Should Plastic be Banned

Essay on Should Plastic be Banned

In recent years the question of whether the use of plastic should be banned or not is a recurring one mostly because people have become more aware of the damage it is doing and their renewed interest in conserving the environment for future generations and it has become more crucial than ever to understand the reasons of the effects of plastic in this should plastic be banned essay, we will dive into the nature of plastic, what it does to the environment and the rising debate between whether plastic should be banned or not.

The term “plastic” was not coined until 1909. The word was used by Leo H. Baekeland to describe a family of materials that included “Bakelite,” a compound he created from coal tar.

Bakelite was used to manufacture a wide range of products, including phones, cameras, and even ashtrays.

Even though plastic is becoming a major hazard to all of us, this issue is frequently disregarded and underestimated. This is because individuals do not consider the long-term consequences of the compact, easy-to-carry bags they use daily or several that people continue to use bags since they are more convenient. However, in order for the ecosystem and the earth, everyone must now fully abandon the use of plastic bags.

An Introduction

Plastic bags contribute significantly to plastic pollution. A type of pollution that is wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. To decrease pollution, plastic bags must be prohibited. 

As humans attempt to decompose plastic bags in various ways, they pollute the land, air, and water, and are the major cause of growing pollution. This is why they have been outlawed in several nations. However, they are still widely utilized in most regions of the world, and they are proving to be environmentally dangerous. Plastic bags are frequently used and readily available on the market.

These are particularly common in grocery stores since they are useful for transporting things such as vegetables, fruits, rice, wheat flour, and other shopping items. These are inexpensive and easy to carry or use, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Many states in our country have outlawed the usage of plastic bags. However, the rule has not been properly implemented.

It is past time for each of us to recognize the gravity of the situation and abandon the use of plastic bags.


Short Essay on Should Plastic Be Banned

People are more aware of the fact that plastic is harmful to the environment and if we keep increasing the use of plastic it is possible that we are creating a more harmful environment sooner than later. In this essay on should plastic be banned it is important to understand that plastic in itself is not harmful when used, or recycled and reused, it is rather the littering of plastic on the streets, on land and water bodies, and the single-use plastic bags which are disposed in the same manner and cannot be recycled. Plastic is a non-biodegradable matter and takes eons to get decomposed so it is only natural that when such matter is only increasing then the threat to nature also rises.

Many countries like Italy, Bangladesh, China, and Kenya have taken the initiative to ban the use of plastic and are not given any to the public at any check-out counter. However, there are many countries that have not adopted this, as it is also difficult to find an alternative to plastic that is easily decomposable and safer for the environment. So, rather than completely banning the use of plastic, we must find ways of recycling and reusing plastic so that the dumping of plastic does not deteriorate the natural environment.


Long Essay on Should Plastic Be Banned

In this modern world where everyone is trying to find ways to make our lives easier with new discoveries, plastic has become a part of everyday life as it is convenient. Since it is dumped carelessly without recycling, it causes harm to nature in different ways leading to land pollution, and when reaches the water harming the aquatic life leads to water pollution, and if the plastic is simply burnt to avoid harming other natural bodies it releases cancerous toxic fumes leading to air pollution. So, in this essay on should plastic be banned, let’s understand the consequences if not recycled and whether there is any other alternative to follow up if the plastic is banned.


Reasons to Ban Plastic

  1. Plastic can endure every climate and when littered travels through wind or water and reaches ocean bodies or gets stuck on lands and trees and harms these environments as it is non-biodegradable since it is made of non-renewable materials.

  2. The energy required to drive a car for 1 kilometer is used to make 9 plastic bags and this ratio is irrational as the plastic bag used is rather useful for only 11 minutes to carry materials and then discarded.

  3. An Environment Health Perspective reports that the components of plastic mimic hormones like estrogen and this causes severe damage to our health as it disrupts the natural hormonal balance in our body.

  4. It is a threat to wildlife who in negligence sometimes consume plastic which is littered along with their food. Many aquatic animals like turtles suffer a great deal as their digestive system is entangled in plastic and dies.

  5. Plastic bags are not easy to recycle as the recycling rate by the recycling facilities is only 5% so it is tedious work.


Ban of Plastic Can be Problematic

In this essay on should plastic be banned, it is very important to put forth the fact that there are many bodies of health and environmental governance around the world who argue that plastic ban can be problematic stating the following reasons-

  1. Plastic is not the largest contributor of pollution and the debris matter collected in the natural bodies and only a fraction of this debris is plastic so instead of banning reusing and recycling must be promoted.

  2. When the consumers are robbed of such a large part of their convenience in everyday life they may shift towards even more harmful alternatives.

  3. Consumers may do harm in other ways, like not abiding by eco-friendly clothing or having that extra piece of meat as they feel they are being responsible for recycling and reusing.

  4. It will take a long time finding a safe and reliable alternative to plastic.


Consequences of Plastic Ban 

Let’s understand the consequences that follow when the use of plastic is banned –

  1. Reduces plastic waste and keeps our streets clean.

  2. The manufacturers have to step up their game and come with advanced technology using greater manpower to create more eco-friendly alternatives.

  3. Sends a global message about the importance of keeping the environment clean and inculcates awareness among people about the depleting natural bodies of the planet.

  4. Local green industries will gain much support and monetary investments to come up with solutions.



To conclude this ‘should plastic be banned essay’, it is safe to say that like any global problems affecting the environment and the people all over it is not easy to find a particular solution so we can only trust time to see what works and what doesn’t and in the meantime find alternatives which are biodegradable and instead of dumping reuse and recycle and spread awareness about its importance, in this way you can contribute to maintaining nature’s sanctity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are plastic bags a boon for nature or a curse?

  1. Plastic bags are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport.

  2. This may appear to be a blessing to us, but there is another side to the coin.

  3. Because they are light, they are easily carried away by the wind and water.

  4. As a result, they end up in seas and oceans, polluting them. Furthermore, they become tangled in fences and trash our landscapes when carried away by the wind.

  5. The ingredient used to produce plastic bags is polypropylene, which is why they are so long-lasting.

  6. This polypropylene, on the other hand, is made from natural gas and petroleum, and it is non-biodegradable.

  7. There is a common misperception that recycling is a better option than using plastic bags. This eventually compels the producers to produce more, and the process repeats itself with a tiny modification in the number of units produced.

  8. Plastic bags are damaging to human health, even though they are one of the most practical bags for carrying lots of things.

2. How to minimize the use of plastic?

  1. Plastic bag-related hazards are frequently disregarded and underestimated.

  2. This is because individuals do not consider the long-term consequences of the compact, easy-to-carry bags they use on a daily basis.

  3. Plastic bags have been banned in a number of several throughout the world.

  4. In many Indian states, the use of plastic bags has also been limited by the government.

  5. To ensure that the usage of these bags is prohibited, the government must take stringent measures. There needs to be a complete ban on the production of plastic bags.

  6. Retailers must also be penalized if they offer plastic bags.

  7. Those who are caught carrying plastic bags should be penalized as well.

3. Why should plastic be banned?

There are a variety of reasons why governments around the world have enacted tough regulations to limit the use of plastic bags. Here are a few reasons


  • Plastic bags that have been discarded are heavily damaging the land and water.

  • Plastic bags have become a hazard to the lives of both terrestrial and aquatic species.

  • Waste plastic bags emit chemicals into the soil, rendering it infertile.

  • The use of plastic bags has a harmful influence on human health.

  • The drainage issue is caused by plastic bags

4. What problems are caused by plastics?

Here are some of the issues that plastic bags cause:


  • Non-Biodegradable- Plastic bags do not decompose. As a result, disposing of plastics is the most difficult task.

  • Environmental Degradation- They are destroying nature as a result of their negative impact. Today, plastic bags are the leading cause of land pollution. Plastic bags that end up in aquatic bodies are a major source of pollution. As a result, we may conclude that these are wreaking havoc on our ecosystem in every manner possible.

  • Animals and Marine Creatures are Harmed- Plastic particles are inadvertently consumed by animals and aquatic species. According to research, waste plastic bags are a major cause of untimely animal fatalities.

  • Illness in Humans- Toxic chemicals are released during the manufacture of plastic bags. These are the leading causes of death. The polluted environment is a key cause of a variety of diseases that are easily spread among humans.

  • Sewage Back-Up- The biggest cause of drain and sewage blockages, especially during rainstorms, is waste plastic bags. This could result in a flood-like situation, disrupting people’s daily lives.

5. Does plastic cause pollution?

Yes, plastic causes pollution. Plastic bags are a key source of plastic pollution, a type of waste that is wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. It poses a threat to human life on the planet. To decrease pollution, plastic bags must be prohibited. Plastic bags pollute the environment, the air, and the water. This is why they have been outlawed in a number several. However, they are still widely used in most parts of the world, and they are proving to be environmentally hazardous.

6. Are Plastic Bags Banned in India?

In October 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a nationwide ban on single-use plastic which is used for carrying food for eating or drinking cups that is discarded immediately after one use was put into effect so as to achieve the goal to make India plastic-free by 2022. As this kind of plastic is not easily recyclable it is a great way to conserve nature.

7. What are the Alternatives to Plastic?

As of now till there are other options one can use paper bags or cotton bags, these are easily available and can also be easily hand-made. The material is so good that it lasts a long time and doesn’t get damaged easily and when dumped is decomposed easily as it is made of biodegradable and renewable sources.

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