Sound Pollution Essay

Essay on Sound Pollution

With the increase in population, the pollution causes and the types are only increasing around the world. Many kinds of pollution are causing harm to the environment, like air pollution, water pollution, land pollution etc. The most recent one being sound pollution also called noise pollution that is only rampantly increasing. In a country like ours where there is rapid urbanization, the cities have shown a massive increase in noise pollution. Whose effects have created an impact on the health conditions of the residents as well? In this article for a sound pollution essay in English, we will learn what constitutes it and who it impacts. The formats discussed below are a long essay on sound pollution and a short essay on sound pollution, both of which are helpful for students learning.


Long and Short Sound Pollution Essay in English

Short Sound Pollution Essay

This essay on sound pollution is a brief explanation of the meaning and reasons that contribute to the cause.


Sound Pollution or noise pollution is now a major concern especially in populous places and metro cities in India is a recent phenomenon and an impactful one at that. While we are aware of other kinds of pollution like air, water and land which is harming the natural bodies of the environment. And slowly affecting the ecosystem leading to humans.


Noise pollution on the other hand has no such significant effects on the environment or the natural bodies of the planet. It directly harms the residing beings that are humans and animals.


All living beings have a certain threshold to certain types of sound which can fall under the range of 0 decibels to 120 decibels. And when a human ear is exposed to sounds ranging above 90 decibels, the damage is caused. The damaging frequency of sound can be from honking in traffic or from loud music at parties. The damage is concerning either way.


Even though in India, laws for no loud music in parties or large gatherings after 10 pm are enforced, the health effects should be also considered and strict road laws must be applied. It can lead to mental illnesses, can turn a person deaf and even high blood pressure. We must all do our bit in controlling what we can and not contribute to the noise whether indoors or outdoors.


Long Sound Pollution Essay

In this type of essay on sound pollution, the reasons and effects are mentioned in detail.

Sadly all the causes of pollution are man-made like air pollution which is because of harmful emissions from factories and industries built by humans for their benefit. Similarly, the reason for sound pollution is also human-made and unwanted sound distribution is called noise. This even though not deliberately caused, has been seen as a major cause for many human health problems. It is not a lethally affecting cause, but the consequences of this kind of pollution on health are nevertheless problematic and difficult.


An audible sound can be of varying frequencies and pitches. And the measurement unit is decibels which are denoted as “dB”. There are various threshold levels for humans ranging from 0dB to 120dB. Not all ranges are audible to every living being. Any form of sound that falls under this range is audible to the human ear. But some sounds are considered noise when they are damaging to the ear.


The range that is audible to humans is A-weighted decibels that can also be written as dBA. And anything below 70dBA is the optimal range for the human ear. Any magnitude or intensity above it, especially sound ranges that lie above 85dB, is very damaging to the human ear. This damage is then not just limited to just the ear, other abilities are also affected.


Many things contribute and add to the causes of noise pollution. There are many reasons for the increasing sound pollution from various sources that can be categorized as indoor and outdoor sources.


  1. Indoor sources are within our own homes or in the noise from the neighborhood. The noise from electronic gadgets, household utensils, musical instruments, transistors, generators and inverters and speakers. The other factor of the indoor environment is that of an event or a wedding function where loud music is played unabashedly that does no good to anybody.


  1. Outdoor sources are industries, which is a leading source of usage of heavy machines, exhaust fans and mills that cause unwanted noise. Industrialization is also a double-edged sword. Industries are located in the outskirts so the nearby villagers and towners are mostly affected. Construction sites and mining sites also produce a lot of unwanted noise due to the machines used for building and excavating. The other cause of outdoor noises is from roads due to vehicles. Especially in cities where everyone has their mode of transportation and traffic congestion is also no less. And honking in those situations is the major contributor to sound pollution. Railways, aircraft and bursting of crackers and other fireworks also add to the cause.


These reasons have a major impact on living beings. It leads to hearing impairment and in many cases hearing loss. The eardrums in the inner ear cannot tolerate the constant exposure to loud noises. When one is continuously exposed to such high pitch sounds, the blood levels elevate and cause high blood pressure or hypertension.


This further causes anger issues, tiredness and fatigues the body leading to sleeping disorders. Which in the long run may also cause mental illness like anxiety and depression. The raised blood levels also result in heart diseases and a constant increase in stress levels.


Preventing is a personal responsibility and we should be accountable for our actions. The best way is to abstain from using loudspeakers which are helpful for others as well. One can also install soundproof systems in buildings that generate loud noise like industries and hospitals. Honking must be limited and not practiced irresponsibly.


Important Tips to write an effective Essay 

  • Brainstorm and Plan – Before you start writing, it’s usually a good idea to gather your thoughts. Try to come up with as many ideas for your essay as possible based on your question or topic. When it comes to writing the essay, making a proper writing outline will really save you time. If you get stuck at first, scribble down a few thoughts and the rest will likely flow.


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  • Drafting – This is the stage of the essay writing process where you compose the early draft. Remember that nothing has to be perfect; this is your first version, not your final plan, so allow yourself to make mistakes.

  • Revision – You’ve completed the essay, but you’re not finished yet. Look through what you’ve written again for any errors or typos. Check for mistakes in language, punctuation, and spelling. You can’t always rely on spell check to catch all of your mistakes. Sometimes you can misspell a word but it will still be a word, such as when you misspell “from” as “form.”


Sources of Sound Pollution

Despite the fact that sound pollution is neither dangerous or lethal to people in any way, it is nonetheless an extremely destructive sort of pollution. All causes of noise pollution are man-made. Noise from different transportation systems, particularly motor cars, is one of the most prevalent and hazardous sources. Sound pollution is caused by increasing traffic congestion, the sheer quantity of vehicles on the road, and noise from unnecessary honking, among other things. Industrial operations are another important cause of noise pollution. Factories, printing presses, mills, and other businesses all contribute to the area’s noise pollution. There are literally thousands of different forms of noise pollution, such as loudspeakers, roads, fireworks, home sounds, and agricultural operations, all of which are damaging and contribute to noise pollution in some way.



Sound pollution is indeed a cause of concern like other pollution but the major factor to consider here is it can be easily controlled. We must begin at home and start placing the utensils carefully. And induce sound controllers in the generator or inverters this will prevent the children and the old people at home to be safe from ear damage. The other major way is to not honk unnecessarily on roads. Creating awareness about such problems and the damages they caused to others and also providing them with the way to handle such problems brings effective changes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the cause of Noise Pollution?

At the same time as the world is turning to technology for comfort, it is damaging us. Industry, no matter how large or little, contributes to noise pollution. Compressors, exhaust fans, generators, and other machinery make a lot of noise. 


Similarly, an increase in the usage of vehicles is a key contributor to pollution. It includes not just autos, but also other modes of transportation such as aircraft, buses, bicycles, trucks, and more. People honk incessantly in traffic and listen to loud music while driving, causing excessive noise. Furthermore, social activities such as weddings, parties, and religious services held in places such as clubs, pubs, temples, halls, and other venues cause a great deal of annoyance in residential neighborhoods. Furthermore, noise is produced by construction operations such as mining, the construction of flyovers, bridges, and other structures.

2. What are the damaging impacts of Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution has a significant influence on the lives of living beings, despite the fact that it is rarely discussed. Noise pollution, for instance, causes a variety of hearing impairments. High amounts of noise harm the Eardrums and can possibly induce hearing loss. Similarly, it lowers ear sensitivity to noises that the human body needs to regulate our body’s rhythm.


Furthermore, it has an impact on our mental health. It may not be immediately apparent, but it has a long-term effect on our behavior. You may have weariness and even migraines if your sleep is disrupted or if you have persistent headaches as a result of excessive noise. Noise pollution has an influence on animals as well as humans. When pets hear a loud noise, they may become angry or fearful. To conclude, we must raise awareness about the dangers of noise pollution. We must also urge them to choose methods that do not add to noise pollution. We will undoubtedly be able to minimize noise pollution to a significant amount if everyone starts doing the same on a personal level.

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