What are the various steps in Planning Process?


Making a plan is essential if we want to achieve our goals to the highest standard. Most plans involve several steps. Below, you will find 10 steps that you may need to follow in order to make the perfect plan.

What are the various steps in Planning Process?

Identify your objectives: know what you are planning for.
Decide what you need to do to meet those objectives.
Find out what resources you will need to meet your objectives. That might include money, stationery, vehicles…
Decide how to secure those resources.
Work out a budget.
Check that you can afford everything – if not, adjust the budget.
Divide the plan up into several mini-tasks.
Create a time-frame for the whole plan.
Create a time frame for each mini-task.
Write everything up neatly and clearly and you are ready to go!
Conclusion: Follow these 10 steps and you will have the perfect plan, ready to put into action.

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