Short Speech on Success and Failure

Wishing everyone here good morning and addressing all teachers and students present. My speech today will be about success and failure in life and work. I will first talk about defining success and failure and then discuss how to achieve success and successfully deal with failure whenever it happens. I believe that our personal achievements are based on our mistakes if we can learn from them and move forward.

What is success though? We could define it as the achievement of a goal we have set previously or a set of goals that help us obtain personal fulfillment and happiness. Subsequently, we fail when do not meet those goals and need to restart. Both are part of the great gift that is life and must be cherished.

Many might think I will focus my speech on not to fail. Dear students and teachers, I focus instead on how failure can be a tool and the road to success. When we fall we come across two options: stay motivated and work our way up or sink in. Not giving up is a great lesson to be learned and comes by positively addressing our failures and learn from them along the way.

Having failed many times means nothing less than having tried many times to succeed. And only those that believe in their dream and patiently work will reach it. We must take valuable lessons from having failed that will help us build our character and strengthen our best personality traits. Accept our mistakes and become a better version of us.

You may find many people telling you who is successful and who isn’t. Some also try to define failure and success by their own measures. Still, remember that the only true definition of success is happiness and prosperity. This speech is all about that. The way to the top is a very personal one and different for each one of us as we have different qualities and abilities. We must shape and follow our own path and work hard to develop our skills and competencies. Becoming better and happier each day is a good way to start. Those who try hard cannot fail.

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