Story of Old Man and his three sons

The Moral of the Story of Old Man and his three sons is “Unity is Strength”. United we stand, divided we fall.

An old man had three sons. They did not love one another. So they were not at peace. This made the old man very unhappy.

One day the old man called his sons. He brought a bundle of sticks. He asked his sons to break the bundle one by one. Each of the sons tried to break the bundle, but none succeeded.

Then the old man asked his eldest son to untie the bundle. This was done. He then gave one stick to each of his sons and said, ‘Try to break your sticks.’ Now they broke their sticks very easily.

The old man said, “My boys, you have seen that you cannot break the sticks when they are tied together. But you can break them when they are separated. This is the strength of unity. If you are united, nobody will be able to do any harm. So do not quarrel among yourselves and try to live in peace. Then you will all be happy.”

Moral: Unity is Strength. United we stand, divided we fall.

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