Speech on Laughter is The Medicine

Introduction to the Speech

Laughing helps in forming bonds with friends, families and closed ones. One can easily forget the cause of the laughter shared together but one can never forget the fun times spent laughing. 

Laughter is a mood elevator and rightly so because when one laughs the muscles lose the tension that they generally hold and even the tightness. The chemicals called endorphins are released into the brain. 

Endorphins provide a sense of feeling good even in painful situations and give relief to one in the time of panic situations. 

This gives one a happy feeling and leaves the person who laughs feel warm and fuzzy. It has a similar effect to that of one after a workout. And therefore laughter is considered a medicine. There are many ways to deliver that laughter is the best medicine speech. In this article, we will explore laughter as the best medicine speech for students in a long and a short format. 


Long Laughter is The Best Medicine Speech

This form of laughter is the best medicine speech introduction that is very useful for students in grades 8-12 who have to deliver a 5-minute speech.

Good Morning everyone, respected teachers and my dear friends. I am ABC (mention your name) here to speak on one of the most popular sayings: laughter is the best medicine.  My most memorable and fondest memory I have in my life is with my family and friends. And all of it included many moments of shared laughter and camaraderie. 

And anyone who laughs a lot appears truly magnetic, they are the life of a party and their charm is infectious. It brings people together and also helps build a sense of community in any kind of situation. Laughter has a lot of power in one’s life and even in health. Whenever we are gloomy or are in a tough situation there are many people who advise us to smile and laugh stating that laughter is the best medicine.

Let’s understand why that is the case. Laughter or a smile as we all know is a physical act. And whenever our body is actively involved in displaying a certain emotion it triggers physical changes and emotional changes. 

The muscles of our body loosen, it also triggers the release of endorphins that is considered a happy hormone. This hormone is released in abundance even after a workout. So one can say a good laugh is easily considered a good workout. As the muscle movement also induces calories to burn. It keeps us healthy and relaxed. Laughter is especially important because in times of despair this simple act can brighten the whole day by lifting our spirits. Laughter is also helpful in boosting our immune system. 

There are many groups when I go for a morning workout of old people I see just laughing open-heartedly. They have lived life and experienced a lot of hardships, they say laughter is what gives them hope that there are always better days ahead. When you laugh you have a positive aura around you and have an optimistic outlook towards life. 

It gives you a healthy heart and keeps diseases at bay. It relieves one’s physical pain and stress. A good laugh can keep the body relaxed. When one is relaxed, they deal with everything in their life in a calm state. Relaxed and calm people are happy people and this happiness seeps into every aspect of life be it work or relationships. 

When you share a burst of laughter you are making happy memories, it strengthens your connection and bond with other people. You might have observed, even if you are meeting someone for the first time, and someone cracks a joke and everyone bursts into laughter. The ice is immediately broken, bringing two people together and making it less awkward. So it is important to take this dose of medicine every now and then in a day, I assure you it is expertly recommended. There is no cheaper and best way to stay healthy, and one must laugh while you still have teeth. Here is hoping this speech made you smile or laugh.

Thank you.


Short Speech on Laughter is the Best Medicine

This form of laughter is the best medicine speech and is extremely helpful for students in grades 4-7 to give a 3-minute speech.

Good Morning everyone, respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am Abc (mention your name) here to speak on the topic of laughter is the best medicine. Let me tell you what my siblings and I do every evening with our grandparents. We tag along with our grandparents to their laughter club and have a good laugh along with their other friends. 

This, in the beginning, seemed pretty dubious to me. I was wondering how this helps anyone. But now it is my favorite part of the day, I always look forward to it. It has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I am a shy person, and laughter has helped me better at interacting with others and increased my confidence and hence my social circle too. 

It is definitely distressing, I forget all my worries about the day or any fight or quarrel that puts me in a bad mood. I feel energized and refreshed for the rest of the day. I complete my work in a good mood and manage to do better every day. It is relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

I have come to learn other benefits of laughter that justify it being the best medicine, it boosts our immunity, keeps a healthy heart, keeps us young and positive. 

Now mental health has been the main concern and laughter helps a great deal in staying positive and calm that can also calm the nerves one experiences in anxiety and depression. 

Keep laughing and stay healthy, isn’t that an easy alternative to a workout that also promises the same benefits. 

Thank you.


10 Line Laughter is the Best Medicine Speech

This form of speech is helpful for students in grades 1-3 to deliver and understand the concept and the topic in simple words. 

Laughter can dissolve any sort of awkwardness even in a rather serious situation.

It is helpful in help as it enhances our social skills, physical as well as emotional well-being.

Social skills improve because it encourages one to form lasting bonds and relationships.

Such healthy relationships with a shared peal of laughter also enhance teamwork, promotes group bonding and helps defuse conflicts.

Physical health improvement when one heartily laughs is endorphins or the happy hormone release is triggered and therefore stress hormones levels are lowered.

This keeps one relaxed and calm as muscles also relax and physical pain also relatively lowers.

Laughter is the best immunity booster and also helps keep heart diseases at bay.

This physical activity of laughter also keeps us mentally healthy, happy and content.

It adds zest and zeal to our rather monotonous life.

One can find joy even in little things, as tension and anxiety is at ease and no longer a problem. It keeps us youthful and radiant. 


Importance of Laughter       

  • Laughter enhances the intake of oxygen and it also helps other organs of the body.  When you laugh, you take breaths more than usual, that increases heart rate and helps in avoiding heart issues. 

  • It changes one’s mood and takes off the mental stress wrapping the mind of the people.  It releases tension in a most easy way and creates a calming effect in the mind and body. 

  • Laughter helps in replacing negative thoughts with the vibrant, positive ones. One can enhance their self-esteem through it. 

  • Having a good laugh with people actually helps in lowering the blood pressure and keeps you healthy. 

  • Laughing increases the blood flow and repairs the skin and makes it shine like a baby. 


Laughter is The Best Medicine – How? 

The tablet of laughter is free of cost, easy to receive and you don’t have to move to buy it. It’s in your own hands. There are people in this world who deal with their troubles through laughter. They watch comedy shows to get something to laugh about  and forget their own worries. 

There is nothing sweeter in the world than a child laughing at small things because he laughs with his heart and that automatically makes the mood lighter for everyone witnessing. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Define the power of laughter?

If you are having a bad day, laughing really helps in wiping your tears and curving your lips in a smile. As we all know, laughing is very contagious just like yawning. When you see someone laughing, your lips pass a smile without your knowledge and you wouldn’t even notice it. Laughter heals people as fast as any medication given. The power of laughter can be seen by people doing things which they wouldn’t do otherwise. People often fall in love with the way a person laughs. It makes people feel happy and their will to hang in there continues. 

2. Can anyone practice laughing? 

It is a known fact that if we want to we can add any habit in our daily routine. If you put your mind into practicing something daily, it will be a part of your schedule automatically. Laughter is no different than any other day to day activity. With practice, you can train your mind to include laughter smoothly into your everyday routine. Starting with a few minutes a day, it will feel forced at first but after a few days, it will come more organically. Increase the time after every few days, you will realize that after doing this, it won’t be forced anymore. 

3. What do you understand about laughter yoga? 

Laughter yoga also known as “Hasya Yoga” is a kind of modern exercise that involves people coming together in a circle and laughing loudly with hands in the air. You must have seen people gathered in the parks, laughing their guts out, usually in the early mornings or evenings. They are just doing laughter yoga. People doing this form of yoga believe that voluntary laughter results in the same benefits as spontaneous laughter. It makes your brain release the same chemical which we discussed earlier. 

4. Does laughter have any impact on living longer? 

Researchers believe that laughing for a couple of minutes a day burns a lot of calories. It provides the body a mini workout and hence people often feel a little tired after having a good laughing session, be it forced or spontaneous. When you laugh, you attract a lot of positive energy, making you feel young by heart. It is largely believed as a social phenomenon because with your people in a comfortable environment helps reduce negative energies.  It helps in making your immune system stronger than before.  

5. Define laughter? 

Laughter is a physical form of expressing your happiness. It is of many types. There is normal laughter like something funny happens and your brain collects the information and you react in a loud noise. Everyone has their own understanding of humor and how their brain registers any event. There is nervous laughter, when you are unsure about things, you laugh in a different way than usual. Sometimes your brain mixes these signals like when someone tickles you, you react by laughing but you don’t enjoy it. You can download study material from IMP website. They provide the best. Free Online Study Materials for CBSE, ICSE, IIT, JEE Main – IMP

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