as the ‘Lucknow of Rajasthan’ or as famous poet, Akhtar, once called it as the ‘Sheerani ki Nagri.’ Situated at the banks of Banas River, this town is an anecdote to the marvels and glory of the bygone era. It has a plethora of monuments, historic and cultural sites which illustrate its Nawwabi roots which makes it one of the popular places near Kota to visit. One such place is the Sunehri Kothi that had been constructed by the then Nawab Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Khan. It is also known as the Golden Mansion because its walls are polished with gold and decorated with the mirrors.

The Sunehri Kothi is renowned for its glass paintings. Other places to reckon at Tonk are its spell-bounding gardens. Be it the beautiful layout of Mysore Garden and Hiran Magri or the allure of the open spaces at Shivaji Gardens.

Distance From Kota: 143 km from the city

Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours

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4. Ranthambore: Home To Wilderness

King of the Jungle

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This delightful destination gets its name from the nearby hills ‘Ran’ and ‘Thambor.’ It is popular for its National Park and Tiger Reserves and is among the top places near Kota to visit. It is a haven for photographers due to its unique location amid dense forests. There is a plethora of flora and fauna preserved through local efforts in their natural habitats. The reserve is a place to experience an adventurous safari, and spot its leopards, rare striped hyenas and various other wild animals. If not for the animals, then you can visit its pictorial lakes like the Padam Talao, Malik Talao and Surwal Lake for a meditative effect.

You can also check out some historical places like the Ranthambore Fort to have a walk through the cultural timeline of a wondrous era. Much is to be explored at the remodelled ruins of the forts, palaces and crumbling pavilions.

Places to Stay:

  • Vanya Vilas
  • Nahargarh Hotel
  • Taj Sawai Madhopur Lodge
  • Khem Vilas
  • Nahargarh Haveli

Distance From Kota: 150 km from the city

Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours

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5. Chittorgarh: Where A Glorious Past Awaits

Chittorgarh City

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This historically significant place is located at about 168 km from Kota. It finds a mention in the Mahabharata as well, therefore, it depicts its cultural importance in terms of ancient and modern history alike. And that is what makes it one of the best places near Kota to visit. This city is popularly known for its Fort for the fact that armies upon armies have found its walls to be an impenetrable one.

Chittorgarh Fort is located on a hill of about 180 m high. Inside the fort is the graceful Fateh Prakash Palace which harbours a shrine as well and an artistic fountain. The city also has an Archaeological Museum which puts on the display wonderful cultural and historical artefacts which are the remainders of an ancient era. For a dose of nature, you can also visit the nearby town of Menal which is touted as the ‘Mini Khajuraho’ for its one of a kind natural beauty.

Chittorgarh also has several temples, shrines and dargahs in and around it along with many Buddhist temples as well.

Places to Stay: 

  • Hotel Padmavati Fort View
  • Chittorgarh Fort Haveli
  • Kukda Resort Chittorgarh 
  • Hotel Indrani
  • Hotel Royal Inn

Distance From Kota: 168 km from the city

Timings: Morning till evening

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours

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6. Jaipur: The Pink City

Pink City Of Jaipur

Image Source

One of the oldest tourist places near Kota in Rajasthan, there is absolutely nothing that this picturesque city cannot offer to please and delight its visitors. Even though the city is located in a semi-desert area; it has a lot to explore. It makes up for the lack in nature’s delights through its awesome fairs, forts and food. So, keep it in your list of the best places to visit near Kota. 

Plus, you will never find yourself idle or bored in Jaipur for you have a great number of things to do here. Your options include camel riding, rock climbing, hot air balloon rides and much more.

Culturally speaking, Jaipur is a shoppers’ haven where handicraft, artefacts, antique jewellery, local heritage apparels, etc. are available.

Places to Stay:

  • Rambagh Palace
  • The LaLit Jaipur
  • Ramada Hotel Jaipur
  • Umaid Bhawan Hotel
  • Sarovar Portico Jaipur

Distance From Kota: 236 km from the city

Timings: Round the clock

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours

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7. Ajmer: The Heavenly Jewel

Taragarh Fort in Kota

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Ajmer is a very ancient city in Rajasthan which is 203 km from Kota. Its foundations go back to the 7th century. One of the best tourist places around Kota, it is situated around Aravalli Hills and has some of the most enchanting tourist sites. Popular amongst them is the Dargah Sharif of Saint Moinuddin Chisti. It hosts a large number of pilgrims throughout the year. A nearby site to the Dargah is the Taragarh Fort.

Ajmer also harbours a beautiful artificial lake which is surrounded by the Pavilions or Baradari. It is called the Ana Sagar Lake and was remodelled by the Mughal King Shah Jahan. The city also has one more artificial lake named the Luni Lake. Both of these lakes are scenic sites and make for an ideal picnic spot too.

Temples, shrines and museums are in abundance in Ajmer that literally makes it a religiously harmonious holy city. Popular are the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, Brahma Temple at Pushkar and popular Nasiyan Jain Temple. Their architecture depicts the iconic styles of the Mughal era and the museums house the armoury and artefacts which will narrate the story of the bygone era.

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Al-Towheed
  • The Royal Melange Beacon
  • Hotel Arzoo Palace
  • Hotel Fortune Plaza

Distance From Kota: 203 km from the city

Timings: Round the clock

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours, Worshippers

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8. Karauli: Old World Charm

Places to visit near Kota

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The very entry to this beautiful city in Rajasthan will give you the taste of royalty as well as take you back to the old world charm. Built like a fortress, Karauli is one of the most famous tourist places near Kota. It is home to several temples and from time to time, fairs are hosted here which give you another reason to visit it.

Distance From Kota: 212 km from the city

Timings: Round the clock

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours

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9. Pushkar: Favourite Of All


You all must have heard about Pushkar mela which is a world-famous event. Not only this festival makes Pushkar as one of the most amazing places to see near Kota but also its beauty, charm and religious significance. Pushkar has been an important part of Rajasthan since times immemorial when it was mentioned into different books by different writers. Home to several temples, it is a place where you will find all the positive vibes.

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Divine Palace Pushkar
  • Hotel Brahma Horizon
  • Varah Square Guest House
  • Hotel Vamdev Fort

Distance From Kota: 218 km from the city

Timings: Round the clock

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours, Worshippers

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10. Kishangarh: A Piece Of Jodhpur


Image Source

A piece of Jodhpur, Kishangarh is one of the famous places to see near Kota. It offers mesmerizing views and is home to several tourist attractions like Kishangarh fort and more. It is the only place in India to have a temple made about nine planets. For a unique vacation with family or friends, you can choose Kishangarh.

Distance From Kota: 218 km from the city

Timings: Round the clock

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours, Worshippers

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11. Bundi: An Ideal Village


Imagine a village adorned with proudly standing fort walls, palaces spreading their charm and grandeur and magic of waters of lakes and waterfalls. Such is the essence of Bundi, one of the most beautiful tourist places around Kota. Not only is the place best for artists and thinkers, but also for those looking for something offbeat and extravagant.

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Bundi House
  • Hotel Bundi Haveli
  • Haveli Braj Bhushanjee
  • Kasera Heritage View
  • Haveli Uma Megh Tourist Guest House

Distance From Kota: 36 km from the city

Timings: Round the clock

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours, Artists

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12. Baran: Lush Greenery All Around


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Surrounded by forests from all sides, Baran is a blissful and tranquil place to visit near Kota. Besides offering lush greenery and serene views of the river flowing by the city, it is home to several religious sites that will bring out the devotee in you. Some of the famous temples that you can visit in Baran are Bhand Devra temple, Manihara Mahadev Mandir and more. One of the best tourist places near Kota, it should be visited in winters when the weather is pleasant.

Distance From Kota: 75 km from the city

Timings: Round the clock

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours, Worshippers

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13. Ratlam: Hub For Shopping Silver


Image Credits: pxfuel

Many of you must have heard the name of this district in the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Jab We Met’ when Kareena Kapoor emphasises this destination a little too much. This quaint, little town is tucked away in the northern wester region of Malwa in Madhya Pradesh. It is perfect for those who wish to get an insight into the lifestyles of locals in the central region.

Ratlam was founded in 1949 and is one of the interesting tourist places near Kota. This town is famed for being home to an extremely impeccable collection of gold and silver jewellery. The ornaments that one buys from here are appreciated and loved by many. The best thing about Ratlam is the abundance of tourist attractions that never fails to impress an individual.

Distance From Kota: 221 kms

Timings: NA

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours

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14. Ujjain: Sacredness All Around


Image Credits:Shruti Lata for Wikipedia

This is another one of the cities that is located in proximity of Kota but in another state of the country altogether. Ujjain is a destination that is famed for being one of the most ancient cities of the country. This town is nestled on the banks of River Kshipra and is home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva as well as is one of the seven sacred cities as per the Hindu mythology.

This city has significant historical and religious significance latched to itself which is what makes it a popular spot amidst pilgrims. Ujjain is home to some of the most magnificent and grand temples that one should certainly visit. These temples not only exude an essence of spirituality but also leave one in awe of its remarkable architecture. It is among the must-visit tourist places near Kota.

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Anjushree
  • Hotel Mittal Paradise
  • Hotel Abika Elite
  • Shanti Clarks Inn Suites
  • Hotel Shreenath Palace

Distance From Kota: 221 kms

Timings: NA

Accessibility & Audience: Family-friendly, Group Tours

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Surely, it goes without saying that there are a great many places to explore near Kota. All of which makes for an adventurous journey offering enough avenue to all types of travellers. There is something for everyone. If you want to get lost in a world of the past – spend some quality time with friends or family or take a solo trip – then the places to visit near Kota won’t disappoint you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places to Visit Near Kota

When is the best time to visit these places near Kota?

These places are pleasant throughout the year. But definitely, October to March months are best suitable. During the rest of the seasons, it can get too hot. Winters too are a delight here.

How do I experience these places at their best?

You can always take into account the festivals and fairs happening around these places. You can easily find the info on the many cultural activities on the web and plan your trip accordingly.

How safe is it to travel to these places?

They are comparatively safer and crime rates aren’t very high. People are friendly and helpful, especially around holy places.

How does shopping fare in places nearby Kota?

Well, they are a shoppers’ paradise. There are government-approved emporiums, textile shops, bookstores apart from the local shops and bazaars. Native jewellers, carpets and antiques are also good items to shop because of their cultural values.

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