Who was the founder of Lodi Dynasty?

Bahlul Lodi (also Bahlol Lodi) was the founder of the Lodi dynasty in India. He served as the Sultan of Delhi between 1451 and 1489. He was a brave soldier and an energetic ruler.

Achievements: Soon after his accession to the throne, Bahlul Lodi tried to restore somewhat of the faded splendor of Delhi.

  • First of all he established peace and order in the areas surrounding Delhi and brought under his control those fief-holders and chieftains who had enjoyed varying degree of autonomy for the last so many years.
  • Then he waged a continuous war against the Sharqi rulers of Jaunpur, who had become a great danger to the Lodi Empire. He conquered that territory and put it under the charge of his son Barbak Shah.

This success greatly strengthened the position of Bahlul Lodhi. Then several expeditions were sent against the chiefs of Mewat, Kalpi, Sambhal, Koil, Dholpur and Rewari and they offered their submission.

Character: Bahlul Lodhi was a pious and generous ruler who led his life strictly according to the Islamic law. He hated pomp and show and sat with his chiefs on the carpet. Though himself not so learned yet he liked the company of the learned and extended his patronage to them. He was a great lover of justice and took personal interest in redressing the grievances of his subjects. He was very kind to the poor and often distributed huge amounts among them.

Death: Bahlol Lodhi died on 12th of July in 1489 and was succeeded by his son Sikandar Lodhi.

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