Types of Music Listeners

Along with phenomenal extension of concerts & conference opportunities, the types of music listeners also has expanded considerably. The various types of Music Listeners represents the following:-

  1. Those who just love to hear music and do not understand much
  2. Those who are trained as good listeners from the past
  3. Those who are fans of specified ‘star performers’ and leave the concert as soon their performances are over
  4. Those who are camp followers of established artists whose job is to keep watch on goings on and how the audience responds to music of other artists
  5. Those whose secret interests lie only in showman­ship, bouts with tabla players, high speed performances and show of virtuosity.

The hard truth is that the number of these listeners who have little or no patience with the slower movements and nuances of raga music is rapidly on the increase and so the real classical performers of the best traditions are in danger of being edged out of the concert stage where “mass” listening is going on. Many people today feel that the devoted support of such listeners and organizers have converted a group of just second rate performers into “star” performers.

If, however, we recede to the Chamber Concert form of music we still do come across serious music presented by artists and listening by discerning people and sometimes the connoisseurs whose tribe has, sadly enough, been struck down by the new system. Who is bothered about their praise or frown? Who cares for sublime music which is now drowned in the noisy, near riotous and erotic music so well patronized these days?

We are committed to the system of majority rule in politics. Can it be different in music? Where all else is so different, will music survive as the only island of chastity and virtue? One feels a little unpleasant to have to put these heart searching questions. But, dear readers, how long shall we shut our eyes to the sordid relatives and live in a world of make-believe?

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