Short Story on Unity is Strength (Pigeons story)

Here is a short story on Unity is Strength

One day a hunter went out to catch birds. He spread out a net on the ground. He put rice all over the net. Then he hid in a bush nearby.

Soon some pigeons came flying by. They saw the rice. They did not see the net.

They flew to the ground. They began to eat the rice.

The hunter in the bush saw the pigeons eating the rice. He pulled the string of the net. The pigeons were caught in the net.

The pigeons had a leader. He said to the pigeons, ‘We are ‘caught in a hunter’s net. Don’t get afraid. Do what I say. Then you will be saved.’

‘We will do what you say,’ said all the pigeons.

‘Fly together up in the sky,’ said the leader. All the pigeons flew up. They took the net off the ground.

The hunter ran after them. But he could not catch them.

The leader said, ‘We have got away from the hunter. But we have not got away from the net. Let us go to our friend, the mouse. He will help us.’

They flew down to the ground. They found the mouse in his hole.

The leader said, ‘Friend mouse, will you help us?’

‘Most gladly! said the mouse. With his sharp teeth he cut through the net. He set all the pigeons free.

Moral: Unit is Strength. Obey your Leader and you will be Strong.

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