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Yoga Speech in English For Students

Speech On Yoga is usually given to spread awareness about this ancient Indian practice to the current generation who are following the trend of gym-goers. Yoga is widely practiced for health and relaxation, its roots are in ancient India and are considered as an ascetic Hindu spiritual discipline practice. In this article, we will highlight the importance and benefits of Yoga and the speech can be presented in varying formats like Long Speech On Yoga and Short Speech On Yoga.

Long and Short Yoga Speech in English

Long Speech on Yoga 

Good morning everyone, respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends! We are gathered here today to learn about an ancient Indian practice which in the recent years has gained more popularity around the world as the world is navigating fitness and wellness.

The International Day of Yoga is celebrated on June 21 every year since 2014. As there is an increase in the working population, the stress one experiences on a daily basis have only risen, and to combat the stressful lifestyle practicing yoga has become imperative. Although yoga and its importance is only gaining popularity now, it has been since time immemorial in Hindu practices, it was first mentioned in the ancient Vedas Rigveda, the Upanishads, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well that have been existing for ages. There are primarily four types of yoga. 

  • Namely, the first type Karma Yoga is the path of doing good to and for others and not causing any intention harm due to ill will, for instance, the work done by Mother Teresa is good Karma as she dedicated her life to the sick. One can practice this by being kind and helpful. 

  • The second type of Yoga is Bhakti Yoga which is developing a connection with the divine through devotional practices like praying, chanting, dancing, and celebrating the supreme power. 

  • The third type is the Jnana Yoga which is referred to as the path of wisdom and intellect one can attain by reading the ancient scriptures and introspecting. 

  • The fourth is called Raja Yoga which is practiced in balancing karma, bhakti, and jnana yoga by integrating the body and mind. 

Yoga incorporates systemic exercises and self-development techniques for mind, body, and spirit. Yoga involves exercises engaging all the facets of the human body which is a great way to maintain balance. These exercises include the limbs, the upper and lower body, and breathing.

The yoga that incorporates breathing exercises is called Pranayama. It’s amazing to learn that one can control the state of mind by the means of pranayama. Yoga is usually practiced in the early mornings where one starts the day by paying respect to the Sun, by a series of 12 postures called Surya Namaskar or also called Sun Salutations. When practiced amid nature, near a lake, or in the garden or park it elevated your experience of practicing Yoga. The bliss one experiences in nature are invaluable, this creates a sense of gratitude to nature and life. 

Yoga is beneficial for people of all ages, it builds your immune system. Daily practice of yoga has so many added benefits, it improves your flexibility, posture, keeps the joints healthy, reduces blood pressure, controls obesity, reduces stress, and helps one live a peaceful life. And in this day and age, it is so important to take care of our health, and what better way to do that than Yoga which has multiple health benefits. Health is wealth, so if you want to actually live a life wealthily you have to take care of your health. Start Yoga and experience the benefits yourself.

Thank you!

Short Speech on Yoga

Good morning everyone, respected teachers, and my dear friends! Today I will deliver a speech on the importance of yoga in our lives and the benefits one will experience when practicing on a daily basis. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that is mentioned in our Hindu scriptures like Rigveda, Upanishads, and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which was developed eons ago for the mental and physical well-being of the human body. 

Even though it is an age-old practice it is still relevant, it has gained more popularity in recent years even in the western world, and today more than ever people are in dire need of such a practice that will help them lead a life in peace and a stress-free manner. Due to its popularity and recognition, June 21 is celebrated as International Day of Yoga where people gather and practice Yoga in unity along with the governance dignitaries from various nations. As one is striving to straddle the world and achieve more success and wealth, yoga is one such practice that can center you and help you make healthy choices. 

Yoga will not only help you keep fit but also help you lead a better and healthy life. So, many diseases and health conditions can be improved when one practices yoga which consists of various asanas or postures and breathing exercises as well which is called pranayama. It will help you lead a life with a deeper connection to your own body as well as nature and the universe, benefiting in more ways than one by improving your stamina, immunity, strength, flexibility, and focus. When one becomes consistent with yoga one has mastered the art of living, so let’s pledge to take good care of our health and keep our Indian practices going.

Thank you.

10 Line Speech on Yoga

The 10 Line Speech On Yoga is extremely helpful for students in grades 1-3 as they gain a certain perspective on the topic in a simple and easy form.

  1. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means to join or unite which in practice means awakening an individual consciousness by the unison of mind and body. 

  2. Yoga consists of engaging exercises called asanas or postures and pranayama which includes breathing exercises.

  3. Yoga was first mentioned in Rigveda, Upanishads, and the Yoga Sutras In Patanjali to help people understand the importance of health and inculcate a practice of well-being.

  4. This age-old practice has become more popular as time has passed and today it has become a necessity.

  5. Instead of the gym where the focus is only on building and shredding muscles, one can practice yoga which has more benefits.

  6. Yoga enhances our mental and physical well-being and therefore also enriches our social well-being.

  7. It improves our focus, strength, stamina, builds immunity, lowers the risk of diseases, lowers blood pressure, and improves digestion.

  8. Other benefits include mental health, it helps one deal with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression as it calms the mind and one is able to think rationally.

  9. Yoga teaches us that we have the power to help ourselves by building our physical and mental strength.

  10. It is never too early or too late to start practicing at any age. It will only benefit you and enrich your life multifold.

Focus on the points mentioned for long and short speeches on Yoga. it will help you to remember the topics you want to explain and organize your thoughts properly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the proper way to start a yoga speech?

Before starting a yoga speech or any other speech the students must remember to pay proper attention to the group of audience that they are going to address. Depending on the age group of the audience they need to make a proper format of the speech before delivering it. Considering the platform where the students can deliver the yoga speech, they need to address the teachers and their classmates before starting a yoga speech. Incorporating a welcoming note into their speech can instantly help them to relate with their audience.

Then they should talk a few lines about the importance of yoga and how it helps for the betterment of the mind and health of human beings. Then they should talk about the origin of yoga and how people started to consider it one of the best practises that can be incorporated into their daily lives.

After talking about all the important facts and information that people should know about practising yoga, this will incorporate a few lines into their speech to thank the audience for letting their ears to his speech.

2. What is the significance of delivering a yoga speech?

The students should particularly take part in delivering speeches on various topics as it will help them to learn the art of sharing their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions with others and will boost their confidence so that they can freely communicate with the audience on different platforms. The art of speaking and communicating with the audience is a matter to learn and practice. So, it will be better for the students if they can master the art at an early age.

Moreover, delivering speeches on the topics of practising yoga and meditation will help them to instil positive vibes into the minds of the audience. They can make the audience understand how practising yoga and meditation help people to calm their nerves and minds. The students can enlighten their fellow classmates about the benefits and advantages of practising yoga and how it can help them to focus on their studies even more and help them to be more disciplined. Being able to pay proper attention to their studies is especially important for the students and practising yoga can help them in achieving that inner peace that will assist them in understanding the concepts in an even better manner.

3. What are the benefits that the students can talk about while delivering the speech on yoga?

Practising yoga can have multiple benefits for the health of human beings. Since the students will not have a lot of time to deliver their speech they should include only the best advantages of practising yoga and meditation. They can include the positive effects that yoga can have on the body to improve posture. The students can also talk about the advantages of yoga in increasing flexibility since being physically active and fit is very important for the students. Students should include the importance of yoga in building muscle strength and boosting metabolism that is especially important in order to make the organs function properly.

Also, practising yoga can be helpful for those people who want to remain healthy and or suffering from various diseases like diabetes and low blood pressure. Most importantly, the students should not forget to talk about the benefits that yoga can have in boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

4. How to deliver a yoga speech properly?

Delivering a speech properly demands a lot of preparation procedures that include jotting down the main points and creating a rough manuscript. Before practising the art of delivering a speech the students must pen down the facts that they want to incorporate into their speech depending on the preference of the audience and the platforms where they will deliver the speech.

Once they can figure out approximately how their speech will go, they can brainstorm some strategies to communicate with the audience. Stating a few lines with which the audience will agree can help them to relate with them. They should also focus on various activities performed by NGOs and the measurements taken up by the government to increase the awareness of common people regarding the good influences of yoga and meditation.

They can also talk about the importance of yoga in India and how medical practitioners also emphasise the advantages of practising yoga. Incorporating true facts with statistics into their speech can help the audience to get a practical idea and authenticity of their speech.

5. Why is it important to practice the art of delivering a speech?

The students must learn the art of delivering speech because it is an intrinsic part of their curriculum. To help the students prepare their speech, IMP offers articles that include important information on different topics that can help the students to reshape their thinking ability. A lot of articles are already published on the website and the students can have a look at the different subject matters so that they can include valuable information in their speech.

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