Story of Two Cats and a Monkey

The moral of the Story of Two Cats and a Monkey is, “Never call a third person to settle a dispute”.

Two cats were once great friends. One day they were very hungry. They were moving here and there in search of food. At last they entered a kitchen of a house. They stole a piece of cake and ran off.

Then they came to a bush and sat under a tree. One of them divided the cake into two pieces. But the pieces were not equal. First part was larger than the other. Each of the cats wanted to have the bigger piece. So they began to quarrel.

A monkey saw the cats. He came to them and said, “Why are you quarreling?” “He wants to have the bigger piece,” said one of them.

If you allow me, I shall act as a judge and make the two pieces equal,” said the monkey.

The cats agreed.

Then the monkey brought a scale. He weighed the two pieces. One piece was heavier than the other. So he took a bite out of the bigger piece. Now the other piece became heavier. So he bites off some of that. Thus the monkey went on eating the two pieces to make them equal.

The two cats had nothing to do. They were quite helpless. They were there only to see how the whole cake was eaten up by their judge.

Then the monkey smiled and said, “My dear friends, you won’t have to quarrel over the bigger piece of cake anymore.” So saying, the monkey went away.

Moral: Never call a third person to settle a dispute.

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