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Bonded Labour System

Know what is Bonded Labour (Bandhua Majdoori) System in India, How it Works, Origin, Forms, Abolition, Provisions, and Role of the Supreme Court in Abolition of Bonded Labor.

Paragraph on “Save Girl Child”

Save girl child is a motto that we should all take to heart. Girls are currently at risk from a variety of ills in the world, and it is crucial to take action to help them. Female rates of literacy are lower than rates of literacy for…

Dowry System: Causes, Effects, Solution

When we think of the deep-rooted social evils in our society, dowry system seems to be one of the most influential of them. With its adoption across different communities across religions or caste has led to a century old ceremony turn into…

Child Labor in India

The problem of child labor is a socio-economic problem; and the rise of this phenomenon in an alarming proportion has caused a serious concern in India. Age: The children belonging to the age groups, ranging from six to fourteen years, in…