Various Types of Marriages among Tribal People in India

Tribal Marriages

The tribal marriages are, however, mere civil contracts and not religious sacraments as found amongst the advanced societies. Religious rites and rituals are not absolute things in their marriages.

The acculturated tribals are found to approximate the ritualistic performances of the sophisticated societies in the neighborhood. The ways in which mates can be acquired are indeed varied.

The following types of acquiring mates may be listed on the basis of the data collected from tribal India:

Negotiation marriage

When the parents of both the boy and the girl come forward to negotiate their children’s marriage, it is known as negotiation marriage. It is the regular form of marriage in the Hindu, the Muslim and tribal societies of India. In this form of acquiring mates, the bride and the bridegroom have no positive role and even more is that, they may not have personal acquaintance with each other before marriage.

Probationary marriage

In this type of marriage, a young man is allowed to live with his sweetheart in the latter’s house and if their temperament suits each other, then alone marriage will be held. Otherwise, instantaneous dissolution of such relationship will be effective and the man has to pay cash compensation to the girl’s parents.

Marriage by trial