Speech On Drug Abuse | Drug Abuse Speech for Students and Children in English

Speech On Drug Abuse:

A substance can cause death if it is taken in excess of its dosage. When consumed, it changes the physiological and psychological structure of the body. Various methods exist for consuming or consuming drugs, including smoking, inhalation, injection, etc.

In pharmacy terms, a drug is a chemical substance, which has a characteristic structure, which, when ingested by a living organism, produces a biological effect. The other name given to pharmaceutical drugs is medicine or medication. Basically it cures or prevents a disease present in the body. Regularly taking pharmaceuticals can cause severe disorders if taken for an extended period of time.

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Long And Short Speeches On Drug Abuse for Kids And Students in English

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Long Speech On Drug Abuse 500 Words In English

Good morning and a warm welcome to everybody here today. I am going to talk about drug abuse today.

When one thinks about drugs, it is taken in a negative sense since they are often misused. If the drugs are used for serving a useful purpose, it could bring a considerable change in the lives of people.

The drug is not a dangerous substance itself. But people misuse it in many ways. It is highly dangerous and can cause serious health problems if one takes it on a regular basis. The drug has become a trend in today’s world. Today’s generation has become obsessed with following whatever is new or trending in the world. Such is the situation in case of drugs.

Pharmaceutical drugs are classified into the following groups that have the same kind of chemical structure, mechanisms of actions, mode of action of the same type of drugs, etc. The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification is the most popularly used drug classification system. It assigns a unique code or the ATC code to each drug. The ATC code is an alphanumeric code. It assigns that specific drug within the ATC system.

Another essential classification system that is widely used for drug classification is the Biopharmaceutics Classification System. This system classifies the drugs according to their solubility and permeability or absorption properties.

There are also different kinds of drugs. Among them, Psychoactive drugs play an essential role. It consists of chemical substances that are very harmful to the human body. It has a high chance to affect the function of the nervous system of a human being. These drugs can affect one’s stability of mind, inflict mood swings, etc.

These psychoactive drugs have a significant impact on people. These drugs mainly consist of depressants, antidepressants, hallucinogens, etc. and have been proven extremely useful. It has also gained huge success in treating mental disorders around the world. The drugs that are used in a wide variety in the world are caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and many more. These drugs are considered to be recreational drugs. Recreational drugs refer to the drugs that are consumed for pleasure and not for medical purposes.

Abuse of such psychoactive drugs can turn out to be very dangerous to the entire humankind. It can cause psychological or physical addiction. All these drugs have tremendous side effects; these side effects can later give rise to several diseases.

Thus, the government has come up with strict rules and regulations regarding the production of these drugs. This industry is closely supervised, so the smuggling of drugs can be reduced as much as possible.

It is our duty as responsible citizens of our country not to misuse the drugs as it will cost us our lives and follow the rules and regulations of the government appropriately. If we see any such crime, we should immediately report it to the nearest police station.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience and for giving an earful to m