10 Best New Year Parties In Brazil For Letting Yourself Loose!


Brazilians are known to be hardcore believers of the spiritual existence like many other nations. Therefore, when it is New Year’s, they have their beautiful set of beliefs and welcome the new year in a lot of seriousness. People have their varied beliefs, from spiritual and religious beliefs to purely personal reasons that compel them to welcome the upcoming year with a lot of heart and mind, and not just fun and games. Brazilians are known to hold a grand celebration on welcoming the new year. In Brazil new years traditions hold a sacred place in people’s lives. Apart from the traditions and customs, Brazilians also know how to party.

It is an unparalleled belief that Brazil and parties go hand in hand. The place is so amazing with every street painted and made to look colorful, along with kids and adults grooving to amazing beats, this place is a musical wonder for many. New Year parties in Brazil are known to be super fun and very old school street musicals. Also, the season plays a major role during the year-end. Being in the southern hemisphere, Brazil experiences a warm climate during the month of December. Hence, it gives way to dancing freely without having to struggle with jackets and scarves. Additionally, during the Brazilian New Year food is an utmost delight for visitors.

Best New Year Parties In Brazil

Take a look at the best new year parties in Brazil for welcoming the upcoming year with a bash so that you’ll remember the happy beginning!

1. Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach

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The Copacabana Beach hosts the most stunning parties in all of Brazil. The celebrations on this beach began as Umbanda and Candomblé tradition, where devotees wore all white garments and left offerings for the Lemanja aka the goddess of the sea. With time, the traditions have been adopted by many and revelers take part in the rituals at midnight. The celebrations at this beach attract millions of people every single year without fail. The iconic parties take place right on the warm sand with the ocean at its behest. It involves live music, 15-minutes fireworks display and tons of booze to indulges in. The Copacabana Beach New Years Eve party is the most epic and biggest new year’s beach party in the world. Book your tickets now you do not want to miss it.

Location: Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro

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2. Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro

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While the Copacabana beach parties rank first in the most famous spot for celebrating new year’s, then coming right behind it is Porto Seguro. It is the second most popular destinations in Bahia to spend your holidays in. This place attracts a huge number of holidaymakers every year for its beaches and ample infrastructure. Also, Porto Seguro is home to the original genre of music- AXE. It has the rhythms of frevo and forro, with a taste of Afro-Caribbean styles like Calypso and a sprinkle of cheesy pop, Porto Seguro gives visitors a mix of all the goodness.

Location: Bahia

3. Garopaba


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The southernmost part of Brazil, Garopaba, is a popular place where tourists come from across the Atlantic Ocean. It is the hottest spot for visitors from Latin America. Nestled amongst the beautiful coastlines and housing the expansive island of Santa Catarina, it is a must visit place if you want a romantic getaway or a family time with among the serenity of this place. In addition, to which, the Virada Magica party in Garopaba has known to attract a young and trendy crowd for the last ten years to the gorgeous Praia do Rosa beach during New Year’s Eve.

Location: Santa Catarina

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4. Visconde De Maua

Visconde De Maua

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While most of us think of Brazil and settle down to just beach parties, the country comes up with surprises. Visconde de Maua is a place that is replete with the originality of Brazil. Natives tend to avoid the beaches during the year-end and move up into the interiors of the country to celebrate the new years with carnivals and fairs held at various destinations.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

5. Alter Do Chao

Alter Do Chao

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It is also known as the Brazilian Caribbean, the beach at the Alter do Chao is widely known as the beautiful freshwater beach in the world. Well, believe it or not, this highly hyped beach lives up to its name. The Alter do Chao is located in the Northern state of Para on the Tapajos river. It is replete with its pristine white sand and blue water, giving people a feeling of relaxation and a major zen moment every time one visits. If you happen to be a lover of the calm and quiet among the serenity of the ocean, the Alter do Chao it is.

Location: Para

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6. Litoral Norte

Litoral Norte

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This coastline spans a part of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and has gained an underrated image. However, it happens to be a unique part of the country with an incredible mix of ecosystems from the Serra do Mar mountains that roll down to the Atlantic Forest and spreads its beauty along the Litoral Norte beaches. With a jaw-dropping landscape and beautiful warm beaches, one can enjoy the calm and chaos of this place. It has secluded beaches along with those that hold amazing parties during the year-end for all to reveal to.

Location: Litoral Norte

7. Jericoacoara


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A Brazilian new year eve celebration does not always have to be chaos. This isolated fishing village, on the north-eastern coast, gives visitors the most laid back and relaxed new year, to begin with. It takes a 4×4 ride over the sand dunes and takes you to the secluded beauty of Ceara.

Location: Ceara

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8. Carioca Da Gema

Carioca Da Gema

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If you love samba then this is the place for you to spend your new years eve at. The Carioca de Gema club is housed in a tall colonial building, with a balcony that overlooks the crowded Lapa Streets. This place is where you will have the good kind of chaos to ring in your new year with. It is a perfect place for people watching and catching a breath of fresh air before you begin to dance off through the night.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

9. Comuna


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Comuna is the club where kids come to mingle dance their night off to ice cold beers and amazing music. It has an art gallery, an outside terrace and thematic parties, including an impressive roster of DJ sets that make your two left feet to groove. It is a trendy spot among the very best places to party, with good ratings from drink magazines and food magazines that have praised its services.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

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10. Rio Scenarium

Rio Scenarium

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Another destination for Samba lovers and a place that is complete with antiques and film props, fascinating costumes, historical artifacts, and many other aspects that make it worth your while. Even with people having two left feet, the beats here seem to make even them dance to their tunes. People flock this place to see the highly skilled Samba show apart from the dance and booze that continues all night through.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

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Also, in Rio, New Years Eve seems to be a grand occasion. With traditions and customs that guide the people here for the new year ahead, Brazil makes a memorable place to be in during the year-end. While the spirits bless us with the enormous natural beauty sprawled across the country, the nightlife of Rio keeps the spirits high and revealing to the beats. Hence, if you are looking for a place to relax and party this year end, come down to holiday in Brazil and make the best memories of your life.

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