Speech on Impact of Cinema in Life

Long and Short Speech on Impact of Cinema in Life

Cinema is a form of entertainment that is used to tell a story. Cinema helps us in making new friends. Cinema is the invention that has changed the way a story is viewed by people. Many families spend time together watching movies in Cinema. Cinema has changed our point of view towards life as it tells stories that make the viewers think. Cinema is considered to be the most expensive form of art as millions of dollars are spent to create sets, advertisements, etc.


Here we have provided a long and short speech on the impact of cinema in life and along with that we have also given 10 line pointers speech on the importance of cinema in life


Long Speech on Cinema in Life

A warm welcome to everyone present. In my speech on cinema today, I shall discuss its impact on our lives. Cinema, as we all know, is a form of art that is used to show a story. Before cinema was found, people used to watch a story unfold on stage dramas. On December 28, 1895, the world’s first commercial movie screening took place at the Grand Cafe of Paris. We should be thankful to two French brothers who go by the name of Louis and Auguste Lumiere. They were the ones who introduced the world to the art of cinema.


Cinema is a visual medium that helps in telling a story. Cinema is the most collaborative and the most expensive expression of art where millions of dollars are spent to show a story to the audience. Cinema could be anything ranging from a movie, television series, or even small commercial advertising the product. Cinema through many years has had a huge impact on the majority of the population and we surely cannot imagine our lives without it.


Cinema also shows everyone the reality of life. The events that have happened all around the world are usually scripted again and filmed to be shown as a movie in theatres. I do believe that cinema creates a huge impact on society both good and bad. The audience viewing the content should decide on his or her own what shown is as right or wrong.


The advantage of cinema is it attempts to narrate a story to the viewers. Cinema also shows the reality of life. Many incidents are happening all around the world both good and bad and Cinema becomes a medium through which many people can get to know the story and review it on their own.


Secondly, the art of cinema helps us to socialize with people. Here is a small example of the impact of cinema. I believe that many people have read comics or novels? There are many movies and television shows that are inspired by comics and novels. These movies are discussed by many people all over the world.


Strangers from various countries discuss the stories and the theories related to comic book movies on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Cinema plays a huge role in bringing people together which makes a huge impact on society.


The third and most important thing cinema provides is jobs. In the USA alone there are more than 2.1 million jobs available for people with a total wage of 129 billion paid to people every year. Cinema also helps in boosting the economy of the country as many tickets are sold. Cinema also derives its income from the food, drinks, and merchandise sales. Public fundings and revenue earned through advertisement play an important role in boosting the economy of the country.


There has also been a negative impact of cinema in real life. Cinema divides people on different ideas. Due to this different groups are formed supporting different ideas, which causes a rivalry between these groups.


Few creators also use cinema to show unnecessary sexual content to attract many people to watch their content. Crime and violence have also been shown on a larger scale in cinemas by few creators.


A survey showed that the youth consumes the content provided by cinema the most and if sexual content, crimes, and violence are shown, the youth get influenced by the ideas shown. This is one of that is the reason that eve-teasing and sexual harassment cases are increasing day by day.


Cinema is very addictive and many people waste their time watching movies and other entertainment content. The same amount of time could be used to learn a new skill if invested properly.


Cinema has also often objectified women and has shown false cases through its content. We know that in many movies a big actress is signed to just star in a flashy song to advertise the movie. It might be helpful to sell the movie but it objectifies women. Many young people follow the movies and the big movie stars and learn from them and if a movie or a show defines women only by how she looks, this will create a pseudo mindset in which they will start to treat people around them as shown in the movies.


In conclusion, I read out an important quote, “The one who controls his or her mind is the strongest person in the world”. Cinema is an art designed to share different stories with us. Through these stories, we learn and also make friends. As time has passed many people have exploited the art of cinema to earn money.


It depends on individuals to control themselves and not get addicted to the cinema. Parents need to know what their child is watching. Let us all appreciate the art of cinema. Let us all laugh sometimes and also cry sometimes while watching movies but never exploit the art of presenting the story. Thank you for listening.


Short Speech on Impact of Cinema on Life

Greetings to everyone present over here. Today I am going to give a small speech about the impact of cinema on our life.


On December 28, 1895, the first commercial film was shown at the Grand Cafe of Paris and the credit goes to two French brothers by the names Auguste and Louis Lumiere. Cinema is a form of art that helps in telling a story. Before cinema was found actors used to perform a drama on the stage. Cinema is considered to be the most successful form of art in the world.


Millions of dollars are spent to make a set and shoot a movie. It is the most collaborative expression of art where many actors participate to present the audience with a story. Cinema could be anything ranging from television shows to movies. For more than a century, cinema has had a huge impact on the vast majority of the population and I am sure we cannot imagine our lives without cinemas as it’s the only source of entertainment.


Cinema sometimes helps in showing the reality of the world through its movies which many people avoid. Documentaries about the different incidents which occurred around the world are also shown. Cinema creates a huge impact on society in both good and bad ways. It depends on the viewer to view quality cinema.


The advantage of cinema is that it helps in bringing together people from different communities. Many movies cause a sense of excitement in the community which leads to people discussing the story and theories related to the movie. We often see a movie being discussed on many social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. 


I do believe that cinema in a way helps in bringing people from different parts of the world together. Cinema or the film industry provides millions of jobs around the world. The USA alone accounts for providing 2.1 million jobs to people with total pages paid up to 129 billion US dollars annually. The money generated through the ticket sales, selling of popcorn and other food items, and the merchandise sold helps in boosting the economy of the country.


The negative impact of cinema on real life is that in many movies there are scenes that show crime and violence and also unnecessary sexual content. The youth get influenced by this and we see through the news that there is an increase in cases of eve-teasing and sexual harassment cases around the country.


Cinema is also very addictive. A survey shows that many people waste the time-consuming content provided by the cinema. Instead of wasting time watching movies, the same time could be used to develop a new skill which would help them in the future.


I believe that  “The one who controls his or her mind is the strongest person in the world”. We as responsible audiences have should be careful of what we see. Cinema was the art designed to tell a story but it has been exploited by few people to earn money. Let us all respect this form of art and not exploit it. Thank you.


10 Lines Speech on the Importance of Cinema in Life

  1. Cinema is the form of art that is used to tell a story.

  2. Cinema is also a form of communication that connects millions of people through its stories. 

  3. Cinema is the most expensive and collaborative form of art that spends millions of dollars to tell a story. 

  4. The world’s first commercial movie screening took place on December 28, 1895, at Grand Cafe, Paris.

  5. Cinema has a huge impact on the majority of the population.

  6. Cinema helps in showing the reality of life. Many events that happened around the world are scripted and are shared with viewers as a film.

  7. Cinema also provides jobs to many people. A survey shows that the USA provides 2.1 million jobs in the film industry.

  8. There are also negatives of cinema like in many ways many creators objectify women.

  9. Cinema also shows violence and unnecessary sexual content.

  10.  Cinema is very addictive as many people waste their time watching movies.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Cinema’s Disadvantages?

While a film can be good in many ways, it can also be harmful in several ways. For starters, it stereotypes a wide range of topics, including gender roles, religious behaviours, and communities. This generates a false impression of that particular group of individuals, as well as a detrimental impact on them.


People also think it’s a waste of time and money because most movies nowadays don’t show or educate anything useful. It’s just garbage content that’s full of objectification and lies. Furthermore, it makes individuals addicted because you’ve probably seen movie buffs swarm to the theatre every weekend just to see the latest film to see it.

2. What are the Benefits of Cinema?

When we consider the positive aspects of cinema, there are numerous advantages. It is thought to be merely a reflection of society. It also makes it easier for people to socialize. It brings people together and helps to break the ice. People frequently discuss movies to start or continue a conversation. Furthermore, rather than politics and sports, which are frequently divided, it is also highly intriguing to discuss. Cinemas bring the world together and make them more accepting of other art forms and cultures in certain ways. Cinemas also provide knowledge about some things that we can opt to live in the real world.

3. What is the role of cinema in society?

Movies are societal stories that depict the current situation and topics that are frequently overlooked by the public. It is a means of communication that also educates individuals, instills moral ideals, and supplies us with facts and information we would not otherwise have access to.


Cinemas have both beneficial and harmful societal consequences. Individuals are inspired, our limited knowledge is expanded, and economic progress is boosted, but it can also make people greedy, spread terrible thoughts and messages, and cause violence and harmful habits.

4. What is the impact of cinemas on our life?

Cinema brings people together and serves as a conversation starter. It expands our view and thinking by enhancing creativity and showing the entire world numerous perspectives. Most significantly, it bridges the gap between cultures, introduces us to diverse forms of art, and enriches our life with previously unseen information and facts. Read the essays compiled by the experts of IMP to understand its importance in modern-day life.

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