Short Story of the Sun and the Wind

The moral of the Story of the Sun and the Wind is “Skill is better than Force”.

One day the Sun said to the Wind, ‘I am stronger than you.’

The Wind said to the Sun, ‘I am stronger than you.’

Soon they saw a traveler going along a road.

The Wind said, ‘That man has a wrapper on. He who can make that man take off his wrapper is stronger.’

The Sun said, “All right! You just try first.

The Wind blew hard. It became colder and colder. The man put his wrapper more closely round his body. The Wind blew still harder. The man held the wrapper more closely.

The Wind said, ‘I have failed. I’ll stop blowing.’

Now the Sun began his work. He shone brightly. It became hot. The man took off his wrapper and carried it in his hand.

The Sun proved that he was stronger than the Wind.

Moral of the Story: Skill is better than Force.

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