10 Mesmerizing Places To Visit Near Pachmarhi For A Perfect Getaway From The World!


If you are not much of a beach person and like exploring hill stations and mountains around, Pachmarhi is an amazing spot in Madhya Pradesh that you can visit and explore. It is quite an underrated hill station but the spot around has several natural sightseeing spots that will leave you mesmerized. You must have a planned itinerary because some of the spots around are far from each other, so proper planning is the key. The one thing that sets this place apart from the rest is all in the beautiful and tranquil landscape.

For those who are planning their next getaway to Pachmarhi, don’t worry, we have sorted you out with some of the best places to visit near Pachmarhi that are worth a visit.

Top 10 Places To Visit Near Pachmarhi

While you are in Pachmarhi, the local surroundings, the beauty of the lush greenery, and the majestic mountains are more than enough to leave you in a state of trance. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can enjoy exploring some of the places that are located nearby.

1. Bee Falls

Bee Falls

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As weird as the name of the place is, it is just as beautiful that you wouldn’t regret being there one minute. Pachmarhi is famous for a wide range of small and big waterfalls, but the Bee falls do take all the recognition because of how beautiful the gushing stream of water looks paired with the beautiful surroundings around. This is the fall that is responsible for providing the much-needed drinking water for the entire city of Pachmarhi. The falls are 35 meters in height, so it might not seem like a lot, but it is quite powerful for you to experience the misty splash when you got closer. The falls can be reached via a short trek which further adds to the thrill even more.

How to reach:: You can reach till Pipariya railway station from where you need to get to the main city of Pachmarhi. From there, you need to take a jeep or bus to reach the falls.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 4.4 km

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2. Dhoopgarh

Dhoopgarh view

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Another amazing spot to visit and explore near Pachmarhi is Dhoopgarh. It was previously known as the Harvatsa Kot and was later changed to the current name it has today. It is the highest point of the Satpura mountain ranges and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings around, so you know that you wouldn’t regret going there. It is situated 4429 feet above the ground, so if you plan on visiting this spot, you must prepare yourself mentally without fail. The 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings that you get from the top is something you can’t match up to.

How to reach:: You can take buses from the city of Pachmarhi or even hire a private cab to take you to the spot.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 4.6 km

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3. Satpura National Park


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Next on the list of places to visit and explore in Pachmarhi has to include the Satpura National Park. It is spread over the Satpura hills and offers a natural habitat to the wide range of animals and birds residing there. The park is spread across a total area of 524 sq. km which is massive, if you come to witness it with your own eyes. You can avail safari rides into the park, which is quite a thrilling and exhilarating experience. The safari covers the deep forests and the wildlife that you wouldn’t necessarily think of coming face to face with. Some of the common wildlife witnessed there include water buffaloes, leopards, Malabar whistling turtle, honey buzzard, Rhesus monkey, etc.

Places to Stay:

  • MPT Satpura Retreat
  • MPT Rock End Manor
  • Hotel Naman Narmada
  • MPT Amaltas
  • MPT Champak Bunglow

How to reach: Book a private vehicle from Pachmarhi as it is located quite far away from the main city.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 7.9 km

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4. Jata Shankar Caves

Jata Shankar Caves

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For those who want to experience a religious stop, visiting the Jata Shankar Caves can fulfill all your needs and expectations. It is a temple or cave dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also believed to be the spot where Lord Shiva concealed himself to protect himself from Bhasmasur. The cave has a natural Shiva Lingam underneath a huge rock as a shadow which further adds to the beliefs. The stones around in the caves resembled the matted hair of Lord Shiva from afar and hence the name of the cave. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, visiting this spot is a must which in Pachmarhi.

How to reach:: You can hire a private jeep or taxi from the main city in the morning to take you there.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 1.8 km

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5. Chauragarh Temple

Chauragarh Temple

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Another popular temple in Pachmarhi which experiences an influx of tourists is the Chauragarh temple. It is located at a height of 1326 meters and is also a temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The climb to this temple is not for the faint-hearted or the ones with low endurance because it takes a lot of will and courage to cross that path and then reach the temple. It includes a steep climbing through 1300 steps to reach the main temple. The majority of the devotees who visit this temple often carry a Trishul during their climb to offer to Lord Shiva. The place also has a Dharamshala around where one can relax as well.

How to reach: You need to catch a private taxi and take the route through Pipariya to reach there.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 14.5 km

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6. Mahadeo Hills

Mahadeo Hills

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For the nature lovers and photographers, the Mahadeo Hills is even more beautiful than what you notice in the pictures. It is a hill that separates the basin of the Narmada from the Wardha and Wainganga rivers. You must be careful during visiting this spot because the hill is very steep and drops into the abyss on the southern side, so make sure to avoid that end. The plateaus around the hills are covered in Carboniferous. It also offers a very beautiful sight from around which you can capture in your camera for future memories.

How to reach:: Take a private jeep or car to the spot and be careful around the slope regions

Distance from Pachmarhi: 34.2 km

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7. Pandava Caves

Pandava Caves

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If you aren’t claustrophobic and like to explore caves, you will love the Pandava caves which are located near Pachmarhi. The caves get their name from the mythological reference when legends say that this is the cave that provided shelter to the Pandavas during their exile period. Owing to the tales surrounding it, it has now been converted into a protected monument by the government and experiences a huge rush of tourists the entire year around. It also served as a shelter to some Buddhist monks during the 1st century AD and is thus considered as a religious spot for the Buddhists as well.

How to reach:: From the main bus stop of Pachmarhi, book a private cab or you can avail of the jeep services too.

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8. Rajat Pratap

water fall

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As royal as the name of the place suggests, Rajat Pratap is yet another popular waterfall near Pachmarhi that is worth a visit. It is situated just a kilometer or two away from the Apsara Vihar and the water gushes down from a height of 350 feet. It is also often known as the Silver Falls owing to how fast the stream of water is and how amazing it looks from afar. The area around looks silver from afar with the water flowing at a constant speed and hence the name. If you can, try and visit this place during the rainy season because that is considered the best time.

How to reach:: Take a cab from the Pachmarhi city to the falls, or at least till where it is allowed

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9. Handi Khoh

Handi Khoh

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If you aren’t afraid of heights, chances are that you are going to love visiting and exploring the beautiful and rugged cliff point at Handi Khoh. The cliff is 300 feet tall and offers an amazing view of the area around, making it a very popular site among the nature lovers and even the photographers. The cliff is covered around in the dense forest, so that adds to the thrill of visiting and exploring this place even more so. The cliff is also surrounded by several water streams around and has several stories behind it. Legends believe that this spot was once a huge lake guarded by a snake who was then killed by the wrath of Lord Shiva and thus the lake has dried up as well.

How to reach:: Take a car or a jeep from Pachmarhi city to the Pachmarhi Cantt which is where it is located.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 3.7 km

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10. Priyadarshini Point

Priyadarshini Point

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Much like all the other hill stations in India, even Pachmarhi has a viewpoint that is often visited by tourists when they are there. The Priyadarshini point is believed to be the point where Captain James Forsyth was the one who first discovered the city of Pachmarhi back in 1857. The point is located so high above that you can look over the entire hill station from atop that and that too at once glance around. It is very important to be careful around the spot given how high it is located.

How to reach:: You can take a cab till the permissible area and then walk the rest of the road.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 5.4 km

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Pachmarhi is quite an underrated hill station in comparison to Coorg and Ooty. If you are looking for a recluse from the constantly hectic life and want to get around with a comfortable stay in a natural environment, this hill station is the perfect spot to be in by virtue of an extensive number of places to visit near Pachmarhi. The only thing that you need to make sure is that you plan things ahead of time. More than anything, this is a necessity as having a proper itinerary for your holiday in Madhya Pradesh ensures that you can explore the popular spots without fail.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit Near Pachmarhi

What does Pachmarhi mean?

The name of Pachmarhi has been counted from a Hindi word meaning five caves (Pachmarhi). It is thus what this hill station derived its name from because of the existing caves on the top of hills.

Which season is the best to visit Pachmarhi?

You can visit Pachmarhi the entire year around, but the experts suggest visiting between October to June. The monsoons are also amazing, but bring forth a lot of risks too.

Does it snow in Pachmarhi?

If you heard that Pachmarhi experiences snowfall, you are mistaken. Some of the spots indeed go very cold during the winter months, but the same isn’t accompanied by snow.

Is it worthy to visit Pachmarhi?

One of the main reasons why Pachmarhi is not a very frequently talked about topic is all because of the lack of knowledge around the place. It is a very beautiful spot that is worth exploring.

How many days should one plan to explore Pachmarhi?

If you want to explore all the popular spots around, we would suggest a minimum of 3-4 days. But, a week is often considered the best option.

Is it wise to visit Pachmarhi during December?

If you want to experience the beauty of Pachmarhi at its peak, visiting during December is often the best option. The climate is amazing but can get pretty cold fast, so carry clothes accordingly.

What is the distance between Pachmarhi and Pipariya?

The distance between Pachmarhi and Pipariya around 33 to 35 km, depending on the road conditions. But, it doesn’t take a long time, an hour or so is enough to reach.

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