Short Story of Lion and Rabbit

The moral of the Story of Lion and Rabbit is Cleverness can overcome a foe.

Once a fierce lion lived in a jungle. He killed many animals every day.

So all the animals of the forest held a meeting. They talked about the matter.

The clever fox said, ‘Let us offer to the lion an animal every day. Let us pray to him not to ask for more.’

The animals went to him and said, ‘Oh king of the Jungle, we have come to make you an offer. If you kill so many animals a day, there will be none left very soon. We will send an animal to your den every day. Please eat only one animal a day.’

The lion thought, ‘I shall not have to go about to find my food. It is a good idea.’

Then he said to the animals, ‘All right! I accept your offer.’ The animals came away in joy.

From that time one animal would go to the lion’s den. One day it was the turn of an old hare. While going on the road, he thought, ‘Before I die I must play a trick on the lion.’

Thus thinking, he began to walk slowly till he came to the lion’s den.

The lion roared out, ‘why are you so late?’

The hare said, ‘I am a so sorry, sir. Another lion has come to this forest. He stopped me on the way. He wants to kill you.’

The lion said in anger, ‘Lead me to him. I’ll kill him at once.’

‘Follow me then,’ said the hare.

The hare led the lion to a deep well. The hare said, look in here and you will see your enemy.’

The lion looked into the well and saw his own face in the clear water. He roared and the echo came back to him. He thought that another lion was inside the well. He jumped into the well and died.

The hare came back to his friends and told them what had happened. All the animals greeted him as the hero of the jungle.

Moral: Cleverness can overcome a foe.

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